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29 Jun 2016 Pineapple Style Tropical Wedding Ideas

Bring a little bit of the tropics to your wedding by adding pineapples and pineapple party favors into your wedding decorations! Featured in the video below are creative ways to incorporate pineapples into your tropical wedding theme! These pineapple wedding ideas will surely make any wedding more tropical, fun and festive:

22 Jun 2016 Tropical Wedding Ideas with Palm Tree Design

Planning a destination wedding to the tropics in the summer and need ideas for your wedding decor and wedding favors? We recently put together a video displaying our favorite tropical wedding ideas with palm tree design! From wedding invitations to fun and festive palm tree party favors and decorations — get all your wedding planning done with these fun ideas featured in the video below:

03 Jun 2016 Sunglasses and Sunglasses Design Party Favors for Summer Party

Summer is just around the corner, which mean more sunshine filled days! If you’re planning on having an outdoor party –whether it be a birthday party, wedding, or any special occasion — make sure to keep your guests protected from the sun with our fun sunglasses party favors! We also carry various practical sunglasses design party favors that can be used to adorn your party. Some of them can be customized and some of them can be personalized.

Sunglasses and Sunglasses Design Party Favors for Summer Party from HotRef

Sunglasses Design Party Favors

Planning a fabulous destination wedding or vacation this summer? Then these sunglasses themed party favors are the perfect accessory! They’re vibrant and will get your family and friends in the celebratory mood!

Our Fun Sunglasses Key Chain are fun and festive! Crafted from rubber material and individually packaged, these fun sunglasses key chains come in 4 vibrant eye-catching colors (orange, blue, yellow, and hot pink).

Fun Sunglass Key Chain from HotRefIf you’re planning a destination wedding, our Fun Sunglasses Themed Luggage Tags make a great practical wedding favor to gift to your family and friends! Guest can attach these to their luggage to make them stand out at baggage claim! Each luggage tag comes with a place to write your name, address and phone number just in case your luggage gets lost.

Fun Sunglass Themed Luggage Tags from  HotRefSet the scene for a fun and festive beach wedding or party with our Sunglasses Design Placecard or Photo Holders! These vibrant place card holders are hand painted and come in 4 different colors: pink, blue, yellow and purple. Adorn your guest tables with these place card or photo holder to get your family and friends in a festive mood!

Sunglasses Design Placecard or Photo Holders from HotRef

DIY or Personalized Sunglasses

If you’re planning on having an event outdoors in the sun, make sure to give your guest some protection from the sun — like our stylish sunglasses! Available in various colors, these fashionable sunglasses are a must-have at any outdoor or beach wedding, birthday, or special occasion. Personalize these sunglasses with a sticker on the back to include names, event date, or a small meaningful message.

DIY or Personalized Sunglasses from HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

For a classic and simple look, our Black and White Graduation Sunglasses are the perfect accessory! Each sunglasses set comes with labels in black ink that say “Class of 2016″, “2016 Grad”, “#GRAD2016″, or “GRADUATE” that you can stick on. Although these are graduation sunglasses, you can skip the sticker process and give these sunglasses plain at weddings, birthdays or bridal showers as party favors!

Black and White Graduation Sunglasses from HotRefMake sure the wedding party is accessorized in style with our Just Married Wedding Sun Glasses! Not only are these perfect for the bride, groom and the wedding party but they’re also great gifts for family and friends that attend the wedding! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, these sunglasses will make sure the guest can see the wedding ceremony without worrying about the sun hitting their eyes.

Just Married Wedding Sun Glasses from HotRefThese fun shade sunglasses with different color choices are great gifts that can bring the child out in everyone! Available in an array of bright colors, these sunglasses can also be great for photo ops and look great on all ages!Fun Shades Sunglasses With Different Color Choices from HotRefCustomized Sunglasses and Cases

At HotRef, we also carry customization sunglasses and cases! A popular brand that we carry is Slazenger — they’re known for their fashionable and durable customized sunglasses and carrying cases. Like our Slazenger Multi-Lens Sport Sunglasses (picture below), some of our sunglasses set come with different colored lenses that can easily be interchanged. This sport sunglasses set also comes with a hardcover case for safety and easy travel.

Slazenger Multi-Lens Sport Sunglasses from HotRefFor a simple sunglasses carrying case, we have this Sunglasses Case from Nike NDX Heat! Each case comes with a carabiner that can easily be attached to any bag to backpack. Our sunglasses cases can also make great corporate gifts to give employees by customizing it with the company’s name, logo, or a small phrase.

Sunglasses Case- Nike(R) NDX Heat from HotRefTake advantage of the sunnier days and have a great summer outdoor party!

-Nina A.

20 May 2016 New Rose Gold Metallic Foil Party Favors and Accessories

At HotRef, we recently received these gorgeous rose gold metallic foil party favors and accessories that you can use for your upcoming birthday party, wedding, anniversary, bridal shower, or any special occasion! Most rose gold metallic foil party favors and accessories can be personalized to include names, an important date, or a small meaningful message. These rose gold party favors will make any party sparkle and feel luxurious, festive and fun!

**Note: These metallic foil party favors and accessories also come in silver and gold.

New Rose Gold Metallic Foil Party Favors and Accessories from HotRef


Party Accessories

Our Personalized Metallic Foil Scallop Banner in rose gold will add the perfect touch of shine to your party! These banners can be strung together and hang behind (or in front) the food table, at the entrance to greet family and friends, or on the wall to create a nice backdrop for a photo booth!

Personalized Metallic Foil Scallop Banner from HotRef

Make your drinks and cupcakes more festive by adding these Personalized Metallic Foil Flag Labels! Personalize these fun and festive flags with a name, date, or a small little message and add them to straws or toothpicks and place them in drinks, cupcakes, or whatever you want decorated!

Personalized Metallic Foil Flag Labels - Wedding from HotRef

Party Favors

A perfect party favor to have are our Personalized Metallic Rose Gold Foil Lip Balm Tubes! Lip balm is an essential to almost everyone’s lives. These cute little lip balm tubes are all nature and infused with organic oils and shea butter to make sure your lips stay smooth. Comes in 3 different flavors: vanilla, cherry, or mint.

Personalized Metallic Foil Lip Balm Tubes from HotRef

Store your memories of your special day  by gifting family and friends with these gorgeous Personalized Metallic Foil Notebook Favors.  Available in 4 different designs, these cute little notebooks come with blank sheets of paper and a pen and pen holder that keeps your notebook sealed. They’re also travel friendly and can fit easily fit in any bag or purse.

Personalized Metallic Foil Notebook Favors from HotRef

As a way of saying thank you, present these beautiful Personalized Metallic Rose Gold Foil Mini Gable Boxes to your family and friends. Fill these cute little boxes with candies, cookies, or little special trinkets to make sure guest leave the party with a smile.

Personalized Metallic Foil Mini Gable Boxes from HotRef

If you’re not into the mini gable boxes, you can give out these fun Personalized Metallic Rose Gold Foil Chevron & Dots Goodie Bags! You can fill them up with all sorts of goodies and hand them out at the end of your party OR you can leave them on the dessert table for guest to fill upon their own to take home with them!

Personalized Metallic Foil Chevron & Dots Goodie Bags from HotRef

Another adorable party favor your guest will love to have are these Personalized Metallic Rose Gold Foil Small 4 oz Mason Jars! These vintage and versatile mason jars can be filled with your favorite chocolates, candy or a small tea light candle. You can also add a nice ribbon or twine to the mason jars for an added festive touch!

Personalized Metallic Foil Small 4 oz Mason Jars - Wedding from HotRef

DIY Stickers

Everyone has a sweet tooth! Why not share your sweetness by wrapping your favorite candy bar with our Personalized Metallic Rose Gold Foil Candy Wrapper Covers! These would make perfect party favors because, I mean, who can resist chocolate?

Personalized Metallic Foil Candy Wrapper Covers from HotRef

These sparking Personalized Metallic Foil Rose Gold & Silver Foil Heart Stickers can be added to party favor goodie bags (like our personalized metallic rose golf foil chevron and dots goodie bags), boxes, or cupcake toppers to add a festive and lively touch!

Personalized Metallic Foil Gold & Silver Foil Heart Stickers from-HotRef

These rose gold metallic foil party favors and accessories would make any party sparkle and stand out! If rose gold is not your color, we also carry silver or gold metallic foil party favors and accessories for baby showers!

Happy Planning!

-Nina A.


08 Oct 2014 New Halloween Party Supplies from Eventblossom
Halloween comes on Oct.31 every year. Everyone will dress themselves up like a ghost in order to drive away evil and worship their ancestors for a peaceful, chilly winter. You will see Jack-O-Lanterns, ghosts, and monsters, witch’s brooms, and black cats being used as decorations in every public place. Children will wear Halloween costumes and carry Jack-O-Lantern to ask for candies from others, and they will say “trick or treat”. Today we HotRef will make a recommendation on Halloween favors for your reference.
Halloween Party Ideas from

Classic Halloween Party Starter Kit

Our Classic Halloween Decorations Starter Kit is a set of Halloween decoration components which includes 1 Pennant Banner, 1 Party Sign, 25 Black Striped Straws, 24 Black Cupcake Wrappers/Toppers, 12 Menu / Place Cards, and 32 Decorative Stickers. They are all perfect Halloween favors that can help increase the horrific atmosphere.
Halloween Party Ideas from

Classic Personalized Halloween Party Supplies

Mini Mason Jars, Milk Bottles and some other perfect favors are indispensable Halloween favors in Halloween party. You may put some favorable candies into these Candy Wrapper Covers and Candy Bar Wrappers in order to meet children’s requirements. You can also put candies or popcorn as well as nuts and other yummy bites in these Goodie Bags. They are all personalized favors that are available in assorted kinds of designs, and can also be customized to add a message per your individual needs.
Halloween Party Ideas from

Classic Halloween Party Favor Labels

You need to adhere some Halloween themed labels to the objects in order to highlight the festival atmosphere. Water Bottle Labels are used to stick on the water bottles, Kisses Labels are generally stuck to the bottom of Hershey’s Kisses, and Frame Labels are perfect to stick on favor bags, boxes, and favor jars.
Halloween Party Ideas from

Spooky Halloween Party Starter Kit

The Spooky Halloween Decorations Starter Kit, just as its name implies, gives us a sense of the amazing and scary. It is a set of Halloween favors that is comprised of a pennant banner, party sign, black striped straws, black cupcake wrappers/toppers, menu/place cards, and decorative stickers. They are all perfect Halloween favors for celebrations on Halloween.
Halloween Party Ideas from

Spooky Personalized Halloween Party Supplies

Milk Bottles,Mason Jars,Candy Wrapper Covers,Candy Bar Wrappers, and Goodie Bags are comprised in Spooky Personalized Halloween Party Supplies. They all can be used as candy holders for children. Plus, they are personalized favors and you can add a personalized message for your needs.
Halloween Party Ideas from

Spooky Halloween Party Favor Labels

Labels play an important part in beautifying the big event and can further increase the atmosphere. The Water Bottle Label is adhered to water bottle that can protect the plain bottle from being monotone. Hershey’s Kisses Labels are used to stick to the bottom of Chocolate Kisses. Frame Labels are versatile and can be used for sticking on favor bags, boxes, and favor jars. Face Stickers are mostly applied on mason jars, Milk Bottle Favors, and other clear plastic cups.
Halloween Party Ideas from
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04 Nov 2013 Holiday and Christmas Ornaments
It comes to the season of decorating home and trimming trees. Hotref is proud to provide fun and attractive Christmas and Holiday Ornaments. Looking for a beautiful, unique or creative theme for your Christmas decorations this year? Look no further, we’ve found you some of each – and some that combine creativity and beauty too. Take a look at what we can do for your upcoming beautiful show.

Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Create festive and bright atmosphere with these cute and decorative Beaded Snowflake Ornaments. Shaped into snowflake and bling like stars, these beaded ornaments are perfect to spruce up your holiday home cand capture wonderful memories for your tree. Not just for Holiday and Christmas, these cute snowflake ornaments are perfect for any occasion as well.

Snowflake Place Card Holder

At your seasonal event, at every table, this Snowflake Place Card Holder is destined to be the handiest hit of any winter occasion, giving your guests a choice of uses when they take it home. Or put them on the xmas tree ahead of time and people could find them off the xmas tree, send a small photo that could fit in the ornaments is a great idea as well.

Silver Snowflake Ornament

Spruced up your gift card or holiday home for Christmas with this Silver Snowflake Ornament. Explore fun and festive ideas for holiday or other occasion decoration and use these lovely snowflake ornaments to capture memorable memmories for this year. Beautiful snowflake are sure to bring a white Christmas!

“Snow Flurry” Flocked Glass Ornament Place Card/Photo Holder

Creative and fun way to decorate any occasion with this versatile “Snow Flurry” Flocked Glass Ornament Place Card/Photo Holder . Clear snow-globe ornaments adorned with white flocking in a snowflake pattern, these ornaments are sure to creat a wonderful world of snowwhite. Also good idea for place holders, and guests can take them as favors afterwards. Or, can also use pinecones for place holders.

Personalized Heart Shaped Beveled Glass Ornaments

Made of beveled glass and comes with a gold ribbon hanger, this Personalized Heart Shaped Beveled Glass Ornaments can be permanently laser etched with your special message. Perfect item to add an extra sparkle to your holiday party or Christmas tree.

Personalized Merry Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with our Personalized Merry Christmas Ornaments. Thers’s a space for you to add a special persons name… and the year too! Choose the design that captures your holiday design and spread the spirit of the season.

13 Dec 2012 Enjoy Convenience With Practical Gifts

An excellent party host is always the one who get meticulous preparation with delicate giveaways for all guests who come to share memorable moments. After taking part in different gathering of days gone-by, a well-known fact is that exquisite gifts will bear deeper impression on people by recalling joyful moments they ever spent together with beloved relatives and friends. No matter it is a bridal shower, a sweet sixteen or just a girl’s night out, fancy keepsakes have long been influential as long as been kept and used in a right way. To make each day count, gifts cataloged in practical favors are designed to add colorful hours in your ordinary life routine with functional elements.

Pretty damask design manicure sets

Being a hit for all comers as a wonderful keepsake, the sets you see in the left has long been one of our most popular items up to now. All in damask design, the instruments come with metal tweezers, nail scissors, nail file and nail clipper, put in a white plastic case with a clear top, and wrapped with a black satin bow. No one would ever say No to this adorable and exquisite gift as all it has been doing is bringing convenience with grace to create a life of simplicity. This is sure to be a must-have no matter you are enjoying a cozy afternoon at home relaxing or ready to be on the go for a period of time.

Credit Card Size Bottle Opener

Find a wonderfully sleek gift that goes with all occasions as a memorable keepsake on parties or a company souvenir, the bottle opener in credit card size will surely not let you down from the appearance design to the functionality. Made from stainless steel, this opener features durable construction and high quality which is sure to win reputation from guests as practical and classy. It can be purchased blank or custom imprinted so as to meet different needs in casual or business occasions. Easily fit your wallet and later be conveniently retrieved, it deserves your attention among tons of practical favors.

“The Cosmopolitan” Monogrammed Cosmetic Travel Bag

When girls or ladies are on the go, there are always much more things to pack, especially cosmetics come with sophisticated packages like bottles or pots, various dazzling shapes. What has been popular on our websites is the one that provides large capacity with elegant appearance to keep all cosmetics handy. Being a long-lasting trendy gift for loved and cared ones, this bag is just so perfect to hold makeup, jewelries and other little things which help ladies look beautiful all the time. Getting further details, click your mouse, the image on the left will lead to the product page.

What we listed above are all hot items which brings elegance and convenience to all customers. We highly believe that you will be interested in other practical favors as parties or business occasions happened every day. Go through our Special Gifts catalog and Best Sellers, you will be amazed by what you are going to come across since our abundant stocks are ready to satisfy you in the first place. The holiday season has come, why still hesitate. Time waits for no one, especially when the time has come that you add your favorite ones to cart and throw a fantastic party with those you love and care.

09 Jul 2010 Favors as Center Pieces

Weddings can be very expensive, but there are ways to cut back on the cost. Most guests will expect you to have centerpieces and to give wedding favors as a way of showing you, the soon to be newlyweds, care about them. So why not take care of both with only one bill to pay? Here are some ideas for how to incorporate favors as center pieces.

1) Floating items in water.

Not every venue will allow you to have candles, though if they do, I suggest you go with floating candles above. For my roommate’s wedding we deconstructed silk flowers, added a light, and reconstructed the flower around them then floated the flowers with beads at the bottom of each one with one of the wedding colors. I have found some soap flowers that could do the trick as well if you would prefer to not spend the 20+ minutes per flower.

These beautiful orchids can be used in 2 ways. The first is that you could just take the confetti and place it in the water and leave the orchids surrounding the bottom or you could reverse. You could also place both inside the water. HotRef has a few different varieties of the flowers and also just plain confetti.

2) Beach themed

Beach themed weddings open up a lot of options for the combining of centerpieces. First thing you can do is use sand and favor bags that look like beach bag. Fill them with some M&Ms and you have a cute center piece and favors in two easy steps.

You can also find sand in many colors to fit your theme.

You can find sea shells and small candles; place them in the sand with some driftwood (or just sticks) to give a being on the beach feel. Below are some wonderful seaside inspired tea light candles that are inexpensive. Sailboats placed strategically in blue sand will give the feeling of being on or next to the ocean! Adding a candle behind the sails that can give the feel of being at the beach and watching the stars.

Get creative, make your own or just combine items to get the centerpiece and favors that your guests can take home. You don’t need one item for every person because you will have couples, families, and people who don’t want to take anything home. This is your special day, so don’t forget to have fun!

All items listed shown above can be found at, click on the images to be taken to the item pages.

17 Nov 2008 Holiday Decor

Holiday Decor – Deck the Floor!

The holiday season is approaching. Have your prepared yourself and your home for celebration of a year’s hardwork and achievements? I think the following holiday favors definitely will help.

Holiday Themed Candle Favors

The room will be overflowing with holiday spirit when your guests arrive and find these holiday hotties on their tables! In three assorted styles, each Holiday Party Favors Collection candle features a durable round poly resin, snowflake-decorated base with either a snowman, candy cane or Christmas tree shape with colorfully painted details and shimmering rhinestone accents. Resting in each base is a frosted glass holder with a poured white candle inside.

Holiday Themed Bottle Stopper Favors

Give your guests a cheery reminder of your event that they’re sure to use throughout their holiday seasons for years to come. In three assorted styles, each Holiday Party Favors Collection bottle stopper features a durable poly resin top in a snowman, candy cane or Christmas tree shape, with colorfully painted details and shimmering rhinestone accents, perched on a conical silver metal stopper wrapped in a white rubber gasket for a snug fit.

Holiday Themed Place Card Holders

Your guests will surely feel the holiday cheer when they arrive at your event and find their seating assignments festively displayed in these Holiday Party Favors Collection place card holders. In three assorted styles, each Holiday Party Favors Collection place card holder features a durable poly resin round base connected by a wire to a snowman, candy cane or Christmas tree shaped topper with colorfully painted details and shimmering rhinestone accents and place card clip. The seasonal place card holders come bulk packed in individual poly bags with winter themed place cards included.

06 Nov 2008 Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion

If you’re going for a bit of oriental mystery for your wedding or other special occasion, then why not have a taste of asian fusion?

Double Happiness Keepsake Candle

The double happiness candle favor is Asian-themed wedding favor. The Chinese character “Double happiness” – especially in red – is a traditional wedding sign. It’s a classic keepsake your guests will love – an exquisitely designed block candle embellished with happiness. The sleek candle is designed in gorgeous red and black and is engraved with the Asian-inspired traditional “double happiness” symbol as a lasting reminder of love and happiness. Stunningly presented in a clear gift box with a shimmery gold ribbon and bi-lingual “Thank You” tag attached.  

“Chinese Tapestry” Votive Candle in Silken

As rich in color, mystery and tradition as the Orient itself, the “Chinese Tapestry” Votive Candle turns custom inside out with the truly dramatic beauty of this favor found in its exquisite presentation. This deep-red candle is an elaborately designed, red-and-black Chinese tapestry pouch, accented with vibrant red organza tied with a matching “double-happiness” tag and red braid ending in two large, gold-thread-trimmed tassels. Red stands for happiness in oriental culture. It’s the color for celebration. So, don’t hesitate to use it to your advantage.

Pink Fortune Cookie Bath Fizzer

Pink fortune cookie bath fizzer rose scented. Comes packaged in a clear gift box with pink satin ribbon. After your guests enjoy your fabulous event they can go home and relax with a scented bath with these great gifts they will truly enjoy.