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10 Aug 2014 New Place Card Holder Wedding Favors from KateAspen
Place Card Holder plays a very important part in wedding, birthday, bridal shower or any other anniversary. Guests may have trouble in finding their seats without the guidance by place card holder. Here we would like to introduce you some new place card holders with special and personalized designs that may be perfectly matched with distinctive themed parties.
Place Card Holder Favors from hotref.com

Nautical Cotton Rope Place Card Holder

Nautical Cotton Rope Place Card Holder is the perfect touch to match with a nautical themed wedding. It is sure to catch guests’ eyes at the first sight due to its distinctive design with cotton rope. Versatile for practice use and decoration piece.
Nautical Cotton Rope Place Card Holder from hotref.com

Iconic Love Place Card Holder

“Love” becomes the most everlasting and immortal topic for wedding. Let every guest feel the sense of love at every corner of your wedding with this Iconic Love Place Card Holder. The guests will find their seats under the guidance of love. Best love to treat your guests for their attendances to your wedding.
Iconic Love Place Card Holder from hotref.com

Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder

Have you ever seen such a place card holder with special design of boot? Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder must bring your guests a great surprise. No one could deny the role of this place card holder played in wedding, as well as its glamour filled of the whole wedding. It is a perfect favor used in fall western wedding ceremony.
Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder from hotref.com

Burlap Rose Place Card Holder

Not only red rose can express love, but also burlap rose can convey love. Burlap Rose Place Card Holder is perfectly used for fall rustic wedding. It is so fantastic that a piece of burlap can be made into a vivid rose. Your guests are sure to speak highly of this special touch.
Burlap Rose Place Card Holder from hotref.com

Birch Place Card Holder

Birch Place Card Holder will make your wedding more realistic and natural. It is not only used for seat guidance, but also for a table decoration. Your guests will have loved this vivid birth place card holder which may be a give-away gift for table decoration at home.
Birch Place Card Holder from hotref.com
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Topiary cardholder is basically meant for holding place cards, pictures which is placed at the top of the miniature of the realistic green tree. It is round at the top with foliages and brown trunk and added with wood planter which completes the look of wedding place card holder as it could also be used as a décor which enhances the beauty of the occasion. Generally it comes in 2”L x4”H size. With the help of topiary place card holders you can turn your wedding’s outlook into a topiary garden overwhelming with love when placed on each of your guest’s place as a favor.


Chair place card holders are nothing but the miniature of the chair which seems as if a chair has been shrunk to be placed on the table. To give it an authentic look, chair place card holders can be placed on the piles of sand and decorating the sand with some shells to make it more realistic and original as if seating in the beach. This can also be used to display photos be it of couple or a family photo to personalize the favor given to your wedding guests. It is unique but cheap with regards to your pocket which would be treasured throughout.


Silver represents power, wealth and strength which when combined to form a place card holder to present it as a favor do makes it a power pact gift which further symbolizes one’s standard of living. Silver place card holders are of various types, so selection should be made on the basis of theme chosen for the occasion because it adds value to your planning. Your guests would be happy to take them home as they can use it as a home decorative and can share your event’s experience with others as and when asked about your favors given to them.