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31 May 2011 Mesmerizing Wine Bottle Stopper Favors

If you are still thinking about what to gift your guests on your next cocktail party, then mesmerize them with some wine stopper favors, they are enticing. They are perfect for any type of get together, dinner, wine tasting event and other theme parties. You can dazzle your guests with some .crystal bottle stopper favors. Or if it is a 50th anniversary wedding party there is nothing like golden 50-topped wine bottle stopper favors!. You can capture the memories of your event with some enticing photo coaster and wine bottle stopper favor sets. For those people who like seas they can go for scallop shell bottle stoppers. The one who love beaches beach wine charms are available complete with sea, surf and sun.

You can also choose Fleur de Lis design wine bottle stopper favors especially designed for women who love flower. These flower based wine charms are so attractive that you will surely want to carry it with yourself. There are wine stopper favors available for every type of occasion you just need to name it and it is ready for you. This type of variety and designs is hardly available in any other favors. They are made with so much of elegance and dedication that sometime you will think that these should cost even more.

30 May 2011 Salt and Pepper Shaker Favors For All Occasions

When you are planning a wedding, it takes detailed attention even on minute things like wedding favors etc.Giving wedding favors to your guests has now become a fashion or trend but traditionally they were considered as a a tradition and good luck. We usually give gifts just to express the gratitude of thanks to our guests who become the part of our happiness and bless our bridal couples. Nowadays, people offer gifts depending on their budget like rich people would take expensive gifts to be offered because that would reflect their status whereas the mediocre person would buy those gifts which would not hamper his budget because for him what matters most is simplicity and the feelings and not the cost of the gift.  So keeping all the factors in mind, salt and pepper shaker favors are just perfect to match the requirement of everyone. It is useful, elegantly decorative and will surely remind your guest about your special event.  They are generally packed in beautiful box and decorated with sheer ribbon. It comes in different designs and style.

You can choose appropriate favor, once you have decided the number of guests, theme of the wedding etc. In today’s world, people are becoming creative and prefer their gifts to be more personalized while planning their wedding anniversary, reception, party etc. There are various stores available in the market to search from. Moreover, you don’t even have to search for best shop here and there; you can get the best value for your money by purchasing online just a click away. If you have chosen your wedding theme then it must reflect on your wedding favors so that your guest can connect their gifts with your theme. These salt and pepper shaker favors can be used in day to day life for many years and they can be great keepsakes too!

30 May 2011 Romantic Wine Charm Favors
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Wedding is the most special day in the life of both bride and groom and that’s the reason they want to make it memorable event for years to come. Nowadays bridal couples are more inclined towards choosing wine theme for their wedding anniversary or wedding reception. They can even enhance their theme by adding wine charm favors like imprinted wine glasses, custom labeled wine, wedding wine stoppers, champagne flutes and many more.

In order to give a personal touch, you can even personalize those beautiful favors and gift them to your family, friends and attendants. The personalization can be done by using your wedding date, or any personal message. Your photographs can also be added so that your guest can remember your grand yet special event throughout their life. The type of favors you want to choose is solely depends on your budget criteria and accordingly you can get wine bottles of your choice.

The particular favor which is becoming popular day by day is wedding wine stopper. Generally these stoppers are made up of chrome with a rubber seal in order to preserve the wine. You can use beautiful sheer organza ribbons to decorate your wine charm favors. These favors can be used depending on the season of your wedding i.e. snowflakes for winter and fall leaves for autumn wedding. There are many other wine stoppers which can be used for a specific theme like sea shell wine charm favors or beach ball for ocean front events. You can also use tags where your wedding date and name can be imprinted to make it perfect for the wedding. Wine charm is an inexpensive favor which can be taken as your theme without being bothered of low budget. These favors not only enhance the beauty of your wedding or any event but it is also very useful and decorative which makes your guest remind them of your sweet gesture.

30 May 2011 Sweet Cookie Cutter Favors
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Cookies are one of the most popular snacks that all of us enjoy and especially kids. It is a favorite for people of all age. It has a very different taste neither it is too sweet nor too bland. They are of many types of cookies—chewy, crunchy, nutty and gooey; it’s always special to have these snacks which melts in your mouth. They can be prepared in many beautiful designs and can make any of your special events more special and sweet. These cookie cutters have variety of designs starting from a normal round shape cutter to a designer cookie mold.

One of the most popular designs of cookie cutter is the cut out style cutter which are generally made up of food grade aluminum and the shape can be seen just like the outline of a cookie. The next design is the snow man shape cutter these have two circle as an outline. Here we can make only the outline of cookie or the shape. Next is the cookie stamp in which you can put on a image on the top of the cutter, the eye, smile and scarf of a snow man can be seen. These are best for those types of cookies which have lots of designs. Cookie mold is the other type of cutter these are three dimensional you can also see the entire body of snow man.

These designs of cutter are seasonal. In winter season the popular shapes of cookies are snowmen, gift boxes, wreaths, Christmas trees, winter hats, ribbons, mittens, angels, poinsettias, bells, snowflakes, and many more associated with winter and holidays season. They have their own unique design in summer season. Whether you want to gift them or you need it for your own baking purpose, cookie cutter favors are versatile and innovative elements. Prove to your guests that you’re one smart cookie by choosing one of these lovely favors for your next event.

24 May 2011 Luggage Tag Favors- Perfect for Destination Events
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Now a days destination weddings are gaining a lot of popularity. There are many reasons for celebrating your special occasion far away from the city you reside in. You want your family and friends to get an opportunity to go on vacation or celebrate your special day in a secluded place away from the known setting.

Luggage tag favors are just perfect for these types of events where your guests have to travel a long way to get to your event. It is a great way to thank your guests for making the journey. While going back home they can remember your wedding and the fun they had out there. These favors are practical and can be used by your guests whenever they plan to travel anywhere. And actually whenever they see the luggage tags, they would reminisce about your special day and the way they enjoyed it. These are made up of leather straps which can be attached to your luggage which holds your name and has a thank you card attached to it which lets your guests know that you are happy and obliged that they attended your event.

These tags are available in various shapes like cruise ship and air plane. They are affordable and are capable of delighting your guests which is of utmost importance to you. These are taken as tokens of appreciation towards your guests so there is no need to go ahead to buy an expensive and unique favors for your guests. It is a bitter truth that many of the guests after sometime forget about your occasion, but favors are something which remind them about your event whenever they use it.

24 May 2011 Bottle Opener Favors- Glamorous and Trendy
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A bottle opener is basically a device used for removing bottle caps from the bottles. It is a specialized lever which is inserted beneath the plated metal work and it has been used as a point on the bottle cap as a fulcrum on which to pivot. They comes in various designs such as hand-tool bottle openers, wall mounted and many more.No wonder they make functional and trendy gifts for guests at any occasion.

Calla lily seems to have turned in to one of the most popular trend in favors these days. These flowers have made their way into bottle opener favor designs as well . As per your requirement you can have each favor with a poly resin calla lily design handle attached to a chrome metal opener. They would also add on to the entire décor of your event. They come packaged in an elegant black gift box with velvet lining wrapped with an organza ribbon, and calla lily themed thank you tag.

Every party or any event is celebrated by raising a toast expressing love and good wishes. Wine has been considered as a part of any event planning as a result of which the importance of bottle openers cannot be overlooked. But when it is planned to be given as a gift then your guests would be very excited to take them home as it is one of the most practical wedding, bridal shower and party gift.

These favors will remind your guests of the fun they had at your special event each time they open a bottle of beer or wine. You can also thank your guests for being a part of your happiness by sending them home with one of the unique bottle opener favors. The design of the bottle opener favors can be chosen on the basis of the theme of the event. It must match the décor to enhance the overall appeal of your party.

24 May 2011 Stylish Bookmark Favors
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A bookmark is made up of paper or card and functions as a marker for a reader. It helps the reader to return to the page in a book with ease which was left last time. There are various materials which can be used for bookmarks such as leather, metals like silver and brass, silk, wood and fabrics. You might also find some which can be clipped on a page with the aid of a page-flap.

Being inspired by these creative styles, bookmark favors have become a popular choice for any celebration. You can get hold of bookmark favors based on the theme  like snowflake bookmarks for a winter event, seashells for beach receptions etc. There are all kinds of designs from a classy leather photo bookmark to castle bookmarks for a fairy tale wedding . You might find a tassel along with some which enhances the entire beauty.

Nowadays, people are more into reading books because they hardly get time to socialize due to their hectic schedule. Also a book is our best companion and it helps us to relax our senses. So nothing can be better gift than a bookmark favor for any occasion.  You might want to share your love of books with bookmark favors and there are variety of designs and themes available to choose from.

Your guests would appreciate your effort while taking them home as they are handy and can be used again and again. Whether its a sweet sixteen, a wedding reception or a graduation party, you would find a stylish bookmark favor for every occasion.

22 May 2011 Flip Flop Favors

The Flip flop favors are very attractive and are a best fit for beach themed parties . There are various flip flop items available such as toe rings, candles, key chains, soap and many more. Just married flip flops make unique guest favors for informal beach weddings. You can personalize your favors with fresh or silk flowers, ribbons, or jewels. These are perfect for weddings, bridal showers and are a great gift for your guests. Wedding is the most beautiful and special day for the couple and they want it to make very memorable by presenting gifts to their relatives, friends and other near and dear ones.

There is a cute barley candy flip flop lollipop which is perfect for beach wedding and pool parties. Apart from just expressing your appreciation, these beautiful items can make the entire décor more interesting and full of fun. Nothing brings more color, zest and elegance to an event than the flip flop favors.

You can welcome your guests with these refreshing  beach theme favors so that they would remember your warm gesture for many years to come. The gifts generally given are kept as showpiece and they can also use these as decorations on their occasions as well.

A beach wedding theme rejuvenates the romance hidden in the heart of the guests and bring a lovely start for the bride and groom. You always want your favors to be stylish and beautiful to match up your event so it has been designed to bring a unique elegance to any table. The personalization of your favor can add a personal touch which would bring you close to your guest’s choice.

17 May 2011 Unexpected Treasures – Cherry Blossom Favors
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A cherry blossom is the flower of any of the several trees of genus, Prunus, particularly the Japanese Cherry. Cherry blossoms are the most beautiful and popular flowers available in the spring. These flowers can make a great theme for any event.

If you are planning on featuring this lovely theme for your wedding, then you can look through a huge collection of cherry blossom favors available in the market. The flower has distinctive features such as the delicate shape, elegant colors, and an unforgettable scent. They symbolize good fortune, love and affection and embodies the spirit of spring. Their quiet spirituality makes you feel at peace whenever they catch your eye.

You might also use them for a centerpiece to give a beautiful and dramatic look. They are not only gorgeous but they can be used again and again for other occasions. These are easy to find and save the dates and wedding invitation with this theme.

There are many items inspired by these cherry blossoms which can make your special day perfect. The personalization of the favors would make it more attractive and presentable. This can be used for directing your guests to their seats and showing your warm welcome.

Cherry blossom glass coasters, mini pillar candle, wine glass shade and the list is endless when it comes to choosing favors for  your guests. These would always remind them of your grand celebration and your warm gesture. This can be taken as a wedding theme because it rejuvenates the romance hidden in the heart of the guests and can bring that touch of class to your event.

17 May 2011 Cinderella Favors For a Fairy Tale Wedding
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Girls love to imagine themselves as a princess like Cinderella and celebrate their big day like a fairy tale. The story of Cinderella is just the perfect fairytale to explain how magical falling in love with Prince charming can be.

Many brides want to bring this essence of romance into their wedding. If you are planning a fairy tale wedding, it cannot be completed without glass slippers, pumpkin coaches and/or castles. There are many shops available with huge selection of all your dream designs, all at everyday discount prices. They have many things related to this theme such as place card holders, candles, picture frames, and more. They even have personalized favor options for your fairytale ceremony.

If you are planning a fairytale or Cinderella theme wedding, anniversary, special event or corporate party etc. then you can be sure that your guests might get swayed with the cute look of the décor. It’s all about romance and royalty which is expressed with your effort of adopting unique designs. You can also have a Cinderella theme guest book and pen.

Any event is incomplete without a cake, so make it look relishing and memorable for years to come. Fairy theme cake tops are available which includes castle, a crown, horse & carriage and other beautiful designs. This can be given as a gift to the bride as every bride wants to feel special on her wedding day. The guests who have been invited to be a part of your celebration can also be welcomed with these cute Cinderella themed favors. You can make your fairy tale come true with one of these themed wedding frames, princess collection glass shoe favors and more.

From candle favors to curio boxes, the list is endless when it comes to choosing gifts for your fairy tale wedding. They would let you share that Cinderella feeling with your guests!