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Wine is an alcoholic beverage which is made out of fruits especially from grape juices and where grape is fermented and added sugar which is further mixed with various types of yeast and yeast consumes sugar converting it from juice to alcohol. Using wine in any sort of celebration increases the level of enjoyment and excitement. This is a sophiscated gift to be presented to anyone. Wine bottles if given as favor would express your status as they are very expensive. The older the wine is, the costlier it is. But wedding party is once in life time, so to make it remarkable in bride and groom’s memory planning their wedding in a stylish and sophisticated manner would cost a lot but the decorum makes you feel that it’s worth it. Wine wedding favors are a great choice for weddings of any theme.


Champagne is a form of wine because it’s nothing but a sparkling wine. Champagne and wine both when made a part of any occasion or an event turns out the outlook of that event into a more enthusiastic and lively event. Champagne wedding favors are very popular with guests. Whenever your guest’s would use your favor in their celebrations they would surely remember of how you look after of them, how you celebrated your event keeping in mind your guest’s choices. Champagne bucket timer favors or personalizing champagne bottle before presenting it as a favor would just be perfect. Personalising refers to printing bride and groom’s name, their date of wedding on the bottle. The best part of this favor is that it’s taste enhances with due course of time as a result even if it is after few years ,it would be more awesome in taste then it would have been if taken earlier.


Topiary cardholder is basically meant for holding place cards, pictures which is placed at the top of the miniature of the realistic green tree. It is round at the top with foliages and brown trunk and added with wood planter which completes the look of wedding place card holder as it could also be used as a décor which enhances the beauty of the occasion. Generally it comes in 2”L x4”H size. With the help of topiary place card holders you can turn your wedding’s outlook into a topiary garden overwhelming with love when placed on each of your guest’s place as a favor.


Chair place card holders are nothing but the miniature of the chair which seems as if a chair has been shrunk to be placed on the table. To give it an authentic look, chair place card holders can be placed on the piles of sand and decorating the sand with some shells to make it more realistic and original as if seating in the beach. This can also be used to display photos be it of couple or a family photo to personalize the favor given to your wedding guests. It is unique but cheap with regards to your pocket which would be treasured throughout.


Silver represents power, wealth and strength which when combined to form a place card holder to present it as a favor do makes it a power pact gift which further symbolizes one’s standard of living. Silver place card holders are of various types, so selection should be made on the basis of theme chosen for the occasion because it adds value to your planning. Your guests would be happy to take them home as they can use it as a home decorative and can share your event’s experience with others as and when asked about your favors given to them.


Wedding is a day when guests are invited to attend this special event from very far and wide countries and cities. So it becomes mandatory on the part of the host of the wedding to plan their event in such a manner that it shall be remembered throughout their life stating it was a unique wedding of which they were special visitors. To make it memorable not only for the wedding couple but for everyone, favors that would be given to the visitors must be selected appropriately keeping in mind all the requirements of the host and what they want to achieve out of giving that particular favor. There is a luggage tags wedding favors which sound whimsical but yet practical because those attainders who would come across the countries so whenever they would fly, they would definitely recall your wedding even for a moment. It helps to mark a statement in planning an event with such type of practical and unique sort of favors. If it’s of airplane shaped its more appropriate because it states the cause of gifting this sort of favors. Luggage tad wedding favors help the guest’s to cherish your wedding.

Another type of favor which can be chosen to gift your guest would be cake server favors. Cake server is a thing which is very general equipment in any kitchen. This is needed basically for occasions like birthday party, anniversaries etc. But it might happen that even though it is needed few people might not have it in their kitchen. So giving cake server as a favor to your guest’s could be an elegant way to join emotions of yours with others. Giving cake server favor would make others remember yours wedding whenever they would celebrate any biggest event of their life while using this cake server. It is affordable and so it can be given to your friends, relatives and other near and dear ones who increase your happiness by being part of it.



Candle favors are used to decorate the wedding cake and it is believed that candles are the traditional symbol of enlightenment in the life of the would be married couple. A personalized message can be attached to these candles writing a message or poem or methodological scripts on it. Wedding cakes are very delicate in touch and its shaped in a three decker.It comes in various colors rose pink, white and many more. For the bride and groom, wedding day is the biggest day of their life, they want to make it memorable for others too via gifting this special but unique favors to them.


We take candles as the most elegant symbol of romance in our life. So when you start your new wedding life, candle holder wedding favors can be given to your guest’s as a token of appreciation for attending your wedding. It comes in various designs and size. You can select them as a favor to be given even by considering your pocket size. This is a romantic way to remind people of your wedding. Some of them are castle themed, warming heart, watering can, crystal, make up case candle holders and many more. They are beautiful but very simple and inexpensive to afford which gives very trendy look to the wedding decorations.

Generally, they were used for holding candles. But nowadays, they are used in different ways so that it is used for multipurpose. Their uses have spread to become wedding favors, garden decorative, centerpieces even as gifts and for home decor. Votive candle wedding favors are also quite in vogue these days. There is an improvised version of votive candle holder which is custom printed holder. It comes in different shapes, sizes according to the planned theme for the wedding. To add a value to this favor images can be imprinted with a message or decorated with sea shell candles. They are decorative and functional enough to make the wedding event memorable for everyone.



Now days, those favors are given to the guest’s at wedding which can be used by them in their day to day life or in some of their occasion. Basically one should present those gifts to others which can come in their use. One such example is bottle opener favors, because mostly people celebrate their happiness by opening bottles of wine or any other alcohol bottles. Therefore it can turn up to be an efficient way to be part of other’s celebration. Bottle openers are inexpensive , as a result the budget factor also remains static.

Silver Wedding Favors is the best classy choice, which can match any of your themes we choose for the wedding. This is the best choice and we cannot be wrong in our choice if we are gifting Silver Favor to our guest. These silver wedding favors can be used from pen to kitchen stuffs. The good feature of this gift is that names and signs can be written on them and also the date of wedding. By seeing these gifts at their place the guest remembers about the special day.

Calla lilies are the perfect flower for the wedding ceremonies. It has a long stem with beautiful curve at the tip with a trumpet shape down the tip. It is two types in sizes one is standard and the other is mini.Here we are talking about the bouquet so mini sized calla lilies matches the purpose .The cost varies with color, size and length of the stem. The selection of the size of the flower depends on the type of arrangement one is planning on. Calla Lily wedding favors are also the best when it comes to gifting your guests something elegant and romantic. These calla lily theme items are also perfect as spring wedding favors. Placing a bunch of lilies in the centerpiece can attract the attention of the visitors but as it is a flower with distinctive feature of being a great drinker, water is required to be changed very often so that it doesn’t lose its freshness and beauty.


The baby shower refers to the celebration which is done on the birth of a baby. This occasion is very special for a mother because by giving birth to a baby she has turned up to be a mother from women or a wife or from a daughter in law. So, the family member invites their near and dear one’s to celebrate this special moment and be part of this happiness .The guest gives gifts to the parents along with good wishes and blessings. Here the word shower is assumed to be used as if the newly parents are showered with blessings and gifts for the well being of the baby.

This is also celebrated for the expectant mother .Especially the ladies gives valuable tips to the would be mother out of their experience, so that no difficulty is faced by the newly formed mother while taking care of her child. So, the gifts which are presented on this day as baby shower gifts are basically of those types which would be useful for the guests and remind them of the occasion for a long time to come.

Baby shower should be organized in a very stylish manner and an essence of creativity and fun for planning is a way to make your event a sweet and loving memory for everyone. To start with planning one must know its budget then a proper but exciting theme should be planned for the event and related decoration must be chosen to make it a perfect day for the mother and the baby. The decorative stuff could be baby shower bouquet, centerpiece, balloons, chocolates, flowers and soft toys and many more.
The favor baby shower would go hand in hand with this planning. The favors could be lollipop, teddy bear, baby carriage, fortune cookies, cartoon oriented photo stand and many more. These add a glitz to an event and make it a whimsy celebration.



After having a delicious meal, we all prefer to have mouth freshener which refreshes our mouth and complete the meal in whole. So we can also try out this idea in giving favors to our guest’s because these are something which is very general in everyone’s life. Wedding favors mint tins, if given shall be appreciated by the entire guest. It comes in varieties like mint tin with photo holder, tins matching with the dress code of the bride and groom, personalized mint tin favors etc. Personalizing the favor is an interesting way to make your wedding memorable for others.


Tea and coffee wedding favors are perfect for winter themed wedding. In our day to day life we intake coffee or tea every morning or else our morning doesn’t starts. Similarly if we keep this traditional habit of ours as a theme while planning for favors could be one of the best options which would pleasure your guest’s even. These favors would act as a energizer in the party and would rejuvenate their excitement every time the guest’s lose their energy even for a single moment. Receiving coffee as favor would make everyone’s morning as the best part of the entire day with its aromatic smell and rich taste.


A tea infuser is a utensil in which you place tea leaves for steeping in a cup; it is known as tea ball or tea maker or a tea egg. This is something which is basically used in every kitchen be it of Queen Victoria or of a common people’s kitchen. It is a device without which we cannot enjoy our tea and neither we could be able to start our day. It comes in different shape like spherical, conical etc. Giving tea infuser favors won’t go waste from the guest’s point of view .They would use it daily and shall rejoice your wedding memory till they would have your favor.