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18 Nov 2015 Luggage Tag Wedding Favors for Travel Themed Events

Maybe you are exhausted on what favors can be handed out to guests as wedding gifts in your travel themed events. We’d like to give you ideas and recommend some favors for you. Luggage Tag Wedding Favors can perfectly fit your destination wedding or travel themed events. Guests who receive these luggage tags will never be worried about their luggage lost on the way to travelling. We have a batch of luggage tags in different styles, we believe you must find the best one you like.

Luggage Tag Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

“Come Fly with Me” Luggage Tag

This “Come Fly with Me” Luggage Tag is popular among our customers. Imprinted with airplane style for a fashionable look. It is perfect for travel wedding or destination wedding. Every time your guests take off for their next destination they will be reminded of your thoughtful gift.

Airplane Luggage Tag

Our Airplane Luggage Tag is another popular travel inspired favor for destination wedding. It’s a great way to thank guests for the attendance to your party. Each airplane shaped luggage tag is made up of heavy chrome and with three heart shaped passengers window.

Airplane Luggage Tag from HotRef.com

Lucky Elephant Luggage Tag

Bring good luck and cuteness to guests with this Lucky Elephant Luggage Tag. Featuring 3D details in vibrant jewel tones of sapphire blue, emerald and garnet, white accents and hangtag. Great favors for Indian wedding, destination wedding and more travel themed events.

Lucky Elephant Luggage Tag from HotRef.com

Anchors Away Luggage Tag

Anchors Away Luggage Tag features clear window on back with insert for contact information. Nautical-themed, rubber, navy-and-white ship’s anchor luggage tag with rope bow. Perfect for nautical or anchor themed wedding, destination wedding or travel themed events.

Anchors Away Luggage Tag from HotRef.com

“Let the Journey Begin” Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag

Take your wedding party guests to anywhere you want to with this “Let The Journey Begin” Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag. Each suitcase shaped luggage tag with brown stripes in vintage style that features adorable travel-inspired 3-D details. Perfect vintage party favors for travel themed wedding, bridal shower and destination wedding.

Glam Girl “High Heel” Shoe Luggage Tag

Celebrate your bridal shower in style with a fashionable memento the guests will love. Our Glam Girl “High Heel” Shoe Luggage Tag is a trendy must-have for a destination wedding, birthday, or other celebration with the girls.

Glam Girl

Flip Flop Luggage Tag Favors

Commemorate your next beach themed occasion with silver flourish placecard frame that your loved ones will find trendy and endearing. Our Flip flop luggage tag favors are an excellent way to celebrate a variety of summer or tropical themed events.

Flip flop luggage tag favors from HotRef.com

I Love Hearts “Two Hearts” Luggage Tag

The I Love Hearts “Two Hearts” Luggage Tag favors are well-suited for any destination wedding or love themed events. The two hearts become one luggage tag favors will be a wonderful addition to an anniversary or bridal shower.

I Love Hearts

We have other luggage tags that haven’t been introduced in blog. You can re-pin our more luggage tags on Pinterest board if you are interested. At last, hope you to have a happy planning on your special events.

– Amanda

08 Jun 2015 Introducing Summer Flip Flop Party Favors & Gifts

People usually like wearing flip flops when summer is coming. Whether for daily life or for journey on the beach, flip flops are the best party favors to give you a sense of cool and provide you with much convenience. Now, it is the hottest day in summer. The strong ultraviolet ray and high temperature make us crazy. Let’s have a cool party, that can also be called flip flop themed party, which is fully adorned with various colored Flip Flop Party Favors. We have a variety of summer party favors at our HotRef. Hurry up to find what you like.

Flip Flop Party Favors from HotRef.com

Flip Flops Bottle Opener

The Flip Flops Bottle Openers are perfect give-away gifts for summer drink. Guests will think of you every time when they open up the wine with these favors.

Flip Flops Bottle Openers from HotRef.com

Here is one of the best sellers among Flip Flop Bottle Openers. Available in four different colors that include red, orange, blue and yellow.

Flip Flops Bottle Openers from HotRef.com

Flip Flops Bottle Stopper

It is a smart way to hand these Flip Flops Bottle Stoppers out to guests as a perfect reminder of your special events.

Flip Flops Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com

Inspired by the artisans of murano Italy, this Murano Collection Flip Flop Design Coaster and Bottle Stopper Set is accented with murano glass and a fun beach theme.

Murano collection Flip flop design Coaster and bottle stopper set from HotRef.com

Murano Art Collection Flip Flop Design Wine Charms Set 

These murano art collection flip flop design wine charms set will put an elegant end on your searching for beach theme favor. Whether you are having a party to accessorize with style or show your appreciation for sharing your special moment, these flip flop wine charms makes a fun and classy item to serve your purpose.

Murano art collection flip flop design wine charms set from HotRef.com

Flip Flop Design Glass Coaster Set

These Flip Flop Design Glass Coaster Sets will put a perfect end of your search for beach theme party favors. Each glass coasters features a decal of a pair of fun flip flops to add the perfect finishing touch to your fun beach theme day.

Flip Flop design glass coaster set from HotRef.com

“Spread the Fun” Flip-Flop Spreader

Spread the Fun with this Flip-Flop Spreader.  Our flip-flop spreader is always ready to turn a table full of delicious dips, spreads and cheeses upside-down! They are sure to be a perfect gift for wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, Sweet 15/16 birthday and all beach themed events.

Flip Flops Luggage Tag Favors

We believe these Flip Flops Luggage Tag Favors will be welcomed by your party guests. Because the luggage tags can be fulled used during travel. They will never be worried about getting their luggage lost.

Flip Flops Luggage Tags Favors from HotRef.com

Looking for some party favors to perfectly tie in your beach themed occasions? These Flip Flop Luggage Tags will be the right favors. Each flip flop shaped luggage tag is made from rubber that is available in numerous colors of aqua blue, orange, pink and yellow.

Flip Flops Luggage Tags from HotRef.com

Flip Flops Manicure Set

Most of you like to wear flip flops in hot summer. Manicure Set is a necessity that everyone should manicure to keep them clean and healthy. This manicure set is designed in the shape of flip flop that can be used in any beach themed event in hot summer.

Flip Flop Design Manicure Sets from HotRef.com

Flip Flops Key Chain Favors

Change your rusty key chain for a new one with the Flip Flop Key Chain Favors. These adorable key chains can be given as favors in baby showers, weddings and more summer themed events.

Flip Flops Keychain Favors from HotRef.com

Flip Flop Key Chain

When we talk about summer, flip flop firstly come to our mind. The Flip Flop Keychain Favors are your smart choice for summer events or beach themed occasions. Each flip flop keychain is made from rubber that are available in numerous colors of orange, blue, pink and yellow.

Flip Flops Key Chain Favors from HotRef.com

Flip Flops Nail File

Just a fun file in sand-and-surf style with these Sun & Sandals Flip-Flop Nail Files, and it’s girls only! Peachy pair of flip-flop emery boards with sea blue-and-white-striped bottom, bright-orange straps and a pretty peach flower. Also great for beach themed wedding, baby shower, bridal shower and other nautical events.

Sun & Sandals Flip-Flop Nail Files from HotRef.com

Flip Flop Themed Place Card and Photo Holders

These Flip Flop Themed Place Card and Photo Holders are sure to bring a sense of cool to all of you in summer themed occasion. They can be served as give-away gifts for guests so that they can place them on table for decorative centerpieces at home. Perfectly fit your summer or beach themed wedding, bridal shower, sweet 15/16, birthday, anniversaries and more.

Flip Flop Themed Place Card and Photo Holders from HotRef.com


Flip Flop Wedding Gifts

Show off your personality in your beach themed events with these Flip Flop Wedding Gifts. Personalize them with your names or events for guests to remember for years to come.

Personalized Flip Flops Wedding Gifts from HotRef.com

Black or White Just Married Sandals

Your newlywed and wedding guests are going to have a lot fun on your beach or tropical theme wedding with these Just Married Sandals. Select the sandal that is the same or slightly larger. These are flip flops and do not require an exact fit.

Black or White Just Married Sandals from HotRef.com

Welcome to re-pin more of our Flip Flop Party Favors on our Pinterest board if you are interested.

– Amanda

23 May 2014 Best Selling Beach & Nautical Wedding Favors from KateAspen

Best selling Beach Wedding Favors and Nautical Wedding Favors from Kateaspen for brides and party planner. The best of best. We are listing our 9 hottest-selling, most unique, incredibly popular wedding/party favors from the best judges – our customers. Not only will you find your perfect favors here, but these are also best selling favor ideas for beach event and summer affair.

Best Selling Beach & Nautical Wedding Favors from KateAspen
Softly lit sailboats at night for your love journey with the charming “Set Sail” Frosted Glass Sailboat Tealight Holders.

Nautical Themed Anchor Bottle Opener

With a pewter finish and rope detail, making your perfect beach/nautical wedding favors with this Nautical Themed Anchor Bottle Opener.

Nautical Themed Anchor Bottle Opener

“Shells by the Sea” Authentic Shell Placecard Holders with Matching Placecards

For the truly real and natural catch with your nautical affair, your could never miss these “Shells by the Sea” Authentic Shell Placecard Holders with Matching Placecards.

‘Seaside’ Sand and Shell Placecard Holder

Real sea shell detail and sandy finishing touch, this ‘Seaside’ Sand and Shell Placecard Holderhas just the perfect elements for a beach/nautical wedding or party.

'Seaside' Sand and Shell Placecard Holder

Sand and Seashell Tealight Holder

The Sand and Seashell Tealight Holder is just ideal to create romantic ambiance and fond memories for your beach event.

Sand and Seashell Tealight HolderSand and Seashell Tealight Holder

“Seashell” Gel Tealight Holder

Filled with real seashells floating in an ocean-blue gel, this “Seashell” Gel Tealight Holder will bring the ocean indoor.

“Palm Breeze” Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener

Let a palm pop the top on your beach wedding favor bag with the tropical style “Palm Breeze” Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener.

Blue Flip Flop Luggage Tag in Beach Themed Gift Box

Crafted in beautiful ocean blue, theBlue Flip Flop Luggage Tag in Beach Themed Gift Box are sure to make a distinctive marking on any suitcase.

Blue Flip Flop Luggage Tag in Beach Themed Gift Box

“Pop the Top” Flip Flop Bottle Opener

Check this cute “Pop the Top” Flip Flop Bottle Opener, you will certainly believe that the sandal seriously knows how to have fun!

If you like what you’ve seen so far, please check our more Beach Themed Party Favors at Pinterest of HotRef.com
30 Jul 2013 Flip Flop Bridal Shower Favors
What is summer favorite for bridal shower? Flip flop favors! Your bridesmaid would love our flip flop bottler opener and flip flop luggage tag. Check more at Flip Flop Bridal Shower Favors

“Pop the Top” Flip Flop Bottle Opener

Flip Flop Bottle Opener

Flip Flop Bottle Opener

Use our Flip Flop bottle opener to pop the top on your favorite drink!  This beach-themed party favor is perfect for all of events … on the beach, at a picnic or wherever you are thirst. Mini flip-flop bottle opener is made of brushed metal with a rubber thong in turquoise and sitting in beach-themed display gift box.

“Flip-Flop” Beach-Themed Luggage Tag

Flip-Flop Beach-Themed Luggage Tag

Flip Flop Beach-Themed Luggage Tag

Do you like to wear flip flop at summer?  Yes, we do.  We also like to travel during summer.  The flip flop luggage tag would be one of iconic summer favors!  This beach themed luggage tag is deep-pink, ocean blue and white rubber flip-flop with a fun flower and an easy-to-use attachment loop. It is sitting in a beach-themed display gift box.
Our website www.hotref.com will be ready for you if you need to look for more other themed items.
22 May 2011 Flip Flop Favors

The Flip flop favors are very attractive and are a best fit for beach themed parties . There are various flip flop items available such as toe rings, candles, key chains, soap and many more. Just married flip flops make unique guest favors for informal beach weddings. You can personalize your favors with fresh or silk flowers, ribbons, or jewels. These are perfect for weddings, bridal showers and are a great gift for your guests. Wedding is the most beautiful and special day for the couple and they want it to make very memorable by presenting gifts to their relatives, friends and other near and dear ones.

There is a cute barley candy flip flop lollipop which is perfect for beach wedding and pool parties. Apart from just expressing your appreciation, these beautiful items can make the entire décor more interesting and full of fun. Nothing brings more color, zest and elegance to an event than the flip flop favors.

You can welcome your guests with these refreshing  beach theme favors so that they would remember your warm gesture for many years to come. The gifts generally given are kept as showpiece and they can also use these as decorations on their occasions as well.

A beach wedding theme rejuvenates the romance hidden in the heart of the guests and bring a lovely start for the bride and groom. You always want your favors to be stylish and beautiful to match up your event so it has been designed to bring a unique elegance to any table. The personalization of your favor can add a personal touch which would bring you close to your guest’s choice.