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10 Aug 2014 New Place Card Holder Wedding Favors from KateAspen
Place Card Holder plays a very important part in wedding, birthday, bridal shower or any other anniversary. Guests may have trouble in finding their seats without the guidance by place card holder. Here we would like to introduce you some new place card holders with special and personalized designs that may be perfectly matched with distinctive themed parties.
Place Card Holder Favors from hotref.com

Nautical Cotton Rope Place Card Holder

Nautical Cotton Rope Place Card Holder is the perfect touch to match with a nautical themed wedding. It is sure to catch guests’ eyes at the first sight due to its distinctive design with cotton rope. Versatile for practice use and decoration piece.
Nautical Cotton Rope Place Card Holder from hotref.com

Iconic Love Place Card Holder

“Love” becomes the most everlasting and immortal topic for wedding. Let every guest feel the sense of love at every corner of your wedding with this Iconic Love Place Card Holder. The guests will find their seats under the guidance of love. Best love to treat your guests for their attendances to your wedding.
Iconic Love Place Card Holder from hotref.com

Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder

Have you ever seen such a place card holder with special design of boot? Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder must bring your guests a great surprise. No one could deny the role of this place card holder played in wedding, as well as its glamour filled of the whole wedding. It is a perfect favor used in fall western wedding ceremony.
Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder from hotref.com

Burlap Rose Place Card Holder

Not only red rose can express love, but also burlap rose can convey love. Burlap Rose Place Card Holder is perfectly used for fall rustic wedding. It is so fantastic that a piece of burlap can be made into a vivid rose. Your guests are sure to speak highly of this special touch.
Burlap Rose Place Card Holder from hotref.com

Birch Place Card Holder

Birch Place Card Holder will make your wedding more realistic and natural. It is not only used for seat guidance, but also for a table decoration. Your guests will have loved this vivid birth place card holder which may be a give-away gift for table decoration at home.
Birch Place Card Holder from hotref.com
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10 Jun 2014 Introduce 5 Love Wedding Favors from KateAspen

The year of 2014 is a lucky and festival year to get married. In wedding site, “love” usually becomes the everlasting theme by bridegroom and bride. Accordingly, they prefer to choose some small gifts showing off their sweet love to guests. Now, we will recommend a series of Love Themed Wedding Favors to you. You can follow your heart to make a choice among love stopper, love pourer, love opener, love holder and love corkscrew as you like. I believe it must be your best choice, because there is the classic “LOVE” design decorated in every kinds of the items, which put more emphasis on the “love” theme. In addition, the chrome color of “love” highlights a sense of romance to the wedding party. Let us introduce more detailed information about our products.

Love Wedding Favors

Love Design Chrome Bottle Stopper

Love Design Chrome Bottle Stopper is a pragmatic gift in chrome color with solid chrome, which enjoys a high quality. Another shining point that we should mention is that a heart-shaped pattern inside “LOVE” in the original place of “O”, which looks so funny and fashionable. It can be used for many kinds of liquor, such as glass of bear, wine, brandy and so forth.

Love Design Chrome Bottle Stopper

“LOVE” Chrome Pourer/Bottle Stopper

It is understandable that someone will pronounce he or she has got married, and gives some interesting small gifts to his or her friends in order to let the friends know the marriage and share his or her happiness with friends. “LOVE” Chrome Pourer/Bottle Stopper is a gift that is suitable for bridal showers, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and some other joyous parties. The bottle stopper looks delicate for its special design with “LOVE” pattern on the stopper, which may attract guests to focus on the gifts.

Love Bottle Opener

Love Bottle Opener is the perfect favor for wedding, anniversary and bridal shower. It may be your best choice for you to send it as a gift to your friends or keep usage by yourself. The “LOVE” style will increase a sense of romance when you open up a bottle of wine, and change your mood so that you can enjoy a trace of pleasure and lost yourself into the mellow wine.

Love Bottle Opener

LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards

Love will make the world more beautiful and make people more friendly. You will often express love to your beloved or your parents, LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards is a favorable present for you to show love to others in some special days. It can be hold some precious photos for you to memorize.

LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards - See more at: http://www.hotref.com/silver-love-place-card-holder-p-1776.html#sthash.wqGQ9WFH.dpuf

Love Wine Corkscrew

When you get together with your friends, it must be unavoidable that you will drink some wine with your friends. This Love Wine Corkscrew fits for wine opening. When you open the wine and pour it out to your friend, it just like that you convey your love to your friends. Let’s toast!

Love Wine Corkscrew

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03 Jun 2014 Olive Oil Wedding Party Favors
The olive oil sets are a big hit at the rehearsal dinner and added just the right finishing touch to your table assignment. If you happen to love Olive Oil like we do and are interested in having a themed party, our Olive Oil Wedding Party Favors will make the tasteful and one of a kind olive oil favors for your guests to take home and enjoy.

Olive Oil Wedding Party Favors from HotRef.com

Vineyard Select Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate

We use elegant porcelain plate for our oils and vinegars. The Vineyard Select Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate favor set carries a variety of beautiful high quality olive oil favors. Offer a taste of grace and sweet, this olive oil favor are great to use as wedding favors as well as anniversary favors, bridal shower favors, and religious celebration.
Vineyard Select Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate

“Olive You!” Glass LOVE Oil Bottle in Signature Tuscan Box

Bring the finest, freshest olive oil to your table with the “Olive You!” Glass LOVE Oil Bottle in Signature Tuscan Box .Come in clear resuable glass oli bottle with a lovely detail of the word “LOVE”. High quality, elegant and tasteful presentation, this Olive Oil favor set is a true reflection of your personalities and your carefully co-ordinated theme.

Love Infused Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate

If you are looking for Italian wedding favors or just something that’s unique and stands out from the others, this specially designed Love Infused Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate will allow you and your guests to take a moment and apprecitate the finer things in life. Each porcelain dipping plate features a depressed heart for holding balsmic vinegar. Perfect to serve up your favorite bread and bring your taste buds the feaste of love.
Love Infused Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate

“Olive You” Olive Tray and Spreader Set

Spread your love of little dish at your parties or gathering with the “Olive You” Olive Tray and Spreader Set. Each favor set contains a white, ceramic olive dish and a stainless steel spreader. Accessorize your table setting with this ceramic tray and spreader, they will pop u like a red pimento in every olive. Filled with LOVE and practical pizzazz, this fresh and fabulous favor says Olive You More!

A  union of two different  individuals into one relationship based upon different factors such as mutual love, affection, attraction and commitment.To celebrate this special ocassion , guest out of their gratitude appreciate their wedding being part of their happiness.When anyone plan their wedding ,they want it to be perfect.It is done with the help of different but unique and elegant wedding favors.There are many wedding and ceremonies which decides olive oil as their wedding theme.It enhances the fun as well as richness in their relation.It gives unique flavour to wedding atmosphere. Olive oil favors are useful for the guest’s in various ways -cooking , cosmetic and medicinal purposes.One thing which an individual must keep in mind while choosing favor as olive, it is as complicated as choosing fine wine.The variety in olive oil varies, on the basis of different type of soil in which olive is grown.

Olive oil as love wedding favours rejuvinate all the excitement in the couple.These favors are gifted in a bottle or some beautifully decorated container.It gives a personalised touch by wrapping the container with a pretty ribbon and a gift tag is attached stating the name of the couple.Different products are made out of this oil which again gifted as favors such as soap which is natural and pure and it does wonder for skin by giving moist and soft essence.This is a great mean to show romance in your wedding and reception .Everyone experience this special day once in their lifetime so they want it to make different and special so that even their guest get mesmerise by recalling their wedding event.Based on love theme beautiful candles, photo frames and other love favors and decoration highlights the romance and passion between the bride and groom.

Last but not the least a thumb rule which must be taken care of while making selection of wedding decoration especially the type and shape of candles, which depends how long does an event continues.A big question arises when to gift favors to the guest’s?It can be at the end of the ceremony as thanking gift or at the time guest’s pass through the entrance of the venue of the event.