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On your wedding day, the little flower girl is also given equal importance. In order to make her presence look stunning a special basket is needed so that she can carry rose petals down the aisle. The flower girl basket is an important wedding accessory and so when you make the choice it must match the theme of the day.

It must look beautiful yet comfortable so that the little cute attendant can easily carry the basket. There are various options to make your basket look stunning such as white or ivory fabric which is covered with sequins and pearl, beautiful and adorable ribbons with a bow for the handles etc. When the little girl will hold that lovely basket, she will surely be delighted by dipping her tiny hand inside the flower basket to take fragrant rose petals before scattering them along the path ahead.

In case you want to choose something different then you can also charm your guests by opting Social Butterfly Flower Girl Basket. It usually comes in black and ivory color and its handle is wrapped with black fabric and slender black ribbons anchor both ends where they meet the basket’s bowl. When you would put the petals of red roses inside it, it will bring out the luscious look which will complement the ivory in the cloth.

The flower girl basket adds an essence of love and affection when made an appropriate choice. When flowers are scattered along the aisle, it is done just to bless the couple and wish them a happy married life ahead. You can also choose the Silhouettes in Bloom Flower Girl Basket in deep Cabernet Red with a black floral accent or Jet Black with a white accent to reflect your style and standard. You can easily order them online or get it from favor stores but you must not forget to include ribbons and lace in the details of your order because it would make it look even more elegant.

30 Jun 2011 Saying it With Sea Shells

When we talk about the best beach themed wedding favor, sea shell wedding favor is the first thing which comes to our mind. This is the most popular and practical favor which you can gift your guests. You can also use these sea shells to add elegance to your decor and also to your wedding cake to make it look more beautiful and suited to your event theme.

If you really want to gift these sea shell favors, there are different types of favors found in the stores which have been designed based on the seashell theme. Pretty as a picture, these beach-themed favors include shell topped bottle openers, sea shell crusted photo frames, and also sea shell shaped book marks.

These are some practical gifts which will be liked by your guests and will surely delight them. These sea shell favors can be used by them at their homes as a décor item which will make them remember about your special occasion when ever they use it or see it. If you want to deviate from the mundane,you can also opt for a box of sea shell mini soaps which will surely be a surprise for your guests.

Favors are something which you present to your guests as token of love and care; it is also a way of thanking your guests for attending your event. You might also gift photo albums with sea shell cover instead of photo frames, and they can put in all the pictures of your wedding ceremony which they have clicked and keep it as a memorable gift.

A handmade key ring where the top of the key ring will have a sea shell can be considered as a good option for a beach theme favor. You can find all the equipments necessary to make a key ring either online or in favor stores. Your guests will have oceans of fun with these beautiful favors accented with sea shells.

30 Jun 2011 Beautiful Fall Wedding Favors

Wedding is one of the most joyous events in everyone’s life. Gifting your guests, family and friends with beautiful favors is the perfect way of delighting them and making them feel special. There are many wedding favors found in the market in different designs, shape and sizes and they give you many options to choose a perfect favor for your wedding ceremony according to the theme and style of your event.

Nothing can be more beautiful than a fall wedding ceremony. When you are about to plan a fall wedding you should make sure that everything should be designed and decorated according to the fall wedding theme starting from invitation cards, wedding cake, decorations etc. A fall wedding ceremony will be surely incomplete without fall favors. You can buy these beautiful and unique favors online, and select a favor which will suit and complement your wedding theme the most.

To suit your wedding theme many favors like candles, soap, card holders, coffee cup, and book marks are available in the market. If you want to give your party a simple yet attractive look you can use some of these favors as décor items on the guests’ table instead of center piece. One of the most popular and uniquely designed fall favors are candles which can be considered  as  the best favor to thank your guests for attending your wedding and making it memorable. It will surely prove to be a token of love and care for your guests and they will appreciate this practical gift.

You can also opt for another fall favor that is leaf shaped key chains which will surely be a memorable gift for your guests, because when ever they will use or see that key chain they will remember about your special occasion they attended.

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Traditionally, people use wedding favor boxes to hold little surprises to rejuvenate the excitement of the wedding celebration. As a symbol of thanks and appreciation from the bride and groom, the favor box and bag have always remained popular when presenting gifts to guests.

They are available in a variety of styles, themes and designs. There are various favors boxes and bags available in the store such as Wedding Dress Favor Boxes, Satin Bow Wedding Favor Boxes, “The Dress” Satin Gown Favor Bag, Sheer Linen “Thank You” Favor Bags, and Organic Green 2 Piece Woven Wedding Favor Boxes.

If your wedding ceremony has a formal touch then you can always choose dress favor boxes to deck up your favors by placing them inside a formal dress favor box. Even if you want to decorate with unique wedding favor presentation then elegantly designed silver favor boxes are a good option. These favor boxes can be made more tempting and delicious with silver coated candy, Jordan almonds, mints or other small treats. To give an amazing look, a satin bow can be attached to the boxes along with beautiful place cards. This is how you can leave a great impact on your guests. Bridal shower, bachelorette party or weddings are the occasions when you want to thank your guests for being a part of your happiness by giving them a gift which would remind them of your special event.

These bags are very good because they make your favors look stunning as well as protect them from being mishandled. The linen favor bags are an amazing option to accommodate your generous gifts for your guests. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for these bags and boxes because neither are they expensive nor are they hard to find i.e. you can get them in any favor stores and even order online.

18 Jun 2011 The Royal Collection-Cinderella Themed Favors

The story of Cinderella and her Prince charming is one of the most fascinating love tales. In today’s world, every girl likes to think of herself as Cinderella and from her very childhood waits for her prince charming to take her along with him. A wedding is about being together for life and it is an occasion when a couple actually take an oath to be with each other for their entire life irrespective of hardships and troubles. To witness their love and affection, relatives and friends are invited. And favors are given out to them as a token of the couple’s love and appreciation for making the event memorable and special.

Various symbols such as glass slipper, pumpkin etc are associated with Cinderella’s story and so you can also choose from various favors available in the market based on these items. Make your event fit for a storybook with these magical Cinderella themed favors. You can opt for these if you want to give your wedding a cute and romantic look. There are various options available ranging from White Cinderella Wedding Theme Frames, Cinderella-Style Place Card Holder Favor, Stylish Stainless Steel High Heel Cake Server to the Princess Collection Glass Shoe Favors, Cinderella Themed Curio Box, Coach Design Candle Favors and many more. What is to be give as gifts depends upon the budget of the individual. If you have a higher budget then you can choose from crystal ‘glass slipper’ paperweights, silver plated photo frames, crystal pumpkins & silver plated slippers. Some of the more affordable ones are photo frames, soaps and favor boxes in the shape of Cinderella carriage is also available.

To make your favors look stunning and most remarkable then you must put an extra effort to trim your favors with ribbon printed with ‘Happily Ever After’ & a shaped thank you tag which perfectly matches your theme. This is how you can make your guests feel special and make them remember your special day. Whether you’re planning a fairy tale wedding, sweet sixteen or any event with a storybook appeal, these exquisite favors help to add the Cinderella charm.

18 Jun 2011 A Winter Wonderland!

Those who are planning for a wedding ceremony in this cold month of December, Christmas themed wedding will be a perfect option for them. Organizing a holiday themed wedding requires a lot of attention to details, but choosing a winter themed favor will be very easy, as there are many unique designs and varieties in these favors available at a reasonable price.

For a winter wedding, hot chocolate is the best winter themed favor to be offered to your guests. Hot chocolate favor is a practical gift which will surely appreciated by your quest. You can also pack these hot chocolate in a packet and decorate it with organza ribbons to make it look more attractive. To make it look more unique and beautiful you can attach a thank you card, engraved with the name of the married couple and the wedding date.

Snow globe is another popular winter themed favor, which can be gifted to your quest as a symbol of winter season. As all of us know, snowflakes capture the chilly winter, so nothing can be better than gifting snow theme gifts to your guests. These favors are fun as you can attach your wedding date and the photos of both bride and groom to turn them into a lovely keepsake. This type of favor is usually given to the guests so that they can remember this special occasion for a long time. Another good option are the winter themed candles which are available in various size shapes and designs. These can be found in the market at a reasonable price. There are various other items ranging from beaded snowflake ornaments to snowflake design bookmark favors, glass photo coasters and bottle stoppers. With the help of these and more you can easily turn any event into a winter wonderland.

18 Jun 2011 Fragrant Rose Favors
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Red rose is a symbol of love and togetherness and thus makes an appropriate theme for favors for your guests. Wedding is something which happens once in a life time and that is why every bride and groom wants to make it remarkable. Usually we want to keep a souvenir that reminds us of this special occasion. When we think about souvenirs then nothing can be better than clicking photographs to remember the best time spent together with your near and dear ones. Photo frames would be the best option if you want to display memories of your special event. You can also try out rose magnet frame which can be presented to your guests in its white mesh drawstring bag. This bag looks adorable with blossoming white roses.  Rose favors express love, care, friendship, affection and are just perfect for any celebration in full bloom.

Whether it is a photo frame or a place card holder, these favors would be a great addition to your special day. If you want something more practical, then you can choose from rose scented soaps or fortune cookie bath fizzer favors. There are various online stores where you can look for your favorite party favor and matching place cards. It is a perfect way to appreciate the presence of the guests and also to thank them for sharing the joy of your event.

For the budget conscious customers various rose favors are available which are affordable as well as match their specific needs. Whether it is a wedding or a baby shower, these rose theme favors are just spectacular and unique!

18 Jun 2011 The Beauty of Calla Lily Favors

Wedding is the most beautiful and special event in the life of the bride and groom. It’s a new beginning of a life of togetherness where they would not only share their life but also each moment of happiness and sadness. So they want this particular day to be memorable for their near and dear ones. This can easily be done by giving favors just to appreciate your guests for visiting your wedding or reception. The favors which are given should be useful to your guests so that they would remember your special day whenever they put your favor into use. Otherwise, it will be kept somewhere in their house and they won’t even remember after few days where they have kept your gift. Choosing the right party favor is very important and it’s better to spare some time to select one. After all it reflects your personality and expresses your love and appreciation.

Flowers are an all time favorite when given as a wedding favors. Calla lily is one of the flowers which are most popular and it has been used as a theme for various decorative pieces and other gift items. Some of the calla lily wedding favors are charming calla lily bouquet candles, calla lily photo frames or even calla lily design napkin holders etc. Theses favors can add an element of exquisiteness and beauty of the wedding. Most of us want to choose such favors which are affordable yet elegant and useful for our guests. If you want to add a touch of passion then you can also try out orchids gel candles or scented orchid-shape soap which is just perfect to share special moment of your life. It is a wonderful way to show your gratitude towards your guests and make them feel special.

07 Jun 2011 Brew it With Tea Packet Favors
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When we talk about attending parties or any wedding, we are always so excited discussing the type of food and drink that would be served. Like the saying goes “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” which clears the fact that if you want to create an ever lasting impression on your guests then you might try out tea packet favors. In case you are planning to present an edible favor to your guests then you have great varieties to choose from. It can be candies, chocolates, almonds, cookies, biscotti, mini cakes and the best option would be tea packet favors.

Tea is an energy drink with which everybody prefers to start their day. It refreshes the mind and body. Tea packet favors are thus just the right gift for your guests as they will definitely remember your special day every time they sip. These come packaged in a beautifully decorated box matching the theme of your wedding.

The boxes are wrapped with a sheer ribbon to give a perfect look. This gift would be just perfect for winter wedding because during those chilly days nothing can be a better way to remind them of the warm gesture of their host. Tea packet favors are available at an affordable rate so you don’t have to get tensed about crossing your budget limit.

You can even purchase this beverage packet favors in traditional or monogrammed theme. The personalization of your tea packet favors can also be done by just adding your name or your wedding date. If you want to add a personal touch, you can even do the packaging yourself and add beautiful favor labels, sticker or tags which are available at an inexpensive price. You are sure to find a design that perfectly complements your event theme and style.

07 Jun 2011 Stylish Cake Topper Favors
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There is no other special occasion as a wedding ceremony. In a special occasion like a wedding ceremony a sweet treat is the best gift a bride and the groom can give their guests. The most common one used is the cake topper favor. Without inclusion of a wedding cake the whole ceremony will look incomplete. This is the only reason one should pay attention towards the selection of the right wedding cakes and toppers for the bride and groom.

As the popularity of wedding cake is increasing day by day, the demand for wedding cake toppers is also rising. Either the bride or the groom can customize the cake topper in their own unique way or some one close to them can do it on their part. This customizing can be done quite easily and you can also design it with monograms. These cake toppers and a sweet cake will make a couple’s love and relationship sweeter. The personalized engraving makes them unique and turn them into a treasured keepsake

Nowadays people can also take the help of internet for ordering these customized cake toppers. Many sites are there which accepts orders for this cake topper online and deliver it to your address. The custom cake toppers which you are about to gift to the bride and groom must be designed according to their personality and style statement. You should gift a special one which they would remember even after the wedding ceremony is over.