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31 Oct 2008 Business Gifts: All about Function and Comfort – Complete Wrap

Business Gifts: All about Function and Comfort – Complete Wrap

Hey guys, up til now, I’ve posted ten posts on how to choose a satisfactory business gift. For your convenience, I’ve decided to combine them all in this post. Hope you’ll find my advice helpful. Enjoy.

Part 1: Traveling Kit / Utility Kit

Cutter&Buck Am Classic Shoe Shine Kit
Excel Utility Kit
High Sierra Overpass Wheeled Travel Pack

Part 2: Stationary

Icon PU Memo/Tape Flag Dispenser
Network Magnetic Multi Frame
Metropolitan Pencil Cup Clock

Part 3: Fun Factor

Gridiron Football Flip Game
Icon Marble Maze
Fortune Teller Game

Part 4: Here is Your Cup of Tea

Cool Gear Freezer Stick Bottle
Colt Vacuum Bottle
Horizon Polycarb Sport Bottle

Part 5: Electronics

3.5″ Digital Picture Frame
Cutter & Buck Desktop Charger
High Sierra Tahoe Computer Travel Set
Alibi 3-in-1 Web Cam, Speaker and Microphone

Part 6: Handy, Handy

Multi-Tool Corkscrew
Garrity 3C 4 L.E.D. Emergency Lantern
3 ft Tape Measure

Part 7: Kitchenware

Bosque 3-Piece Wine Set
Grill Mastertraditional BBQ Set
Wave Electric Pepper Mill

Part 8: Cool It, Baby~

Excel Sport Divided Lunch Cooler
Alpine Tailgate Cooler
C&B Deluxe Rolling Festival Cooler

Part 9: Health and Wellness

StayFit Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
StaySafe Deluxe Auto Safety Kit
Pedometer, pedometer, PEDOMETER~

Part 10: Tick Tock

Barlow Spinning Desk Clock
Swivel 4-Port Hub Clock
Metropolitan Pencil Cup Clock

20 Oct 2008 Business Gifts: All about Function and Comfort (Part 6) – Handy, Handy

Business Gifts: All about Function and Comfort (Part 6) – Handy, Handy

Hey guys, I’ve recommended some business gifts for your choice. Then I just realized, there’s this whole aspect I haven’t covered yet – home organization tools. What can be more handy than those little life helpers?

Multi-Tool Corkscrew

Celebrate a holiday by branding this multi-functional tool. Pair it with a vintage bottle of wine and offer it to board members, key customers, and faculty members during the holiday. Stainless steel tool includes a corkscrew, small and large knife blades, screwdriver, wine foil cutter, scissors, and durable bottle opener. Convenient, strong carrying pouch with belt loop.

Garrity 3C 4 L.E.D. Emergency Lantern

Features four L.E.D. lights – the brightest and whitest L.E.D.s on the market and a SmartLite five-function switch with settings for high/medium/low and slow/fast flash. Battery power meter. Rubberized top and bottom for added protection.

3 ft Tape Measure

Three foot tape measure on a key ring. Reads in both standard and metric units of measure. Eye-catching white decorating area.