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29 Jul 2016 New Party Favors For Religious, Family and Birthday

We’ve got new and exciting party favors from our favorite vendor Fashioncraft! Known for their beautifully crafted party favors, Fashioncraft offers a wide range of party favors for a variety of special occasions. Today, we will be introducing new party favors that are perfect for religious parties, family and birthday bashes!

New Party Favors For Religious, Family and Birthday from HotRef

Family & Love Party Favors

A great sentimental gift to give your family and friends are our sentiment flower key chain and mason jar with key ring (pictured below):

  • Sentiment Flowers Keychain – Made of poly resin, these rock-shaped key chains have 4 different hand painted deigns of delicate pastel colored flowers and a choice of words: Love, Family, Friends, and Thank You
  • Sentiment Flowers Mason Jar with Key Ring – Guest are in for a real treat with this party favor! Inside the glass mason jar are delightful key chains with a metal charm and confetti in a matching color

Sentiment Flowers Keychain from HotRef

Sentiment Flowers Mason Jar with Key Ring from HotRefWe also received these stunning White MDF Laser Cut photo frames! Each frame is designed with a nice little message centering around 4 different motifs: Cherish, Family, Friends, and Grand children. Place your favorite memory and display it in your own home, or place a memorable photo and gift it to a family member, friend, or loved one.

White MDF Laser Cut Photo Frame from HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

Religious Party Favors

Gift your family and friends a gorgeous guardian angel for love, protection and guidance. These new religious party favors come in 4 different designs with different meanings: Angel of Courage, Angel of Hope, Angel of Love, and a Guardian Angel. These angel favors are perfect for first communions, baptisms, any religious event, or just as a lovely gift:

Graceful Guardian Angel Keychain from HotRef

Stunning Guardian Angel Magnets from HotRefOur new Magnificent Last Supper Wall Plaque is a great decorative piece to keep in your home or can also be a great housewarming gift. Based on the world famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, this beautifully crafted decorative piece is meticulously hand painted in antique natural colors. Anyone who receives this plaque will surely treasure this for years to come.

Magnificent Last Supper Wall Plaque from HotRefIf you’re looking for some adorable religious party favors, we’ve got a few new Noah’s Ark design party favors that would be great to hand out at any special religious event such as a first communion, baptism, or even a birthday! Each party favor features a cross made of poly resin finished with an ivory sandstone texture. Noah’s Ark is beautifully hand painted and features adorable little animals peaking out the boat:

Cross Key Chain with Noah's Arc Design from HotRef

Adorable Noah's Arc Themed Cross from HotRef

High Heel Party Favors

We’ve also received these stunning high heel themed party favors! These matching favors are perfect for a sweet 16 birthday party, Las Vegas themed bridal shower, or for any girl themed party:

Stunning High Heel Shoe with Silver Glitter Glass Frame 4 X 6 from HotRef

Girly High Heel Shoe Votive Candle Holder from HotRef


Check back next week for new party favors and decorations! Happy Planning!

-Nina A.

19 Nov 2014 Introducing New Angel Party Favors
Accessorize your communion with these Angel Party Favors to make your party more religious. Here HotRef introduces you some new angel party favors like angel ornaments, angel candle holders, angel keychains, angel place card holders, angel bookmarks, and angel statue that are accented with angel shape. Please feel free to make an option on the one you like best for your holiday party, Christmas wedding or baby shower.
Angel Party Favors from hotref.com

Angel Ornament

Spice up the atmosphere in your religious party with these Angel Ornaments. Crafted in angel shaped rhinestones in silver finish. They are sure to satisfy your guests and make them be happy. Available in white, ivory, pink, blue, silver for your free choices.
Angel Ornament from hotref.com

Angel Candle Holder

Angel Party Favors will make you feel more religious. These Angel Candle Holders is accented with an elegant white epoxy design and shimmering rhinestone. They are perfect party favors for christening, baptism, baby shower, birthday and wedding.
Angel Candle Holder from hotref.com

Angel Keychain

Angel Key chain is a practical religious gift for pink baby shower, christening, baptism and baby girl events. This angel key chain is accented with pink epoxy and dazzling rhinestone. Available in blue, pink, white, and silver.
Angel Keychain from hotref.com

Angel Place Card Holder

Let angels direct you to find you table or seats by these Angel Place Card Holders. The heavenly angle place card holder is accented with antique silver design with shimmering rhinestones. They are perfect table decor for religious events.
Angel Place Card Holder from hotref.com
Angel Place Card Holder from hotref.com
Angel Place Card Holder from hotref.com

Angel Place Card Frame

Put your significant photos in these Angel Place Card Frames as a precious memory for years to come. Angels will always guard those valuable experience.
Angel Place Card Frame from hotref.com
Angel Place Card Frame from hotref.com

Angel Bookmark

Your guests will be sure to leave a deep impression on these Angel Bookmark. Each angle bookmark is handcrafted in silver polyresin with rhinestone accents. They are ideal religious favors for baptism, baby shower, christening, communion and more religious events.
Angel Bookmark from hotref.com
Angel Bookmark from hotref.com

Angel Statue

Angel Statue is a perfect decorative ornament. It is a perfect religious favor for baptism, communion, confirmation and more religious events.
Angel Statue from hotref.com
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23 Apr 2014 Introduce 4 New Angel Party Favors

Angel as symbol of luck and spirituality are popular as a arty theme and favors. Angel favors are perfect for so many occasions: weddings, baptisms, Christenings, communions, confirmations, baby showers even as holiday and Christmas favors. If you just want you loved one to have a guardian angel watch over them, our Four New Angel Party Favors are guaranteed to be appealing and inspirational. Angels are seen as messengers of good news as well, and they make the perfect decoration to use for your next angel party.

Four New Angel Party Favors from HotRef.com
There’s nothing more than a lovely bookmark as a favor for the Book Loverrs. A little angel will bright your favorite book and make your day. Finely detailed Blessings Angel Bookmark is crafted with elegant openwork and brushed-metal. This sentimental piece by Kateaspen makes an ultimate gift for bookworm or angel lovers. Silver and white angel bookmark fit christening, baptism, communion or any other religious event perfectly.
Blessings Angel Bookmark

Heavenly Angel Soap

A meaningful favor for friends and family sharing your special day with a Heavenly Angel Soap. Crafted by Kateaspen, the angel shaped soap is enhanced with fresh fragrance and will make any receiver feel appreciated in a heavenly way. White, sculpted, angel-inspired soap with mild fragrance is finely packaged in gift box. A heavenly favor to say thank you to guests at a wedding, or baby shower.

Heavenly Angel Soap

Heavenly Cherub Design Key Chains

This Heavenly Cherub Design Key Chains will shower your love back to friends and family with an angelic presence. Everyone would like to have more angels in their life, and this adorable angel with beautiful face and outstretched wings will accompany wherever they go. This cherub key chain by Fashioncraft are charming and lovely, making good keepsake for wedding, baby shower, birthday and other special occasions. Anyone that receive it is sure to feel special, blessed and loved.

Heavenly Cherub Design Key Chains

Angel wing key chain favors

Bless your loved one with a guardian angel no matter where they go with theseAngel wing key chain favors. Celebrate the beauty of your faith at the first communion or baptism with the angel love and support. Make your customers spirits fly high at your angel party with the antique angel wing keychain. Guardian angels are said to look after everyone.

Angel wing key chain favors
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