14 Nov 2013 Houseware Decorative items
Decorative accessories are the finishing touches to your home; the pieces that set your personal stamp on an interior scheme and make it unique to you. If you are looking for attractive, well designed home decorative items, take a look at our collection of unique home decorative ornaments, your wil find them so attractive and inspirational.

Silver Dove Ornament

For this holiday season, add a little glitter to your home with this Silver Dove Ornament. Each Dove shaped ornament comes with silver string and attached red bead, which makes a lovely and modern addition to your collection. Perfect for home decoration for all the seasons.

Silver Star Ornament

Decorative items are usually fragile and easily damaged . But not with this one, made of aluminum, this lovely little this Silver Star Ornament will shine brightly all around the year. Comes with silver string and attached red bead, makes such pretty home ornaments or as cute gift tie-on.

Silver Snowflake Ornament

Snowflakes represent the beauty and serenity that we look for during the holidays and throughout the winter season. Each snowflake shaped ornament comes with silver string and attached red bead. The uniqueness and symmetry of Silver Snowflake Ornament pleases the eye and reminds us of the beauty of nature even during the colder times of the year.

2 Pc Tealight Holder

Inspired by modern classics set the scene in style and elegance with these stunning Tealight Holders. Tealight holder comes with stainless steel bottom and frosted glass lampshade, and decoration area for personal messenges or corporate imprints. Great for orporate party or other special occasion.