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29 Jul 2016 New Party Favors For Religious, Family and Birthday

We’ve got new and exciting party favors from our favorite vendor Fashioncraft! Known for their beautifully crafted party favors, Fashioncraft offers a wide range of party favors for a variety of special occasions. Today, we will be introducing new party favors that are perfect for religious parties, family and birthday bashes!

New Party Favors For Religious, Family and Birthday from HotRef

Family & Love Party Favors

A great sentimental gift to give your family and friends are our sentiment flower key chain and mason jar with key ring (pictured below):

  • Sentiment Flowers Keychain – Made of poly resin, these rock-shaped key chains have 4 different hand painted deigns of delicate pastel colored flowers and a choice of words: Love, Family, Friends, and Thank You
  • Sentiment Flowers Mason Jar with Key Ring – Guest are in for a real treat with this party favor! Inside the glass mason jar are delightful key chains with a metal charm and confetti in a matching color

Sentiment Flowers Keychain from HotRef

Sentiment Flowers Mason Jar with Key Ring from HotRefWe also received these stunning White MDF Laser Cut photo frames! Each frame is designed with a nice little message centering around 4 different motifs: Cherish, Family, Friends, and Grand children. Place your favorite memory and display it in your own home, or place a memorable photo and gift it to a family member, friend, or loved one.

White MDF Laser Cut Photo Frame from HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

Religious Party Favors

Gift your family and friends a gorgeous guardian angel for love, protection and guidance. These new religious party favors come in 4 different designs with different meanings: Angel of Courage, Angel of Hope, Angel of Love, and a Guardian Angel. These angel favors are perfect for first communions, baptisms, any religious event, or just as a lovely gift:

Graceful Guardian Angel Keychain from HotRef

Stunning Guardian Angel Magnets from HotRefOur new Magnificent Last Supper Wall Plaque is a great decorative piece to keep in your home or can also be a great housewarming gift. Based on the world famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, this beautifully crafted decorative piece is meticulously hand painted in antique natural colors. Anyone who receives this plaque will surely treasure this for years to come.

Magnificent Last Supper Wall Plaque from HotRefIf you’re looking for some adorable religious party favors, we’ve got a few new Noah’s Ark design party favors that would be great to hand out at any special religious event such as a first communion, baptism, or even a birthday! Each party favor features a cross made of poly resin finished with an ivory sandstone texture. Noah’s Ark is beautifully hand painted and features adorable little animals peaking out the boat:

Cross Key Chain with Noah's Arc Design from HotRef

Adorable Noah's Arc Themed Cross from HotRef

High Heel Party Favors

We’ve also received these stunning high heel themed party favors! These matching favors are perfect for a sweet 16 birthday party, Las Vegas themed bridal shower, or for any girl themed party:

Stunning High Heel Shoe with Silver Glitter Glass Frame 4 X 6 from HotRef

Girly High Heel Shoe Votive Candle Holder from HotRef


Check back next week for new party favors and decorations! Happy Planning!

-Nina A.

18 Mar 2016 New Sweet 16 or Quinceanera Birthday Party Accessories

New party accessory set coming for your events! These birthday party accessories are sure to perfectly match whether for your sweet 16 birthday party or quinceanera birthday party. They are sure to become the focus of your big day when guests find them placed on reception tables.

Sweet 16 or Quinceanera Birthday Party Accessories from

Sweet 16

There is only one sweet 16 in one’s life. Thus, sweet 16 birthday party becomes one of the most important events on the way to be an adult. It is worth commemorating that moment in your life. Hurry up to go and browse at which style of sweet 16 party accessory you like best!

Make your reception table more stylish with Fairytale Sweet 16 Accessory Set. Each set contains guestbook, knife set, pen set and toasting flutes. Perfect addition for princess themed sweet 16 birthday party.

Fairytale Sweet 16 Accessory Set from

Celebrate sweet 16 birthday party in princess style for your little daughter with this Pink Crown Sweet 16 Accessory Set. This perfect addition includes guestbook, pen set, toasting flute and knife set, which will be a great keepsake for your event for years to come.

Pink Crown Sweet 16 Accessory Set from

A chic Tiara Sweet 16 Accessory Set for your stylish affair. Whether for sweet 16 birthday party or princess themed events, this party accessory will never disappoint you.

Tiara Sweet 16 Accessory Set from

Give your little daughter an unforgettable birthday party in her sixteen’s. Add a perfect party accessory to make her birthday stylish with our High Heel Shoe Design Sweet 16 Accessory Set. Great keepsake to record memory in every moment!

High Heel Shoe Design Sweet 16 Accessory Set from

Sweet 15 / Quinceanera

There is no doubt that quinceanera is an important moment that should be recorded. When you get older, they are sure to be a priceless memory in your whole life. If you won’t want to miss that moment, choose a chic party accessory to decorate your sweet 15 birthday party or quinceanera party.

This Mis Quince Anos Clear Crystals Accessory Set would make a perfect addition whether for sweet 16 birthday party or for bridal shower. Guests will be shocked by its style and leave a great impression on them of your events.

Mis Quince Anos Clear Crystals Accessory Set from

Adorn your reception table in a charming and chic style with our Mis Quince Anos Pink Crystals Accessory Set. Each set contain guestbook for name signatures, 2 flutes for toasting, pen set for writing names or best wishes and knife set for cutting cakes.

Mis Quince Anos Pink Crystals Accessory Set from

On your special day, our Mis Quince Anos Tiara Accessory Set will make a perfect addition to your reception table. The perfect party accessory set will add a touch of elegance to the special events.

Mis Quince Anos Tiara Accessory Set from

High Heel Shoe Design Sweet 15 Accessory Set is a stylish party accessory set for your chic affair. It is charming and fabulous party accessory set served on reception tables for sweet 15 birthday party or quinceanera party.

High Heel Shoe Design Sweet 15 Accessory Set from

At last, we wish you to have a happy planning on your sweet 15/16 birthday party or quinceanera party.

– Amanda

26 Aug 2015 Heart Wedding Favors from Artisano Designs

Heart theme is the most direct way to show your true love to beloved half. What a romantic wedding theme when guests coming to your wedding and see everything is decorated by Heart Wedding Party Favors. Most newly married couples decide to use this theme because they are longing for a romantic wedding. Today, we’d like to show you an array of heart shaped wedding favors from Artisano Designs. They are elegant love inspired favors for wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, tea party or birthday party like sweet 15 or 16. Also delicate gifts given on Valentine’s Day for him or her.

Heart Wedding Favors from

Heart Coaster

It must arouse your guests’ attention when place these heart shaped coasters on table reception. There are different colors coasters for you to choose. “True in Blue” Heart Glass Photo Coasters“Pretty in Pink” Heart Glass Photo Coasters“Heartfelt Memories” Frosted Heart Photo Coasters and “Live Love Laugh … Forever” Heart Glass Coasters. They are perfect wedding favors for love and heart themed wedding or engagement party. They are also elegant gifts for Valentine’s Day gift for boyfriend or girlfriend.

Heart Coaster from

Heart Metal Favors

Share these special party favors named “A Perfect Fit” Heart Puzzle Cookie Cutters with your beloved one. Enjoy tea time with your family and friends with our Love is Brewing Heart Tea Infuser. With these “The Measure of Love” Heart Measuring Spoon Sets and Measure of Love Heart Measuring Spoon Set! It includes 4 sizes spoons: quarter teaspoon, half teaspoon, teaspoon, and tablespoon. Show your great happiness to your friends and guests with this “Hearts Entwined” Spreader.

Metal Heart Favors from

Heart Ceramic Favors

Two hearts beats in one for love. The “Hearts Entwined” Salt and Pepper Shakers is wonderfully displayed as a heartwarming gift set. Perfect for the newly wed, the “Two Hearts” Espresso Coffee Cup will make an extraordinary gift to be treasured. “Love Infused” Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate for all the finer things in life you shared with your loved ones like breaking bread with the one you love. Sweetheart White Porcelain Sugar Bowl, simply sweet, your guests will adore the heart design when they open this beautifully rounded sugar bowl.

Ceramic Heart Favors from

Heart Trinket box

“Love in Bloom” Heart Rose Jewelry & Trinket Box is sure to be a bridal shower and wedding party favorite! Heart shape and rose trinket box is also a perfect keepsake favor for Valentine’s Day, sweet 15/16 birthday, or any special event with heart or love theme. This fabulous jewelry trinket box features white rose flora expression on the top of lid and side of the heart shaped box, which evokes a sense of love and romance like a simple heart shape or the bloom of roses.

Trinket Box from

Heart Bottle Stopper

Our “Brilliant Heart” Bottle Stopper will be a simple and elegant addition to an array of special occasions such as weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, and more. The chrome bottle stopper is topped by an open heart decoration that will be an appreciated symbolism by all who receive it. Packaged in a gift box, these bottle stoppers are more than ready to make their way into the hands of your friends and family for the special day.

Heart Scented Soap

Love can certainly go to distance and is a stark reminder that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Our Stamped with Love Scented Soaps are just such an example of how love is something to remember and cherished, even when far away from your special someone. The box contains 2 soap favors with a subtle sweet fragrance, fashioned in the shape of a postage stamp with an endearing heart in the center. Complete with a designer gift box, these are ready to be given as mementos to the guests at the next wedding, bridal shower, or other romantic celebration.

Stamped with Love Scented Soaps from


– Amanda

24 Aug 2015 Royal Crown Themed Wedding Favors and Accessories

Crown favors represent the power of royalty. Imagine that all the guests coming to join in your crown themed party events, and they are dominated by you. How amazing it is! Recently, we have received a large number of orders for Crown Party Favors which become the best seller during this time. We would like to recommend these stunning crown favors for more of you. Detailed information is as follows.

Crown Wedding Favors and Accessories from WeddingStar

First, let’s introduce some crown wedding favors and accessories from WeddingStar. They are crown centerpiece, cake topper, king and queen bottle stopper, crown charm. If you want more specific information, move on your attention on the following introduction.

Crown Wedding Favors and Accessories from

This small wire crown embellishment in matte black offers endless possibilities for decoration. The miniature wire crowns can be used as centerpieces to nestle a bouquet, a scrumptious dessert or simply to add regal flair to your table top display, these tiny crowns will be irresistible.

Wire Crown Embellishment in Matte Black from

Make your guests dominated by you with this Queen Crown with Crystals Wine Stopper that is delightful and just perfect for a fairytale occasion. Every bottle stopper comes with a queen’s crown accented by crystals atop a conical base wrapped by a black gasket. There’s no better way to pave the fairytale ending to your special occasion.

Queen Crown with Crystals Wine Stopper from

Pair queen crown with crystals wine stopper with King Crown with Crystals Wine Stopper for a great couple’s gift. Every crown wine stopper comes with a king’s crown accented by crystals atop a conical base wrapped by a black gasket.

King Crown with Crystals Wine Stopper from

Complete a royal announcement these silver royal crown charms. Perfect for adding regal appeal to bouquet, centerpiece, stationery or wedding favors. The convenient small loop tab makes it easy for any royal servant to add by using ribbon, string or glue. Available in a silver finish. Ideal for a fairytale wedding.

Royal Crown Wedding Charms from

Crown Party Favors and Accessories from FashionCraft

Second, we’d like to give you more crown party favors and accessories for you to choose. They are all coming from FashionCraft. Crown guestbook, bookmark, keychain and bottle opener introduced below is the popular items that customers would always like to buy.

Crown Party Favors and Accessories from

Give your wedding a royal touch with this Royal Wedding Collection Guest Book. When your friends and family arrive to your FairyTale theme reception or ceremony and sign on the crown design wedding guestbook, they will feel like royalty.

Royal Wedding Collection guest book from

Bring a taste of nobility to your special occasion with these crown design bookmark favors! These bookmarks are a perfect addition to sweet sixteens, weddings, bridal shower, anniversary, baby shower or other life-changing events!

Crown design bookmark favors from

Add a taste of something regal to your special day with these elegant crown designed key rings from the “Royal Favor Collection”!  Every silver crown keychain comes attached to a pewter crown charm complete with rhinestone accents.

Royal Favor Collection Crown Design Key Ring Favors from

Take your party to a royal level with these majestic crown key chain favors. Decorated with an abundance of sparkly raised beaded accents giving it a rich and luxurious appeal. Nestling on a cushion of plush black felt, the crown key chain favor makes perfect item for wedding, baby shower, christening and more special occasions.

Majestic Crown Key Chain Favor from

The FairyTale theme bottle opener favor comes in a clear topped box with a beautiful pale olive and ivory damask design bottom, wrapped and tied at its center with a white organza ribbon and an attached matching design “For You” tag, for a sophisticated look.

Crown Design Bottle Opener Favors from

Welcome to visit our pinterest board to re-pin more pictures about Crown Party Favors!

– Amanda

13 Feb 2015 New Butterfly Themed Wedding favors from WeddingStar
A butterfly themed party will make your event more memorable and unique. Butterfly wedding theme is one of the most popular themes generally applied to spring or summer. Pastel and bright colors, gently beautiful curve are what the essentials for butterfly themed occasions. Have these essentials worked into your event to enchant all the party guests. Here recommend you some versatile Butterfly Wedding Favors from WeddingStar for bridal shower, wedding, anniversary and more spring or summer themed occasions.
Butterfly Wedding Favors from

Butterfly Wedding Stationary

You’d better inform your guests of wedding date in advance with this Save the Date Card so that they can make arrangement for schedule. Warmly welcome your friends and guests through a romantic way by giving them the Butterfly Wedding Invitation. Treat your guests with these Butterfly Thank You Cards to appreciate their attendance in a polite way.
Wedding Stationary from

Butterfly Wedding Decoration

Place a few Butterfly Wedding Cake Sets to make all the details coordinate with the theme of your party. These vivid butterflies, with pastel and bright colors and patterned wings, provide guests with large imaginary space for the coming of spring. Adorning the cake with this Butterfly Garden Cake Decoration is another perfect way to beautify the favors. Both are ideal cake accessories that are versatile for cake embellishment.
Cake Decor from
Add more finishing additions to decorate party favors with this Double Sided Butterfly Paper Slide . They are available in multiple colors including pastel pink, sea blue and lavender.
Double Sided Butterfly Paper Slide from
Give your guests delicate gift that is beautifully embellished with this Decorative Felt Butterfly. They are sure to accept the gifts given by you. Or you may like these Hand Painted Butterflies. Your guests will be surprised by excellent workmanship and distinctive design. This Butterfly Decorative Set will never make you disappointed. It can be used as ornamental decorations on centerpieces, cupcakes, place cards, floral bouquets and guest table. Unique design for the Butterfly Die Cut Card Shimmer Paper . It’s a good idea to perch them on the rim of wine glasses and use them as place cards by adding hand written names. They are all ideal finishing touches to any party favors.
 Butterfly Wedding Decoration from
Spice up the garden ambiance at your outdoor wedding by this Luminary Bags with Die-Cut Butterfly Pattern . Use to line walkways or the perimeter of a reception setting.
Luminary Bags with Die-Cut Butterfly Pattern from

Butterfly Wedding Table Number

It’s a smart way to tell your guests the seating arrangement through the Butterfly Table Number Wine Wrap or Butterfly Die Cut Table Number. The Ornamental Butterfly Place Card Holder or Metal Butterfly Table Number Holder is decorative place card holder for conveying seating arrangements to guests, which is versatile for butterfly themed wedding, bridal shower, sweet 16, garden party and more outdoor occasions.
Butterfly Wedding Table Number from

Butterfly Wedding Favors

Butterfly Stickers are perfect additional touches to beautify party favors. They are ideal favors stickers to decor your party favors that can perfectly tie in your butterfly themed occasions.  We have two designs of personalized favor stickers: Personalized Butterfly Shaped Favor Sticker and Personalized Butterfly Favor Circle Sticker.
Butterfly Stickers from
Next summer will come soon. This Butterfly Die Cut Shaped Hand Fan must be popular among customers. They will be the perfect and practical give-away gifts in more summer themed events.
Butterfly Hand Fan from
Display the Butterfly Glass Coaster Set on guests’ table as a table decor which will be sure to wow your guests. These elegantly designed glass coaster can be personalized with a beautiful sticker or tag.
 Butterfly Glass Coaster Set from

Butterfly Bottle Label & Wraper

An elegant label will be able to make the wine bottle more luxury. This Butterfly Wedding Wine Bottle Label are the perfect additions to arouse many interests in wine.
Butterfly Wedding Wine Bottle Label from
Dress the plain water bottle with a beautiful label like this Butterfly Water Bottle Label, which will be the ideal party additions to any butterfly themed events.
Butterfly Water Bottle Label from
Try to appeal to more guests those who are sweet tooth lover by decorating them with these Cupcake Wrappers. They are perfect for wedding, engagement party, birthday and bridal shower.
Butterfly Cupcake Wrappers from
More related Butterfly Themed Wedding Favors on Pinterest. Welcome to re-pin our items!
– Amanda
26 Sep 2014 Introduce New Handbag Holders with Different Designs
You will never be worried about there are not enough places to hold your handbags, especially for those girls who have numerous handbags. These Handbag Holders in a variety of fashionable and classic designs are loved by most customers in the market. Here provide you with more detailed information about these handbag holders.
Handbag Holders from

Handbag Design Bag Holder

Handbag holders are the perfect favors that are popular for the girls. Leopard Design Handbag Holder is crafted with a leopard design and attached to a chrome metal chain link. Also available in white, pink and black leather for your choices. They are sure to be appreciated by most guests. These handbag holders are perfect favors for wedding, bridal shower, sweet sixteen and more events.
Handbag Design Bag Holder from

Crystal Heart Design Bag Holder

This Heart Shape Blue Crystal Handbag Holder is sure to catch and hit your guests’ eyes and hearts. Each heart shaped handbag holder is crafted with sparkling blue crystals (also available in pink and clear one) and embellish with white tiny crystals around the big blue one which is attached to a chrome metal chain link holder. These are perfect party favors for wedding, bridal shower and sweet sixteen.
Crystal Heart Design Bag Holder from

Ornate Heart Design Bag Holder

Your guests are sure to be surprised at its elegant and classic design of this Ornate Heart Handbag Holder Favor. Each heart shaped metal handbag has a pattern of delicate and fashionable ornate silver with white enamel finish with several implanted crystals. They are perfect favors for wedding, bridal shower and more celebrations.
Ornate Heart Design Bag Holder from

Shoe Design Bag Holder

You mustn’t have seen such a handbag holder with creative design of this Shoe Handbag Holder Favor. Each round metal handbag holder has a delicate white enamel finish with the design in high heel shoe inset with sparkling crystals. Your guests will be sure to love it with its special design and practical use. They are perfect party favors for wedding, bridal shower and more events.
Shoe Design Bag Holder from

Cross or Heart Design Circle Bag Holder

Whether you have baptism, baby shower, Christening and more, this Cross or Heart Design Circle Bag Holder is the ideal favor for your special event. Each round metal handbag holder has a delicate pink enamel finish with a cross design implanted with shining crystals. They are loved by most customers for its elegant design and practical use in the market.
Cross or Heart Design Circle Bag Holder from

Murano Handbag Design Bag Holder

Add more creative elements to your bridal shower or sweet sixteen with this Murano Handbag Design Bag Holder so that leave a lasting memory to your family and guests. Each favor is completed in glistening rhinestones and attached to a chrome metal chain link holder. They are sure to be appreciated by guests in your special event.
Murano Handbag Design Bag Holder from
Welcome to re-pin our item images about this Handbag Holders on Pinterest if you are interested.
03 Aug 2014 New Angel Party Favors from Fashioncraft
Generally speaking, honorable angel usually gives people a sense of divinity and can not be sacrosanct, especially for someone who has religious belief. Recently, we have some new angel favors recommended at They are perfectly tied in baptism, communion and baby shower.
Angel Party Favors from

Heart Shaped Cherub Copper Bottle Opener

Add more divine elements to this Heart Shaped Cherub Copper Bottle Opener, and your guests will take it home as a gift in pleasure. Achieved in a glorious vintage antique copper shade. The cherub holds her face in pair of hands. The wings are elegantly crafted with feathery layers of copper textures. These honorable favors are perfectly used in wedding, birthday party, baby shower, christening or other religious event.
Heart Shaped Cherub Copper Bottle Opener from

Stunning Ivory Cherub Themed Place Card / Photo Frame

Putting your sentimental and significant photo into a frame with angel watching over is a divine thing. This Stunning Ivory Cherub Themed Place Card / Photo Frame is made of poly resin in an ivory color with a delicately engraved swirly pattern and with an angel on the top. It is generally used to hold place cards to give guests a table or seat guidance under the religious events.
Stunning Ivory Cherub Themed Place Card / Photo Frame from

Guardian Angel Key Ring Favor

Your guests will be cheerful to bring this Guardian Angel Key Ring Favor home with religious blessing from angel. Completed in silver mental, the angel designed in a beautifully intricate scroll on her outspread wings. And a religious heart in the middle showing her best wishes for human.
Guardian Angel Key Ring Favor from

Guardian Angel Place Card Holder

Guardian angel place card holder can be used as table card holder and welcome your guests to their tables with love and blessing. A little angel is crafted from poly resin in a magnificent pewter silver shade. Your guests can take them home as photo holder or note holder after party.
Guardian Angel Place Card Holder from
A lot angel favors available at Pinterest, re-pin them today!
20 Jun 2014 Introduce Birthday Party Favors From KateAspen

Birthday is perfect for celebration with relatives and several friends. Don’t forget to attribute this joyfulness to your mother, for birthday is equivalent to a “hard on the mother”. Our blog will recommend you various kinds of personalized birthday favors for different ages among 1, 15, 16, 25, 40 and 50 ages. If you are troubled with some affairs about birthday parties, we are for your reference. Otherwise, if your birthday party has a regular theme, there are a series of personalized and diverse Birthday Theme Parties. With an increasing number of parents who pay more attention to the growth of children so that kids’ birthday party should not be neglected. Here are more detailed information about Kids birthday favors for your selection.

Birthday Party Favors from

Personalized Birthday Party Favor Design

Birthday Party Favors

Party Popper

“Let’s Celebrate!” Party Popper – Birthday is personalized design with white paper confetti and can be used as a small fireworks for celebration. It is a superb gift for increasing the joyous atmosphere during the celebration for birthday.

Bubble Bottles

Trace back to the memories of childhood when we use these Bubble Bottles-Birthday. Your guests will blow off much personalized bubble. There are various kinds of different labels outside the bottle. You can make an option as you like. In addition, I would like to tell you that this item is on back-order until Wednesday 30 July, 2014. Bubble Bottles - Birthday

Candle Holder

In today’s modern society, those candles inserted on birthday cake seem to be out of fashion. Nowadays, Personalized Candle Tin – Birthday is popular in the market. Every candy has an exclusive tin and outside package, which can stop burnout oil spoils out from candles. There is another different type named Frosted-Glass Votive -Birthday, which is different from previous item in whether it has a lid or not. Both of them are of nice designs and various colors for your options.

Candle Holder

Candy Container

“Sweet Celebration!” Party Hat Favor Box is widely worn by guests as long as they attend some celebration for birthday or any other amusement parties. It is adorned with several colors stripes which looks fashionable.

Birthday Party Favors

“Mint For You” Brushed-Metal Heart-Shaped Mint Tin – Wedding is perfect for holding wedding candies with wedding favors. It is special for its design with so many different colors and distinctive patterns on the labels. There are also other tins with different shapes of “Simply Sweet” Round Candy Tin – Birthday and “Unexpected Treasures!” Personalized Favor Tin – Birthday. You can pick up the one that can personalize your characteristics.

Birthday Party Favor Tin

Glass Favor Jars – Birthday is big enough to hold more small candies and chocolates. Each jar has distinctive designs, colors, and dates. Here recommend other two glass jars provided you dislike above-mentioned items. If you are fond of mini style items, this kind of Mini Glass Favor Jar – Birthday fits you. It is easy to take along with and it is light to carry. Another item named “Petite Treat” Square Glass Favor Jar – Birthday is lovely designed with wood bung on the top of it.

Birthday Party Favor Tin

Mini Glass Favor Bottle with Swing Top – Birthday is also a good choice for you to purchase due to its particular design with long body of bottle. “Vintage” Milk Bottle Favor Jar – Birthday is perfect for holding milk, which is perfect for birthday party favors.

You can check at our to obtain more detailed information about birthday party.

04 Apr 2014 Butterfly Wedding Party Favors

Spring is in the air…The beautiful and graceful butterflies come to take part in your events. Butterflies have always been a popular themed for wedding, our Butterfly Wedding Party Favors capture mother nature’s genuine beauty and makes the the perfect party favors for your more occasions like sweet 15/16, and girl birthday.

Murano Art Deco Butterfly design bookmark

Stunning and remarkable keepsake for your spring affair with this beautifully crafted Murano Art Deco Butterfly design bookmark. Inspired by the artisans of Murano Italy, and made of beautiful multi colored glass, this bookmark will adore you or your guests favorite book with vivid butterfly! Ideal for spring wedding and baby shower. This “Butterfly” Silver-Metal Bookmark with White Silk Tassel is from the same butterfly theme with different design. Click Butterfly Bookmark for more choice.

Murano Art Deco Butterfly design bookmark

“Love is Aflutter” Butterfly Place Card Holders

Perfect for spring weddings or garden themed event, these “Love is Aflutter” Butterfly Place Card Holders certainly capture the spirit of this exquisite natural marvel. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you butterfly, the most spectacular of nature’s gifts. Also, you may like this one – Butterfly Design Place Card Holders

Butterfly Design Place Card Holders

Elegant Reflections Collection butterfly design mirror compact favors

For spring wedding favor idea for bridesmaid, these Elegant Reflections Collection butterfly design mirror compact favors perfectly fit the season as well as your special event. In elegant silver with beautifully crafted butterfly design, this mirror compact will adore your gift bags / boxes as a pretty and practical thank your gift. Click Mirror Compact Party Favors for more beautiful favors.

Elegant Reflections Collection butterfly design mirror compact favors

“Butterfly Kisses” Scented Soaps

As a symbol of joy and new beginnings, butterfly weddings have become ultra-popular. To complement your spring wedding favors, these “Butterfly Kisses” Scented Soaps come as a perfect favor or gift choice to celebrate your new life together or the newlywed. Crafted in cheerful pink and vivid butterfly, anyone who receives this favor will be delighted.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, please check our more Butterfly Themed Party Favors at Pinterest of
05 Feb 2014 New Hot Air Balloon Favors from KateAspen
Today we introduce two new hot air balloon favors from KateAspen. They are balloon luggage tag and balloon favor box. It is perfect gift for birthday party, wedding and any festivals.   Shop our balloon favors here.

”Up, UP & Away” Hot Air Balloon Luggage Tag

Plan a Hot air balloon wedding or birthday party? Our hot air balloon luggage tag is great favor for you! The balloon luggage tag is very colorful, orange and baby blue stripes mixed.  The colorful balloon image on one side of tag makes it easier for you to travel with these fashionable, functional tags which will allow you to finally get rid of the unsightly identifiers such as ribbons, ropes, shopping bags, etc… It is traveler’s favorite favor!

 Hot Air Balloon Luggage Tag

”Up, UP & Away” Hot Air Balloon Favor Box

If you are planning a hot air balloon party, our favor box is great for you. You can put small treats like candy, M&M chocolate … in the favor box.  Your guests will love it. White clouds and soft-blue sky cover this balloon favor box that has an orange-and-blue hot air balloon applique with yellow flags and brown basket on the front, a white-circle accent with the words “Up, Up and Away” on the back and two sides with coordinated yellow print. Personalization available for an additional charge.

Hot Air Balloon Favor Box