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06 Jun 2016 New Game Day Promotional Products

Get game day ready with our Game Day promotional products and accessories! From coolers to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool to chairs for you and your friends to sit comfortably. Whether you’re tailgating or at a friend’s game day outdoor party, our promotional products are what you need to get the party started! All products listed have the option of being customized to include a name, logo or a small phrase. Which, in turn, can be great business or corporate gifts to give your hard-working employees!

Game Day Promotional Products from HotRef


Coolers are essential when it comes to Game Day, especially if you’re planning on tailgating! Coolers not only keep your food and drinks fresh but they also save space in your trunk! At HotRef, we have a wide variety of coolers that you can use during game day:

Game Day Coolers from HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

  • Game Day Tailgate Cooler – 24 can capacity, our tailgate cooler is one of our simpler coolers that features various front and side pockets for maximum storage. Available in 3 colors: black, green and blue.
  • Game Day 30-Can Speaker Cooler – For the tech savvy, this exclusive Game Day cooler features 2 front speakers that are compatible with most smart phones and tablets.
  • Game Day Sport Cooler – For something small and lightweight, this cooler is the one for you! Inspired by sports jerseys, this cooler can hold up to 18 cans and has a PEVA lining, side mesh pockets and dual carry handles with wrap.
  • Game Day Standing Tub Cooler – This unique design makes this cooler a great choice for your next outdoor party! Features a large zippered main compartment that can easily hold up to 50 cans and can be drained at the bottom of the tub.

Cooler Chairs

Cooler chairs are perfect for those who are looking to save space in the trunk!

Game Day Cooler Chairs from HotRefFrom left to right:

  • Game Day Cooler Seat – Can support up to 198 pounds and can hold up to 24 drinks. Insulated to keep your food and drinks cool. When not in use, can easily be folded down and put into storage.
  • Spectator Cooler Chair – Available in various colors, our Spectator Cooler Chair is a classy design. Features a metal frame with a comfortable padded seat, a cooler compartment that can hold up to 24 cans, and can collapse for easy storage.

Tote Bags

If you’re looking for something mores stylish, our game day tote bags are perfect for any outdoor event! At HotRef, we carry various types of tote bags based on different needs:

Our Game Day Clear Stadium Tote (pictured below) is perfect for fans that want to get through security in a quick and efficient way! Available in many colors, each tote features a large open compartment for easy access.

Game Day Clear Stadium Tote from HotRef

Designed for sporting and outdoor events, our favorite Game Day Carry-All Tote comes in many colors to make sure you’re sporting your favorite team! The all-purpose tote bag features a spacious main compartment, two side pockets for your accessories and a front velcro pocket.

Game Day Carry-All Tote from HotRefLast, but not least, our California Innovations® 56-Can Freezer Boat Tote Cooler is a popular choice for game day because it’s also a cooler! This tote bag can hold up to 56 cans and features an ultra safe leak proof PEVA lining.

California Innovations® 56-Can Freezer Boat Tote Cooler from HotRef


Wine Kit

Bring out your favorite wine to your next game day outdoor event with our wine kits and carriers! Our wine sets were designed for the wine lovers:

Wine Set and Carrier from HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

  • Epicurean Wine & Cheese Kit – A must have for all wine and cheese lovers! Kit includes a round cheese board, multi-function corkscrew and three knives to cut and spread the cheese.
  • 2 Bottle Wine Carrier
  • Reserve Wine Kit –  Features  insulated zippered pockets and includes a corkscrew. Can hold 2 bottles of wine or 6 beverage cans.
  • Wine Lover’s Gift Set – Like our Reserve Wine Kit, this set features a stainless steel multi-purpose corkscrew and an insulated interior. Can hold 2 bottles or 6 cans.


Get comfy during game day with our event chairs! They’re lightweight, portable and can easily collapse for easy storage when not in use.

Game Day Event Chair from HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

  • Game Day Event Chair – Features a poly-canvas seat cloth and can support up to 300 lbs, with support of the sturdy steel frame. Also has built in cup holders!
  • Game Day Sidelines Folding Chair – For something simple, this chair is right for you! Compact and portable, our folding chair comes in an array of colors to match the team your supporting.
  • Game Day Lounge Chair – If you want to get really comfortable, then our Game Day Lounge Chair is the perfect match! Can support up to 300 lbs and includes an adjustable footrest and 2 cup holders. Some assembly required.
  • Game Day Director’s Chair – Designed for a more upright seating position, this event chair features various side pockets for storage and 1 cup holder.


Get your drink on during Game Day with our favorite game day cups! Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day if you’re attending an outdoor sporting event with our drinkware:

Game Day Cup from HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

  • Game Day Cup 16oz – Made with durable Eastman Tritan Material, this cup features a double wall to keep your beverage cold and is stain and odor resistant. Available in 8 colors.
  • Game Day Cup with Lid 16oz – Features a removable lid that has a hole for your straw! Plus, it can hold both hot and cold drinks because of it’s double wall body.
  • Game Day Wine Glass Cup 10oz – For the wine lovers, bring your favorite wine wherever you go with our wine glass cup! This bottle is BPA free and features a cute inner wall shaped like a wine glass.
  • Game Day Stadium Cup 22oz – Stay hydrated with our 22oz game day stadium cup! Available in various colors to match your favorite team, this cup is BPA free and is perfect for any outdoor event.

Game Day Accessories

Don’t forget about your game day accessories! From bottle openers to ponchos, we’re got all your accessories you need for game day or any outdoor event:

Game Day Accessories from HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:



During a timeout or halftime, keep your mind engaged by playing a few games! At HotRef, we offer a wide variety of portable and travel-friendly games! Take these games with you to  any outdoor or sporting event to keep you occupied while you wait for the game to start again:

Games from HotRefFrom top left to bottom right:

  • Solace Suction Catch – Get outdoors and play catch with our Solace Suction Catch game! Comes with one suction cup ball, 2 catching pads and a portable carrying case.
  • Foosball Desktop Game – Foosball lovers, this product is for you! Lightweight and travel friendly, this desktop foosball game (or table soccer) can be played anywhere you go
  • Six-In-One Game Set – Includes games pieces for checkers, chess, dominoes, backgammon, cribbage and any card game.
  • Portable Soduku Game – Keep your brain stimulated with our electronic portable soduku game.

Check back next week for more promotional products!

-Nina A.

13 May 2016 Tools and Essentials for Planning a BBQ or Picnic Party

Planning an romantic outing or a fun BBQ party for Memorial Day weekend? At HotRef, we have all your BBQ party tools and essentials to host a great outdoor party! From picnic coolers to BBQ grill tools, HotRef is your one-stop shop for all your outdoor BBQ party or Memorial Day weekend needs! Each product listed can be customized to include your company’s name, logo or a little phrase. Which, in turn, can also make great business and corporate gifts or perfect to bring at company outings! As the weather starts to heat up and the days become longer, it’s a great time to gather your friends, family and coworkers for a nice outdoor BBQ party with our picnic and BBQ party tools!

Picnic and BBQ Party Coolers, Tools & Essentials from-HotRef

Picnic Carrier

If you’re planning an outdoor party, it is essential to have something that can hold and keep your food fresh and cool. Our picnic carriers can do just that and keep your food cool for a long period of time! At HotRef, we offer a variety of picnic carriers ranging from picnic coolers to picnic backpacks.

  • Picnic Cooler

Our insulated picnic coolers are great to bring to either a BBQ or a romantic picnic! Each picnic cooler can be customized to include the company’s name, logo, or a phrase.  Our popular Picnic basket cooler (pictured below) is lined with an insulated leakproof PEVA lining and can fit up to 24 cans!

Picnic Basket Cooler from-HotRef


If you want something more fashionable and stylish, our Cape May Picnic Cooler is what you’re looking for! It’s preppy striped design will have family and friends asking where you got your adorable cooler from! This Cape May Picnic Cooler can also detach from its aluminum framing, making it easy to stow away when not in use.


Cape May Picnic Cooler from-HotRef


  • Picnic Carrier Set

At HotRef, we also carry picnic carrier sets! Each picnic carrier comes with a different set for different types of events. For example, our Modesto Picnic Carrier Set comes with all your needs for a nice wine themed picnic: a wine opener, cutting board for your cheese and meats, stainless steel knives and forks, and more!

Modesto Picnic Carrier Set from-HotRef


  • Picnic Basket

Keep it simple with a traditional picnic basket! Our Medium Decor Picnic Basket (pictured below) can be filled with tasty treats can be used as a decorative piece when filled with flowers at your next outdoor party!

Medium Decor Picnic Basket from-HotRef


  • Picnic Backpack

Whether you’re enjoying a nice outdoor picnic or planning on bringing food during your hike, our picnic backpacks are guaranteed to fill your needs! For example, our  Field & Co.™ Cambridge Picnic Backpack Set comes equipped with everything you need (expect for the food and wine)! Its comfortable straps and padded air mesh back pannel will for keeping your food fresh during a long hike.

Field & Co.™ Cambridge Picnic Backpack Set from-HotRef


  • Wheeled Cooler

If you’re planning on bringing tons of beverages to the BBQ party, our wheeled coolers would be a great solution to your cooler needs. Our wheeled coolers can effortlessly hold and keep your food and beverages cool for a long period of time. Our California Innovations® 32-Can Rolling Cooler is great for outdoor company picnic or large gatherings! Comes with a retractable handle that can be extended up to 15″ and can collapse for easy storage.

Wheeled Coolers from-HotRef


BBQ Grill Tools

A successful BBQ not only requires the right grill but also the right BBQ grilling tools as well. Luckily for you, we carry a variety of BBQ grill tool sets that come with all your BBQ tool essentials. These BBQ grilling tools are all your need for your upcoming Memorial Day weekend BBQ party. They also make perfect gifts for this upcoming Father’s Day!

BBQ Grill Tools from-HotRef


From top left to bottom right:


Keep your clothes clean (and out of harms way when dealing with fire) with our durable and lightweight aprons! Our popular Grill Master Apron Kit comes in a variety of colors (seen below) and features  a detachable bottle opener, padded over mitts and a towel.

Aprons from-HotRef

Event Chair

Stay comfortable during any outdoor event, BBQ party, or when camping with our lightweight and sturdy event chairs! All event chairs can fold into their carrying case for easy travel and storage when not in use. Most of our event chairs are also made with breathable mesh fabric, like our High Sierra Camping Chair (pictured below), that can dry fast if a drink spills or if it starts to rain.

Event Chairs from-HotRef

Picnic Blanket

Last but not least,  keep warm or lounge on the grass with a picnic blanket! Our favorite fleece Picnic Blanket (pictured below) will definitely keep you warm and cozy during your outdoor party.  Available in 4 different colors, comes with foam padding, water resistant backing and can fold into a carrying case for easy traveling!

Customized Picnic Blanket from-HotRef

Customized Picnic Blanket from-HotRef

From picnic coolers to even chairs — all these products are essential to have when you’re planning or attending an outdoor party, company outing, during your Memorial Day weekend BBQ party, or make great gifts for Father’s Day. Each product featured can also be customized to include your company’s logo, name, or phrase — which can make perfect company gifts as well!

Happy planning!

-Nina A.

02 Dec 2014 Wine Charm Favors for Holiday Party
Rock up your party while help your guests distinguish their own glass with our a variety of Wine Charm Favors for holiday party. It comes to the season for holiday parties, choose from vineyard style charm, grape design charms, heart shaped wine charm, Paris themed charm and customized wine charms, and make sure get the best charms to enhance your occasions.
Wine Charm Favors for Holiday Party

Vino “Vineyard” Wine Charms

Perfect to decorate your wine glass and help your guest to identify their wine at your party with this Vino “Vineyard” Wine Charms. Wine charms are loaded in retro, simply elegant. Each one features hand painted resin charms which is attached to a chrome metal ring.

Grape design Wine Charms

Wine charms bestow a mark of distinction on a wine glass, and the grape charms make the perfect addition to adorn your wine glass. This three win grape charm set are Glistening Grape Design Wine Charm Sets, 4pc Wine Murano Style Glass Grapes Charm Set, and Murano Art Deco Collection Grapes Design Wine Charms, all in grape design but with different flair. The classic vineyard style charm makes these wine charm sets elegant additions to your party.
Glistening Grape Design Wine Charm Sets
4pc Wine Murano Style Glass Grapes Charm Set
Murano Art Deco Collection Grapes Design Wine Charms

Paris themed Wine Charms

Add cute additions to your holiday party or French themed wedding with Paris themed wine charms. These charms are crafted in classic French symbols including Eeffel tower, Macaron cookie, Fleur De Lis and the Arc de Triomphe. You are sure to find the fittest charm to adore your wine glass and charm your guests in this three Parisian “Je T’aime Paris” Wine Charms Eiffel Tower Wine Charm Sets and Murano Art Deco Collection Fleur De Lis Design Wine Charms.
Eiffel Tower Wine Charm Sets
Murano Art Deco Collection Fleur De Lis Design Wine Charms

Teardrop Wine Charms

Liven up your wine glass for any occassions with these colorful and unique Murano Art Deco Collection Teardrop Design Wine Charms. Each wine charm is crafted with Murano glass in varying swirl colors. The teardrop charms are strung on a wire holder along with clear beads. Also perfect to dress up any cocktail party, they open to fit around just about any wine, champagne, and martini glass stem.
Murano Teardrop Wine Charms from

Heart Shaped Wine Charms

These Murano Art Deco Collection Heart Design Wine Charms are guaranteed to capture a bunch of hearts. Every charm comes in heart shape, crafted with Murano glass in various swirled colors. The charms are strung on a wire holder along with clear beads.
Murano Art Deco Collection Heart Design Wine Charms

Holiday Wine Charms

Wine glass charms are great decors and favors for events and holiday. These Holiday Glass Markers are customizable, making perfect custom promotional bar products, giveaways and Ad Specialties with your brand imprinted.
Holiday Glass Markers
25 Nov 2013 Holiday Wine Carry Bags
Here comes the lovely wine bags! Load it up with a bottle of you faorite wine and off you go! There are loads of various bags, such as wine tote, wine sleeve, wine valet, wine boxes and wine carry bag, so you are certain to find one that fits your style and taste. Some perfect for an evening on the town, other are nice enough for a holiday party and Christmas gift. There are some cute bags that would be great to take along to a wedding shower… and then the bag could even become the gift! Wine Bag or tote is a perfect gift for someone who loves wine. They are a terrific favor for a Bachelorette Party. Wine party ideas are available at out Pinterest.

Pacific Trail Wine Tote

Here comes the professional-looking wine bag with this Pacific Trail Wine Tote. Each polyester canvas wine tote is promotional wine tote which can be imprinted with company logo and can hold two 750 ml wine or beverage bottles (that’s a standard sized wine bottle, in case you were wondering). The interior divider allows for either two alcohol bottles or one bottle plus accessories. This heavy duty chiller bag is a perfect corporate gift for a fancy cocktail party during this holiday.

Belgio Insulated Double Wine Tote

This smart Belgio Insulated Double Wine Tote is a perfect companion for caring bottles along to parities, picnics and fun outdoor events. This fully insulated tote is promotional wine tote which can be debossed with company logo.  Each tote can keep two bottles cold, and comes with side and front pocket, and a stainless steel waiter corkscrew included.

Two Section Wine Carry Bag

This is so cool! Fashionable and practical, this Two Section Wine Carry Bag comes with flock lined interior ans silber buckle detail make a fantastic for the parents of the bride or groom as well as your wedding party. Add two bottles of their favorite wine to show them how much you appreciate their help and support. The caddy also comes with a luggage tag-style card. This wine carry bag with two bottles of wine is a great Christmas wedding gift.

Customized Cutter & Buck Am. Classic Wine Valet

Perfect for gatherings with a few friends… carry two bottles of wine… and keeps them cool with this promotional Customized Cutter & Buck Am. Classic Wine Valet. Completed with magnetic snap closure secures wine bottles or glasses. This wine valet with your company logo makes a great gift for business clients especially if you add a few bottles of wine!

Mod Wine Sleeve

This Mod Wine Sleeve is a perfect item for dressing up your favorite wine for serving or gift giving. Contemporary sleeve created from felt material, this stylish custom wine sleeve can hold most 750 ml bottles with up to a 3 1/2″ diameter. Perfect promotional items with your custom message or logo imprinted on.

Personalized Wine Box

A unique wedding gift is definitely Wine For A Wedding. This Personalized Wine Box with engraving makes a beautiful keepsake to commemorate your special day. Adding genuine wine crates to your cellar makes it complete. The personalized wine box is ideal gift for Weddings, Birthdays, Company Anniversaries, Holidays, Customer Appreciation situations ,Corporate Awards and Christmas.

29 Oct 2013 Corporate Gift Idea: Wine Accessories
Seeking effective promotional ideas for your corporate gifts? Our Wine Accessories gifts can truly set your firm apart from competition by offering classy yet inexpensive items of high perceived-value.

Personalized Wine Box

Get handy and reuse old wine boxes to create rustic, vintage-inspired party atmosphere. These Personalized Wine Box are a great item for company events or packaged as unique corporate gifts. Our outstanding selection of unlabelled wine accessories can be personalised and custom-labelled for corporate gifts or special functions

Napa Wine Case

This Napa Wine Case is an excellent alternative to gift baskets or hampers. Each Napa Wine case includes a stainless steel stopper and corkscrew / bottle opener with foil seal cutter located in lid. These serve as a fantastic way to provide incentive and improve morale in and out of the work place.

Vineyard Twin Bottle Stoppers

These Vineyard Twin Bottle Stoppers make for a distinctive corporate gift. The stoppers have sturdy stainless steel construction with a corked middle to keep the stopper secure in the bottle. Includes two stoppers that fit any size wine bottle in a polished cherry wood case and 1-piece gift box. These Wine Stoppers can be custom engraved with your company logo or personal imprint.

Aerating Wine Globe

These aerating wine globes are a carefree way to pour a perfect glass of wine! Liquids have the tendency to adhere to surfaces, and the globe shape effectively exposes much of the wine while pouring. Scientifically proven to improve flavor and practical to use too, the Wine Globe Bottle makes a great gift for wine-lovers, party hosts and housewarmings!

Executive Wine Collections Set

Show your next employee of the month your appreciation for their hard work and dedication with these executive wine collectors sets. Each nine-piece set comes with an ergonomic bottle opener, foil seal cutter, drip ring, thermometer, pourer, two wine stoppers, and two replacement corkscrew bits, all within a polished wooden case. These serve as a fantastic way to provide incentive and improve morale in and out of the work place.

Pacific Trail Wine Tote

Showing up to a fancy cocktail party without a professional-looking wine bag can be a bit embarrassing. Your guests are bound to be impressed with this Pacific Trail Wine Tote. Each tote comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, front open pocket for opener and accessories, an interior divider for two bottles or one bottle and accessories, holds 2 750 ml wine or beverage bottles, and is leak-proof. Also perfect as Giveaways and Ad Specialties.

18 Jul 2013 Butterfly Favors

Since ancient times, the butterfly has been a symbol for the human soul, and a symbol of endurance, hope and life.  These beautiful butterfly favors can add a touch of elegance to your event.

Check out our butterfly board on Pinterest!

Exquisite Clear Crystal Butterfly Place Card Holders

Crystal Butterfly Place Card Holders

Crystal Butterfly Place Card Holders

Your guests will be dazzled by these exquisite clear crystal butterfly place card holders.  The natural beauty of the butterfly combined with the multifaceted glory of crystal will provide an elegant touch to your wedding, anniversary or bridal shower.

Murano Art Deco Collection Butterfly Glass Wine Charms

Murano Art Deco Collection Butterfly Glass Wine Charms

Murano Art Deco Collection Butterfly Glass Wine Charms

The Murano Art Deco Collection Butterfly Glass Wine Charms will make your wedding toast sparkle.  Perfect for outdoor gatherings, each set of charms includes 4 butterflies in varying colors.  The charms are strung on a wire holder along with clear beads.  They are a must have for wine and butterfly lovers, and are the perfect addition for a wedding, bridal shower, birthday and more.

For more butterfly favors, please visit our website,
29 Jun 2013 Cocktail Party Ideas
Cocktail party for wedding? Look at our Cocktail Party Ideas at Pinterest: Cocktail Party Ideas. Here we introduce Martini Design Bottle Stopper and Personalized Cocktail Shaker.

Marvelous Martini Design Wine Bottle Stopper

Martini Design wine bottle stoppers

Martini Design wine bottle stoppers

These marvelous martini design wine bottle stoppers make a splash as cocktail party favors.  The martini has become a popular symbol of style and celebration among American classical cocktails. Each chrome wine bottle stopper favor measures 3.75″ x 1.25″ and has a conical base, wrapped with a black rubber gasket, topped with a martini glass shaped metal charm – complete with a green crystal olive-on-a-toothpick garnish. A perfect gift for your guests, each martini themed favor comes in a clear acetate topped box with a black checkerboard and olive design base, tied with a white organza ribbon and a matching olive design “For You” tag.

Personalized Mixologist Cocktail Shaker with Medallion

Personalized Mixologist Cocktail Shaker

Personalized Mixologist Cocktail Shaker

The Personalized Mixologist Cocktail Shaker with medallion is a great gift for that important person in your life. The 3-piece cocktail shaker is sturdy and air-tight for safe shaking,  and ideal as a groomsmen gift or for anyone with a well-stocked bar.  It can hold 20 ounces. Choose from 5 different medallions, personalize medallion with two lines up to 15 characters per line.
If you need more ideas on what to give as an appropriate cocktail party favors, our website will be ready for your selection with an array of exquisite items.
30 May 2011 Romantic Wine Charm Favors
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Wedding is the most special day in the life of both bride and groom and that’s the reason they want to make it memorable event for years to come. Nowadays bridal couples are more inclined towards choosing wine theme for their wedding anniversary or wedding reception. They can even enhance their theme by adding wine charm favors like imprinted wine glasses, custom labeled wine, wedding wine stoppers, champagne flutes and many more.

In order to give a personal touch, you can even personalize those beautiful favors and gift them to your family, friends and attendants. The personalization can be done by using your wedding date, or any personal message. Your photographs can also be added so that your guest can remember your grand yet special event throughout their life. The type of favors you want to choose is solely depends on your budget criteria and accordingly you can get wine bottles of your choice.

The particular favor which is becoming popular day by day is wedding wine stopper. Generally these stoppers are made up of chrome with a rubber seal in order to preserve the wine. You can use beautiful sheer organza ribbons to decorate your wine charm favors. These favors can be used depending on the season of your wedding i.e. snowflakes for winter and fall leaves for autumn wedding. There are many other wine stoppers which can be used for a specific theme like sea shell wine charm favors or beach ball for ocean front events. You can also use tags where your wedding date and name can be imprinted to make it perfect for the wedding. Wine charm is an inexpensive favor which can be taken as your theme without being bothered of low budget. These favors not only enhance the beauty of your wedding or any event but it is also very useful and decorative which makes your guest remind them of your sweet gesture.


Wine is an alcoholic beverage which is made out of fruits especially from grape juices and where grape is fermented and added sugar which is further mixed with various types of yeast and yeast consumes sugar converting it from juice to alcohol. Using wine in any sort of celebration increases the level of enjoyment and excitement. This is a sophiscated gift to be presented to anyone. Wine bottles if given as favor would express your status as they are very expensive. The older the wine is, the costlier it is. But wedding party is once in life time, so to make it remarkable in bride and groom’s memory planning their wedding in a stylish and sophisticated manner would cost a lot but the decorum makes you feel that it’s worth it. Wine wedding favors are a great choice for weddings of any theme.


Champagne is a form of wine because it’s nothing but a sparkling wine. Champagne and wine both when made a part of any occasion or an event turns out the outlook of that event into a more enthusiastic and lively event. Champagne wedding favors are very popular with guests. Whenever your guest’s would use your favor in their celebrations they would surely remember of how you look after of them, how you celebrated your event keeping in mind your guest’s choices. Champagne bucket timer favors or personalizing champagne bottle before presenting it as a favor would just be perfect. Personalising refers to printing bride and groom’s name, their date of wedding on the bottle. The best part of this favor is that it’s taste enhances with due course of time as a result even if it is after few years ,it would be more awesome in taste then it would have been if taken earlier.

11 Sep 2010 Wine Themed Favors

Wine themed favors are always cherished and remembered by everybody. If you are a wine person, you can choose to make your event special with a theme that will reflect this side of you. It is a great idea to focus on the fine things in life and creating at atmosphere that has a great deal of elegance and class.

You can build on the mood with including wine bottles holding candles with wax dripping down the sides for a rustic old feel, grape leaves and vines woven around the flickering lights. Wine charm gifts also help in adding to the romantic setting of your event. They are wildly popular and add a special charm to any occasion. There is a wealth of wine-inspired items to choose from and you can even get them personalized.

It is not always about bottle stoppers that make nice wine favors. There are a lot of other items to choose from. Give your guests something to help them celebrate long after your event is through with these Vineyard Collection Wine Tool Favors. Each tool includes a collapsible cork screw and a knife – everything your guests will need to pop that bottle of wine.

The Petite Merlot Wine Glass Gel Candle with Heart Charm and has a harvest grape scent, features lovely translucent gel, and is adorned with a heart charm and elegant satin ribbon. It is the ideal choice of favor for your wine themed party.

The Romantic Wine Glass Charm Sets are lovely and the best way to charm your guests. Love is in the air and your guests are sure to remember your event every time they use these charming favors. Each oval metal charm measures 1″ x ½” and is inscribed with one of four fitting words including love, forever, dream and romance and a modern heart and ribbon design.