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27 Nov 2013 Christmas Angel and Cross Ornaments
Spread the joy as you celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with these inspiring Angel ornaments and Cross Ornaments you can hang on your tree or give to friends. Made of intricate resin material, loaded with blessings, hope, gratitud, and inpiration, these cross and angle shaped ornaments are ideal for holiday decorations and Christmas tree decorations. Celebrate the Christmas in 2013 and Shop cross and angle ornaments now, because it’s never too early or too late to start planning for Christmas!

Shimmering Blue and Pewter Color Angel Ornament

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to put up your Christmas Tree! Angles don’t have to be saved for just the top of the tree, if you love angles, then fill the whole tree with angle ornaments. Each lovely Shimmering Blue and Pewter Color Angel Ornament is made of a silver pewter colored poly resin with a detailed blue inlaid enamal design. Pink angle ornaments and silver angle ornaments are also availble. Glitering and charming, these cute angles are sure to dazzle eyes! And you never need to think too hard about what to buy for Christmas – an angel ornament is the perfect gift.

Decorative Pink Cross Ornaments

How do you make your Christmas tree stand out? How do you make it different and personalized? There’s a classic yet festive way to give your Christmas tree a touch of faith with this beautiful Decorative Pink Cross Ornaments. Each cross ornaments is enhanced with pink inlaid enamel, beaded border and clear rhinestons. Blue Cross ornaments and Ivory cross ornaments are also available. For creating a personal touch gift, personlized tag is also available. “Keep ‘Christ’ in Christmas, spread the word far and near!

15 Nov 2013 Holiday Ornaments For Christmas
For many people, decorating their home and putting Holiday ornaments on the trees is one of the most enjoyable ways to capture the magic and excitement of the holidays. Adorn your Christmas tree this year with advent angels, reindeer, stars, stockings and more with hotref custom Christmas ornaments. These highly artistic Christmas ornaments are hand-painted, and made of glass or ceramic. Each design may be personalized to become family heirlooms and cherished collectibles. Perfect as gifts for your loved ones, these sweet personalized Christmas ornaments are just right for every occasion.

Personalized Beveled Glass Ornament

Add extra sparkle to your holidays and bring a little more Christmas spirit to that the tree with this Personalized Beveled Glass Ornament. This glass ornament comes in a star shaped and includes a gold ribbon hanger. Write your own personal message on this gift to remember this special celebration.

Personalized My First Christmas Ornament

If you are looking for something special for your first kids Christmas ronament. When this cute snowflake ornament said “personalized”, you’ve found the perfect one. Each Personalized My First Christmas Ornament is made of ceramic, available in three different colore, pink, blue and green, and features snowflake-adorned style.

Personalized Elves family christmas ornament

Capture memories for your tree with this Personalized Elves family christmas ornament. Spread holiday cheer with this one-of-a-type ceramic ornament which can be persnalized with your special message or company logo for corporate party.

Personalized holiday ornament

Get into the spirit of the season with holiday decorating and entertaining with this Personalized holiday ornament. Each ceramic ornaments comes with snowflake design, blue background, and a gold metallic cord.

beveled glass Tree Ornament

Add a personal touch to the Christmas tree with this intricately beveled glass Tree Ornament. Clear and lightweight, this glass ornaments with finished edges is perfect for making this holiday memorable, and is able to be personalized with up to three lines of text with up to 15 characters per line. Excellent for painting, etching and other decorating.

Personalized Reindeer Family Christmas Ornament

The Personalized Reindeer Family Christmas Ornament that features reindeers design will make a great addition to your family Christmas tree. Cute yet seasonal, this ceramic ornament is also make a cute and wonderful gift for your loved ones. You can hang this pretty ronament anywhere in your home!

Personalized Kids Kristmas Ornament

For family which have the Christmas tradition to buy their kids a personalized ornament every year, this Personalized Kids Kristmas Ornament available in six designs makes an lovely gift to choose. Each ceramic Christmas ornament comes in endearing holiday symbol and plenty of room for a name and date.

14 Nov 2013 Houseware Decorative items
Decorative accessories are the finishing touches to your home; the pieces that set your personal stamp on an interior scheme and make it unique to you. If you are looking for attractive, well designed home decorative items, take a look at our collection of unique home decorative ornaments, your wil find them so attractive and inspirational.

Silver Dove Ornament

For this holiday season, add a little glitter to your home with this Silver Dove Ornament. Each Dove shaped ornament comes with silver string and attached red bead, which makes a lovely and modern addition to your collection. Perfect for home decoration for all the seasons.

Silver Star Ornament

Decorative items are usually fragile and easily damaged . But not with this one, made of aluminum, this lovely little this Silver Star Ornament will shine brightly all around the year. Comes with silver string and attached red bead, makes such pretty home ornaments or as cute gift tie-on.

Silver Snowflake Ornament

Snowflakes represent the beauty and serenity that we look for during the holidays and throughout the winter season. Each snowflake shaped ornament comes with silver string and attached red bead. The uniqueness and symmetry of Silver Snowflake Ornament pleases the eye and reminds us of the beauty of nature even during the colder times of the year.

2 Pc Tealight Holder

Inspired by modern classics set the scene in style and elegance with these stunning Tealight Holders. Tealight holder comes with stainless steel bottom and frosted glass lampshade, and decoration area for personal messenges or corporate imprints. Great for orporate party or other special occasion.

11 Dec 2012 Snowflake Party Favors

What would be floating in your mind when winter comes with snowflakes dancing in air? There is no better answer than a picture of grace and peace. Pure white with lightweight, snowflake has always be the most clean and honest image in every one’s heart, bringing silence and solace to heal pains, deliver glee. Yes, snowflake has long been shared with a glorious reputation, that is why we here have a variety of adorable snowflake party favors to create an elegant and peaceful environment for your big days. Representing magnificent beauty with purity, favors in snowflake shape are perfect for anniversary, winter wedding, Christmas gathering and many other winter related occasions.
Silver Snowflake Ornament

Your guests will all be amazed once they take a glimpse of a snowflake ornament placed on any winter related occasions like weddings or showers. Comes in wild outline with delicate snowflake carved on the surface, what is in front of your eyes, the Silver Snowflake Ornament has long been our popular item during the past few weeks. You will definitely enjoy a winter touch once you keep it on your events, at home or church. We are so sure that every comer who come to say their congratulations with bless will fall in love with this exquisite favor coming in the piece that all people affect.
Snowflake Bookmark Favors

Never will it be possible that people who ever come to your big days will not be impressed by an unforgettable keepsake featuring snowflake shape. The Snowflake Bookmark Favors have long been popular ever since the launch. Celebrate your winter holidays with these bookmarks in intricate cut out details, your guests will feel special once they take one or a few home, since that is exactly what reminds them the precious time ever spent in joy and laughter with you. Let silence and glee spreading all over the one you love. Let the peace from snowflake be the best to give.

Snowflake Design Place Card Holders

Create perfect conditions for your guests wandering in winter wonderland with delicate card holder on your big days. A snowflake card holders are the best choice for your decoration under the theme of peace, grace and elegance, to name a few, weddings,  birthdays, anniversaries or any winter related occasions. It will tightly hold the name card for each of your guests to guide them down to seats, keeping everything in order even there are lots of comers soon afterwards. Add a little sparkle on your shining days, warm your winter with pure and beauty, this snowflake cardholder will be the ideal one making your occasion fancy.

We will have to say that your journey exploring snowflake favors will have to end on our website since we have a large collection of these splendid party favors or say, fantastic keepsakes for all your guests. You will never again worry about holding a party in winter but hardly figuring out what to give on your big day. We believe that you will made brilliant choice adding these snowflake favors in your cart and spread them all over with love and praise for the reason that what we offer will perfectly meet your demand of being stylish and seasonal. Your winter related occasions are just about to shine as long as you keep this golden opportunity tightly in hand.

17 Nov 2008 Holiday Decor

Holiday Decor – Deck the Floor!

The holiday season is approaching. Have your prepared yourself and your home for celebration of a year’s hardwork and achievements? I think the following holiday favors definitely will help.

Holiday Themed Candle Favors

The room will be overflowing with holiday spirit when your guests arrive and find these holiday hotties on their tables! In three assorted styles, each Holiday Party Favors Collection candle features a durable round poly resin, snowflake-decorated base with either a snowman, candy cane or Christmas tree shape with colorfully painted details and shimmering rhinestone accents. Resting in each base is a frosted glass holder with a poured white candle inside.

Holiday Themed Bottle Stopper Favors

Give your guests a cheery reminder of your event that they’re sure to use throughout their holiday seasons for years to come. In three assorted styles, each Holiday Party Favors Collection bottle stopper features a durable poly resin top in a snowman, candy cane or Christmas tree shape, with colorfully painted details and shimmering rhinestone accents, perched on a conical silver metal stopper wrapped in a white rubber gasket for a snug fit.

Holiday Themed Place Card Holders

Your guests will surely feel the holiday cheer when they arrive at your event and find their seating assignments festively displayed in these Holiday Party Favors Collection place card holders. In three assorted styles, each Holiday Party Favors Collection place card holder features a durable poly resin round base connected by a wire to a snowman, candy cane or Christmas tree shaped topper with colorfully painted details and shimmering rhinestone accents and place card clip. The seasonal place card holders come bulk packed in individual poly bags with winter themed place cards included.

16 Nov 2008 Musical Themed Favors

Music to Thy Ears~~

To add taste and class to your event, all you need is these simple yet sophisticfated musical themed favors. With their help, your party will definitely flow! Make the special occasion not only like music to your guests’s ears, but also a memorable  happening that will touch their heartstring. 

“Ain’t Love Grand?” Piano Place Card Holders with Cards

Love is the music of the soul, bring the music of love to your reception tables with “Ain’t Love Grand?” Piano Place Card Holders. Your guests can take these adorable, diminutive replicas of a grand piano home and use them as photo holders.

Musical Note Place Card Holders

There’ll be music in the air as your guests find their seating assignments whimsically displayed in these cute musical note place card holders. Perfect for any number of event themes, the resin and wire place card holders come in three assorted musical note designs and feature a round silver base with a wire extension with a black and silver rhinestone-embellished note at the top.

Musical Note Key Chain Favors

Your guests are sure to be singing a happy tune when they receive these whimsical musical note keychain favors at your event. In perfect key for any music filled occasion, the key chains come in three assorted notes. Each with a rhinestone-embellished black resin note charm connected at its top to a sturdy chrome chain and ring.

13 Nov 2008 Pair Up~~

Pair Up~~~

It’s believed that we’re all incomplete until we’ve found true love. Only when paired up with the other half – your soul mate, can we truely accomplish a complete circle and be fully fulfilled. If you’re the lucky ones who’ve already got someone to hold your hand, then congratulations! If not, just keep looking~~ Meanwhile, allow me to entertain you guys with these lovely paired-up favors. ^_^

“Two Peas in a Pod” Candle in Ivy Print Gift Box

“Two Peas in a Pod” candles set off the perfect spring or summer reception, engagement party, garden party or bridal shower. Sweet little pea motif evokes the charm of a spring fling… or a perfect romantic pairing. Each pea is a separate little removable pea, nestled in a matching waxen pod. Precious illustrated peas and floral greenery wind around the included gift box.

For more choices, “Two Peas in a Pod” Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers and “Two Peas in a Pod” Placecard Holders are available too.

“The Perfect Pair” Cookie Cutters in Wooden Gift Box

The deliciously sweet favor – “The Perfect Pair” cookie cutters will remind your guests that you were made for each other each time they pop a tasty, pear-shaped, home-baked cookie in their mouth. Nestled closely together in a decorative wood gift box with a straw bed and a clear top, the two stainless-steel cookie cutters surround decorative pear background. Brightening the gift box is a pear-green, satin ribbon with a “For You” tag in leaf design and a sticker that declares you’re “The Perfect Pair”.

For more choices, “The Perfect Pair” Pear Timer and “The Perfect Pair” Pear Candles are also available.

Adorable Gingerbread Bride & Groom Candle Favors

It’s a storybook day so why not add some fairy tale charm to your tables with these two cute characters! Each gingerbread-inspired candle favor depicts either a blushing gingerbread bride or a gingerbread groom – delightfully decorated with icing and candy style decorations and details.

09 Nov 2008 Single Party Gift Ideas

Dear Singles~~

It’s actually interesting that the date Nov. 11th (11/11) has all single digits. So, although it’s not an official holiday or anything, what’s a better day to throw in a single party? If you’ve already got someone to hold your hand, why not invite your single friends over and set them up? Or, if you’re still single and enjoying your freedom, why not use this opportunity to annouce to the whole world out there that you are “single and fabulous!”? Anyway, celebration needs no reason, right?

So, let’s see what we need to upgrade your party to the next level.

Butterfly Candle Holders

Butterfly is the symbol of beauty and fairness, also the constant pursue of love and happiness, which makes it the perfect ornament for your single party. You can also use this butterfly candle holder in so many occasions. Delicate and graceful, the butterfly epitomizes the joy that you want to share with your guests on any special occasion. And this butterfly design candleholder with its frosted glass votive holder resting in a white resin base with a decorative rhinestone-embellished butterfly is a perfect choice as your event favor.

Floating Butterfly Tea Light

One of nature’s most enchanting beings, butterflies have a gift for spreading joy every time they spread their delicate wings. When placed in water and lit, these pretty, pastel, pink tea lights look as if they’ve just breezed in and landed on a glass pond. My god, they’re so pretty! I’m definitely saving a set for myself. ^_^

“Cocktails Anyone?” Martini Glass Gel

Shaken, stirred and a fabulous little favor. This cool candle warms up any occasion – reception, rehearsal, shower, or even a special cocktail party. Clear gel burns brightly in this miniature martini glass made of real glass. One little “olive” bobs delicately in the gel, adding a realistic touch to this tiny cocktail. The only thing more impressive than the candle itself is the gorgeous little chic gift box it arrives in! A transparent window showcases the candle and the black and white olive print shimmies over every inch of the box (even inside!) There’s even a “Thank You” graphic printed right on this showcase box. A sheer black ribbon, tied in a bow with included sweet little olive tag! Cheers, darling~~

Calla Lily Toasting Glasses

A set of 2 calla lily design with crystal stones accents toasting glass set. Beautiful and elegant. Absolutely stylish.

06 Nov 2008 Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion

If you’re going for a bit of oriental mystery for your wedding or other special occasion, then why not have a taste of asian fusion?

Double Happiness Keepsake Candle

The double happiness candle favor is Asian-themed wedding favor. The Chinese character “Double happiness” – especially in red – is a traditional wedding sign. It’s a classic keepsake your guests will love – an exquisitely designed block candle embellished with happiness. The sleek candle is designed in gorgeous red and black and is engraved with the Asian-inspired traditional “double happiness” symbol as a lasting reminder of love and happiness. Stunningly presented in a clear gift box with a shimmery gold ribbon and bi-lingual “Thank You” tag attached.  

“Chinese Tapestry” Votive Candle in Silken

As rich in color, mystery and tradition as the Orient itself, the “Chinese Tapestry” Votive Candle turns custom inside out with the truly dramatic beauty of this favor found in its exquisite presentation. This deep-red candle is an elaborately designed, red-and-black Chinese tapestry pouch, accented with vibrant red organza tied with a matching “double-happiness” tag and red braid ending in two large, gold-thread-trimmed tassels. Red stands for happiness in oriental culture. It’s the color for celebration. So, don’t hesitate to use it to your advantage.

Pink Fortune Cookie Bath Fizzer

Pink fortune cookie bath fizzer rose scented. Comes packaged in a clear gift box with pink satin ribbon. After your guests enjoy your fabulous event they can go home and relax with a scented bath with these great gifts they will truly enjoy.

01 Nov 2008 Thanksgiving: A Time for Appreciation

Thanksgiving: A Time for Appreciation

As Halloween passed, Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away. Choose the right ornaments, and you’ll definitely make this year’s Thanksgiving even more special and extraordinary for your family and guests. So, what are our options?

First of all, sticking to tradition will never go wrong. Acorn, turkey, corn ornaments are always a safe bet.

However, if you’re looking for extra something – something more special, more unique, then my advice is that tasteful (literally~ ^_^) “harvest” themed favors and autummn themed ornaments are your best choice.

Here’re some examples.

Fall Leaf TeaLight and Place Card Holder with Autumn-themed Gift Box

The leaves are aflame with the lively colors of fall, a cozy fire warms your hands and your heart, and giddy guests depart with a dazzling memento of your autumn event. The exquisitely crafted, metal maple leaf displays every hue in Mother Nature’s autumn palette, and when lit by the tea-light, it glows with the brilliance of the season.

Grape Design Candle Favors

A time honored symbol of good luck, joy and youthfulness, grape-themed favors make a spirited addition to any occasion. Resembling a splendid bunch of freshly picked grapes, the candles come in two realistic color variations of green and purple. Sold individually packaged in a two color assortment from the exclusive Vineyard Collection, each candle is in a clear plastic box tied with a corresponding green or purple organza bow with a designer heart shaped thank you tag attached. Fruitful season, isn’t it?

Petite Merlot Wine Glass Gel Candle with Heart Charm

Wine and butter, wine and butter~~ The Petite Merlot wine gel glass candle has a harvest grape scent, features lovely translucent gel, and is adorned with a heart charm and elegant satin ribbon. Real glass candle is presented in a clear display gift box with wine and grape illustrations.