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29 Jun 2014 Most Popular Coolers for 2014 Summer
With the arrival of hot summer, foods are easy to go bad, thus in order to freshly and perfectly protect foods from spoiled, cooler becomes more and more popular in the market. Now here we recommend you various kinds of different coolers at These coolers can be available or regarded as the corporate gifts which are commonly used at school, the office, picnics and the beach.

California Innovations® 24-Can Access Cooler

California Innovations® 24-Can Access Cooler can be widely used in various of outdoor company picnics, gatherings, golf outings and other activities. Each cooler has a pocket in order to be convenient for take things and can be held many things. Here are more different kinds of Lunch Cooler
California Innovations® 24-Can Access Cooler

Encore Music Cooler

You will be able to go anywhere carrying with this Encore Music Cooler. Each one features a bungee cord for extra accommodation, and there is a metal bottle opener attached to the cooler. Furthermore, there is an adjustable shoulder strap which is convenient for carrying. In addition, you can add a personalized label or corporate logo on it. If you want more music coolers, please browse Music Cooler
Encore Music Cooler

Spectator Cooler Chair

Cooler Chair provides you for convenience wherever you go. Spectator Cooler Chair with a superior design with padded seat , an adjustable shoulder strap, a back storage pocket and a front with two pockets for storage. It also includes a cooler compartment which can hold 24 cans. You can add any personalized logos on it.
Spectator Cooler Chair

New Connections Rolling Collapsible Cooler

Rolling Cooler can not only stop foods from spoiled but also save much power. Because you can pull the tension rod with four wheels rolling on the floor no matter how heavy the foods they are. Take New Connections Rolling Collapsible Cooler for an example, which can hold 12 ounce cans. And for rolling convenience, it has telescoping handle and inline skate wheels. In addition, it is perfect for outdoor company picnics, gatherings, banquets, potlucks and other open-air activities.
New Connections Rolling Collapsible Cooler
All the above-mentioned promotional coolers can be sent as the company gifts. If you are interested in our items, check at for more detailed information.
28 Jun 2014 July 4th Sale at
July 4th is the unofficial kick off for summer! Enjoy our gift to you, a 5% savings on EVERYTHING with the coupon code 7PAU63 on our website. This sale starts today and ends July 6th, 2014 (US Pacific Time). Start summer off right with savings on favors for your upcoming Summer events, and much much more.  Shop now at


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July 4th Sale at
26 Jun 2014 Flip Flop Manicure/Pedicure Party Favors

With the upcoming summer of 2014, more and more people begin to expose their necks, arms, and legs to the outside. So it is necessary for them, especially for the girls, to manicure the nail, both for the finger nail and the foot nail in order to look clean and tidy. Here, we recommend some items of flip-flop shaped manicure and pedicure for your reference.

 Flip Flop Manicure/Pedicure Party Favors

“Flirty” Flip Flop Pedicure Set

“Flirty” Flip Flop Pedicure Set is a popular favor for bridal showers, sweet 15/16s, birthdays and more, which includes 4-piece set about cuticle scissors, file, pedi-nail cutter, and cuticle tool. If you want nail files only, here is a good recommendation of Sun & Sandals Flip-Flop Nail Files. If you would like to show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance to your ceremony, it’s the best choice for you to purchase some as gifts.

Flip Flop Design Manicure Sets

Flip Flop Design Manicure Sets consist of 4 manicure tools in black and pink. The out appearance is just like flip-flop worn in hot summer. These flip flop design manicure sets are perfect for beach wedding, birthdays, or other summer celebrations.

Flip Flop Design Manicure Sets

“Cheetah Chic” Flip Flop Pedicure Kit

These “Cheetah Chic” Flip Flop Pedicure Kit are a perfect gift for sweet 16s, quinceaneras, bachelorette parties and more. Nail file, scissors, clippers and cuticle instrument are included in the pedicure set which will sure to be popular among the guests. Of course, you are allowed to buy Something Blue Nail Files only.

Pink Polka Flip Flop Five Piece Pedicure Set with Matching Tag

These Pink Polka Flip Flop Five Piece Pedicure Set with Matching Tag are a perfect gift for bridal shower favors, wedding parties, or give-away gifts by guests. There are a series of components of nail file, scissors, clippers, and cuticle instrument. You will never miss the chance to get some.

 Pink Polka Flip Flop Five Piece Pedicure Set with Matching Tag

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22 Jun 2014 Life’s A Beach Collection from Fashioncraft

Wedding is the most important event for both bridegroom and bride. It is also important to adopt something to match with the wedding. Beach themed party gives a sense of dream and will be sure to leave a deep impressive to guests. Of course, it should be decorated with beach collection from fashion craft. Here, we recommend you some items on for your reference. Beach Wedding Favors

Life’s A Beach Collection Candle Favors

This Life’s A Beach Collection Candle Favors adorned with starfish and sea shell, which can be used to decorate wedding ceremony or regard as a give-away gift by guests. Both are best choice for doing that. Life's A Beach Collection Candle Favors

Life’s a Beach Collection Curio Boxes

Life’s a Beach Collection Curio Boxes that can be served as a give-away small gift for pretty girls. It is bedecked with starfish and sea shell in light blue which obviously shows the beach themed wedding favor. It can be used to hold jewelry and any other small decorations. Life’s a Beach Collection Curio Boxes

Beach Themed Keychain Favors

Beach Themed Keychain Favors is not only a beautiful decoration matched with beach themed party, but also can be used as a give-away gift for guests. It is adorned with starfish and sea shell in light blue color. After wedding, guests can keep it as a keepsake and will never forget their attendance to the wedding party. Beach Themed Keychain Favors

Life’s a Beach themed place card holders

Life’s a Beach themed place card holders may be widely used in wedding ceremony which becomes a guidance as soon as the guests attend the wedding and convey the information of table number to the guests so that they will take the right seats. Life's a Beach themed place card holders

Life’s a Beach frame/place card holder

Life’s a Beach frame/place card holder can be used to hold photos or artistic pictures. It can be held wedding photos on wedding ceremony so that guests will get the same happiness to bridegroom and bride. Life's a Beach frame/place card holder

Finishing Touches Collection Beach Themed Wedding Day Accessories

Finishing Touches Collection Beach Themed Wedding Day Accessories is a set of opponents used in wedding ceremony. The collection includes two cups used to drink wine with each other by bridegroom and bride, the knife used to cut wedding cake, and the notebook and pen used to record guests’ names. Finishing Touches Collection Beach Themed Wedding Day Accessories

Life’s a Beach Collection cake topper

Life’s a Beach Collection cake topper is a decoration used for adorning the wedding cake on the top of it which is personalized design with its starfish and sea shell in light blue color matched with beach themed wedding party. Life's a Beach Collection cake topper If you are interested in our items, you can repin some pictures on Pinterest.

20 Jun 2014 Introduce Birthday Party Favors From KateAspen

Birthday is perfect for celebration with relatives and several friends. Don’t forget to attribute this joyfulness to your mother, for birthday is equivalent to a “hard on the mother”. Our blog will recommend you various kinds of personalized birthday favors for different ages among 1, 15, 16, 25, 40 and 50 ages. If you are troubled with some affairs about birthday parties, we are for your reference. Otherwise, if your birthday party has a regular theme, there are a series of personalized and diverse Birthday Theme Parties. With an increasing number of parents who pay more attention to the growth of children so that kids’ birthday party should not be neglected. Here are more detailed information about Kids birthday favors for your selection.

Birthday Party Favors from

Personalized Birthday Party Favor Design

Birthday Party Favors

Party Popper

“Let’s Celebrate!” Party Popper – Birthday is personalized design with white paper confetti and can be used as a small fireworks for celebration. It is a superb gift for increasing the joyous atmosphere during the celebration for birthday.

Bubble Bottles

Trace back to the memories of childhood when we use these Bubble Bottles-Birthday. Your guests will blow off much personalized bubble. There are various kinds of different labels outside the bottle. You can make an option as you like. In addition, I would like to tell you that this item is on back-order until Wednesday 30 July, 2014. Bubble Bottles - Birthday

Candle Holder

In today’s modern society, those candles inserted on birthday cake seem to be out of fashion. Nowadays, Personalized Candle Tin – Birthday is popular in the market. Every candy has an exclusive tin and outside package, which can stop burnout oil spoils out from candles. There is another different type named Frosted-Glass Votive -Birthday, which is different from previous item in whether it has a lid or not. Both of them are of nice designs and various colors for your options.

Candle Holder

Candy Container

“Sweet Celebration!” Party Hat Favor Box is widely worn by guests as long as they attend some celebration for birthday or any other amusement parties. It is adorned with several colors stripes which looks fashionable.

Birthday Party Favors

“Mint For You” Brushed-Metal Heart-Shaped Mint Tin – Wedding is perfect for holding wedding candies with wedding favors. It is special for its design with so many different colors and distinctive patterns on the labels. There are also other tins with different shapes of “Simply Sweet” Round Candy Tin – Birthday and “Unexpected Treasures!” Personalized Favor Tin – Birthday. You can pick up the one that can personalize your characteristics.

Birthday Party Favor Tin

Glass Favor Jars – Birthday is big enough to hold more small candies and chocolates. Each jar has distinctive designs, colors, and dates. Here recommend other two glass jars provided you dislike above-mentioned items. If you are fond of mini style items, this kind of Mini Glass Favor Jar – Birthday fits you. It is easy to take along with and it is light to carry. Another item named “Petite Treat” Square Glass Favor Jar – Birthday is lovely designed with wood bung on the top of it.

Birthday Party Favor Tin

Mini Glass Favor Bottle with Swing Top – Birthday is also a good choice for you to purchase due to its particular design with long body of bottle. “Vintage” Milk Bottle Favor Jar – Birthday is perfect for holding milk, which is perfect for birthday party favors.

You can check at our to obtain more detailed information about birthday party.

18 Jun 2014 Introduce Hand Fans for Summer Wedding

With the arrival of hot summer, an increasing number of people will get hand fans to cool themselves, which become the indispensable and intimate friends during hot summer. Although hand fans are not automatic as electric fans even air-conditioners, they can be taken along with everywhere in your bags. That is, cool is always all round with you. Today, we recommend a series of personalized types of hand fans for your selection. Here are more detailed information on for your reference. Take actions, guys!

Hand Fan Wedding Favors from

General Shape Hand fan – Paper Fan

There are three types of materials included under this kind of hand fans, they are paper fan, silk fan and sandalwood fan. First, let’s look at the paper fan. According to the colors, it can be divided into two kinds. One is Asian White Paper Fans which gives your guests a simply way to keep cool during hot summer. Of course, if you are a dauber, you can draw something as you like on the hand fan. It must look quite personalized after your own design.

Asian White Paper Fans

The other is Colored Paper Hand Fans, you will have an option of diverse colors as per the essential color for wedding, which will match with each other more unified and more harmonious.

Colored Paper Hand Fans

General Shape Hand fan – Silk Fan

Second, we will introduce another hand fan made of silk. Silk Fan in Pink Color feels very comfortable and will keep your guests cool while they are watching your wedding ceremony. In addition, silk fan manifests more oriental elements because the original place of silk is in southern area. Furthermore, we ensure that the silk has a good workmanship and enjoys a high quality. There are white color, pink color, and blue color for your reference and selection.

Silk Fan in Pink Color

General Shape Hand fan – Sandalwood Fan

Then, let’s move on to the sandalwood hand fan. Sandalwood Fan in Glass Top Gift Box is popular among an increasing number of customers for its special aroma emitting from the sandalwood. The pleasant scent makes guests relax and forget the tiredness after daylong work. What’s more, the white tassel at the bottom of the hand fan is another flash point, that adds a few non-mainstream elements in today’s fashionable modern society. With the combination of vintage style and fashionable design, it must be loved by more and more customers and becomes the best selling hand fan in the market.

Sandalwood Fan in Glass Top Gift Box from

General Shape Hand fan – Theme Fan

Besides those above-mentioned three kinds of hand fans, there is another type of fan, we call it theme hand fan. In other words, theme fans refer to those hand fans with a variety of typical patterns. If you dislike the monotonous color or style that with no design at all, theme hand fan may be your optimal choice. Here, we will recommend you some and will make a brief introduction about the following theme fans for your reference. Delicate cherry blossom design silk folding fan favors is a theme fan adorned with cherry blossom that symbols a sense of classical beauty, this style may be loved by most middle-aged guests. Relatively speaking, those theme hand fans decorated with non-mainstream elements may conform to their aesthetics standard. Contemporary Hearts Hand Fans may be a perfect gift interspersed with contemporary heart which must be favored by young people. Theme hand fans like that named Elegant Silk Fan with Damask Design, Pretty Polka Dot Silk Fan Favors, Tropical Fan with Romantic Plumeria Floral Details and Elegant French Country Design Fan Favors are full of modern designs with fashionable and non-mainstream elements. You can browse the blog and have an optional selection as you like.

Hand Fan Wedding Favors

Paddle fan

The Vintage Wedding Personalized Paddle Fan will keep your wedding guests cool while you are enjoying the wedding ceremony. There is no doubt that these Vintage Wedding Personalized Paddle Fan will attract most guests’ attention for its particular design with heart-shaped “Love” on it. Furthermore, you can write down your best wishes or any other words you would like to express to your guests so that it will be unforgettable to them.

Personalized Paddle Fans - Vintage Wedding

Rosette Paper Fans

Last, we will introduce a fancy and delicate paper fan for you. Rosette Paper Fans looks beautiful and it can be easily made by your own. If you are interested in the process of paper fan make, you can have a try! It is not only a practical tool for cool, but also a fair decoration.

Rosette Paper Fans
Have you been moved by the hand fans after the brief introductions? If so, don’t hesitate to get one. Welcome to get more detailed information on our or re-pin at Pinterest.

16 Jun 2014 New Nautical Baby Shower Favors from EventBlossom

Nowadays, we have a lot of new nautical baby shower favors coming, which are favored by a majority of customers from all over the world. This nautical baby shower decorations starter kit will motivate your inspiration on your nautical themed baby shower. Every kit is with personalized design of cute sailboat and anchors in navy blue and yellow. There are six key items covered in one kit, such as pennant banner, party sign, pink striped straws, pink cupcake wrappers/toppers, menu/place cards and decorative stickers. If you like personalized baby shower themed items, will provide you with more detailed information.

Nautical Baby Shower Decorations Starter Kit

Candy Container

If you have planed to hold a baby shower, it is a good idea to purchase the Nautical Baby Shower Small 4 oz Mason Jars. Decorated with anchors and stripes, navy blue and yellow are its main colors, which can be packed with some small bulk food such as mini candies, chocolates, nuts, or loose-leaf tea. On the one hand, it can make your baby enjoy the sweet candies, on the other hand, it can be used for many times for your guests. If you think above-mentioned candy jar is a little bigger for you to carry with, here is a smaller one named Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Candy Jars. It has the same design with Nautical Baby Shower Small 4 oz Mason Jars, but relatively speaking, it is much easier to take along with. There is also another kind of candy container in the same pattern but with different shapes, that’s Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Candy Tubes. It is perfect for beach themed baby shower, and baby event. Nautical Baby Shower Clear Candy Bags may be much easier and lighter to carry with than candy jars. Furthermore, every candy bags have a special and cute labels of personalized anchors, it is ideal for summer baby affair celebration and beach themed baby shower. Try to leave an unforgettable depression to your guests about either your baby’s name or other messages you would like to convey to your guests. Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Jelly Bean Packs can satisfy your needs for its special labels with cute anchors and stripes. Don’t miss it!

Nautical Baby Shower Candy Container from

Candle Tins

Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Square Candle Tins with nautical themed favors will add more joyous atmosphere in baby shower and are favored by most guests. It can easily taken home and widely used in our daily life in case it powers off. Another kind of candy tin named Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Round Candle Tins, whose shape is different from that of square candle tin, it is round. The background is light green with fashionable design with anchor in navy blue color. Every candle tin has “thank you” on the label, which expresses the host’s gratitude to every guest for his or her attendance.

Nautical Baby Shower Candle Tins from

Food Mix

Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Sugar Cookie Mix is something baking in the oven, and it must be left a deep impression with nautical themed labels which customized with what you want to talk with your guests. It is common that mothers always show their love to their children. There is one item called Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Hot Cocoa with optional heart whisk are the best choice for mom to give their deep love. And it is also a perfect way to show their welcome to guests for their attendance. Another item that we recommend you is Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Muffin Mix, which is an applicable present for host to express their welcome to guests. The baby’s name or a cozy information that you would like to let your friends know can be both written on the labels. This kind of items can be applied to nautical themed baby shower and summer baby affair. Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Lemonade with Optional Heart Whisk must be a sweet recall for your special celebration to show your love to new born baby. It is particular not only for the extra optional heart whisk, but also for the navy blue pattern with anchors. It must become the most perfect item or gift that is widely applied to nautical themed baby showers.

Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Lemonade + Optional Heart Whisk - See more at:

Milk Bottle

The fancy labels with cute anchor and straight stripes highlight the nautical themed baby shower. Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Milk Bottles can be filled with colorful candies or mini chocolates. It must be a personalized gift for celebration as well as the 1st birthday.
Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Milk Bottles


Notebook can be needed in various different occasions when you take notes in the class, or have a meeting in the meet room and so forth. Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Notebook Favors is a practical gift for either students or business man among so many baby shower guests. In addition, it looks beautiful and tiny so that it is easy to take along with in the pocket or small bags. That’s a wonderful gift for you to use and regard it as a keepsake.

Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Notebook Favors

We will always try our best to satisfy your needs. If you want more detailed information, please check at our blog.

13 Jun 2014 Religious Cross Party Favors

For a day to be blessed, cross makes the most classic option for all kinds of events. Our Religious Cross Party Favors are the perfect cross theme decorations for your 1st communion party supplies, baptism party theme, baby christening decorations, showers, wedding and anniversary. No matter you are planning a table decorations for a party in your home, a restaurant or a cateing venue, these God Bless favors will decorate your day with elegance and beauty.

Religious Cross Party Favors

Silver Cross Design Mint Tins

Personalized mint tins are a refreshingly great favor! You can create custom party giveaway with our Silver Cross Design Mint Tins. You can wrap each mint tin with some ribbon and place one mint tin at each table setting. What’s great about our religious mint tins? Fist, cross design make them perfect for Christening, baptism and other religious event. Second, they are reuseable.
Silver Cross Design Mint Tins

Pewter Color Cross Statue with Ivory Enamel Inlay

This beautiful Pewter Color Cross Statue with Ivory Enamel Inlay is perfect for any religious event as religious favors. Beautifully presented on the desk…Share the love and faith with this cross favors for your bridal shower,baptism, reception and much more events. We also have Striking Pink and Pewter Color Cross Statue
, Striking blue and Pewter Color Cross Statue
, and Choice Crystal Collection Crystal Cross for your further consideration.
Pewter Color Cross Statue with Ivory Enamel Inlay

“Regal Favor Collection” cross themed candle holders

Get you motivation glowing with the “Regal Favor Collection” cross themed candle holders. Light play a very important party of religious events and parties. Using crosss themed candles, as a infalliable piece of your decor for a lovely look, and create heartwarming atmosphere.

Elegant cross design place card/photo holders

You will find that cross theme matches so much events perfectly. The beautifully crafted Elegant cross design place card/photo holders can make a big impact on the overall decor of your event including Christening, shower, wedding and anniversary. Crosse place card holders will elegantly present your table assignment or your favorite picture or photo. Same cross design Murano glass collection place card holders will present you different beauty.
Elegant cross design place card/photo holders

Murano Collection cross key chain favors

Stunning murano design glass meets cross, we capture elegant beauty in these Murano Collection cross key chain favors. Same cross design in brightly pink and blue murano cross keychain favors and Choice Crystal Cross Key Chains are also available.
Murano Collection cross key chain favors
10 Jun 2014 Introduce 5 Love Wedding Favors from KateAspen

The year of 2014 is a lucky and festival year to get married. In wedding site, “love” usually becomes the everlasting theme by bridegroom and bride. Accordingly, they prefer to choose some small gifts showing off their sweet love to guests. Now, we will recommend a series of Love Themed Wedding Favors to you. You can follow your heart to make a choice among love stopper, love pourer, love opener, love holder and love corkscrew as you like. I believe it must be your best choice, because there is the classic “LOVE” design decorated in every kinds of the items, which put more emphasis on the “love” theme. In addition, the chrome color of “love” highlights a sense of romance to the wedding party. Let us introduce more detailed information about our products.

Love Wedding Favors

Love Design Chrome Bottle Stopper

Love Design Chrome Bottle Stopper is a pragmatic gift in chrome color with solid chrome, which enjoys a high quality. Another shining point that we should mention is that a heart-shaped pattern inside “LOVE” in the original place of “O”, which looks so funny and fashionable. It can be used for many kinds of liquor, such as glass of bear, wine, brandy and so forth.

Love Design Chrome Bottle Stopper

“LOVE” Chrome Pourer/Bottle Stopper

It is understandable that someone will pronounce he or she has got married, and gives some interesting small gifts to his or her friends in order to let the friends know the marriage and share his or her happiness with friends. “LOVE” Chrome Pourer/Bottle Stopper is a gift that is suitable for bridal showers, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and some other joyous parties. The bottle stopper looks delicate for its special design with “LOVE” pattern on the stopper, which may attract guests to focus on the gifts.

Love Bottle Opener

Love Bottle Opener is the perfect favor for wedding, anniversary and bridal shower. It may be your best choice for you to send it as a gift to your friends or keep usage by yourself. The “LOVE” style will increase a sense of romance when you open up a bottle of wine, and change your mood so that you can enjoy a trace of pleasure and lost yourself into the mellow wine.

Love Bottle Opener

LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards

Love will make the world more beautiful and make people more friendly. You will often express love to your beloved or your parents, LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards is a favorable present for you to show love to others in some special days. It can be hold some precious photos for you to memorize.

LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards - See more at:

Love Wine Corkscrew

When you get together with your friends, it must be unavoidable that you will drink some wine with your friends. This Love Wine Corkscrew fits for wine opening. When you open the wine and pour it out to your friend, it just like that you convey your love to your friends. Let’s toast!

Love Wine Corkscrew

More detailed information about love themed favors, please check at Pinterest.

09 Jun 2014 Introduce 5 Color Mini Cube Boxes

The Mini Cube Boxes enjoy an excellent popularity in the market, because it can be used in different occasions when you send it as a gift to your friends with wedding favors or under other circumstances. The Mini Cube Boxes have 5 colors in total, such as Mini Cube Boxes – Aqua Blue, Mini Cube Boxes – Brown, Mini Cube Boxes – Pink, Mini Cube Boxes – White and Mini Cube Boxes – Black. Blue color box is favored by most customers among these 5 colors, since it can be used for Tiffany blue theme party.  Pink cube boxes can be used for pink color theme wedding, baby shower or birthday party. Please check at to get more information.

In most cases, you have elaborately selected the sort of chocolate, but there is no exquisite package for you to match the chocolate with. The Mini Cube Boxes help you to cope with the difficulty. In order to highlight its personalized style, the mini cute boxes add more fashionable elements into the pattern of boxes with Rhinestone Monogram Stickers, personalized labels, Satin Bows, and Baker’s Twine. The mini box is not only artistic, but is also utility. It can accommodate about 90 Jelly Beans or 100 candy covered chocolates.

Mini Cube Boxes

How to Assemble Mini Cube Boxes

Photo tutorials are here for this particular “assemble required” items, you can assemble the Mini Cube Boxes by yourself:

Mini Cube Boxes

Mini Cube Boxes

Mini Cube Boxes

Mini Cube Boxes Mini Cube Boxes Mini Cube Boxes

Here are more Mini Cube Boxes information. Any suggestions are welcome!

Image credits for tutorial assemble boxes.