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20 May 2012 Fragrant Rose Favors
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Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet which symbolizes love and sweetness. People might use different colors of roses for expressing different feelings to their loved ones. Each color signifies an inner meaning such as a white rose signifies peace, red rose signifies love, yellow rose signifies friendship and black rose signifies sorrow. With the passage of time, roses are also used in designing favors for various occasions. Favors are basically a way of thanking your guests for attending your parties and generously participating in the celebration. Rose has inspired many such vendors dealing with favors that favors based on roses must be designed and sold to their customers. It has been seen that roses in real can be used for greeting people, for decorating events like wedding, birthday, anniversary, small get together etc. Similarly rose favors also can be used in various occasions. Rose Ball Candles, “Choice Crystal Collection” red rose favors, Elegant rose design soap favors and many more creative options are available to choose from. These favors usually come in the shape of a rose so that your event becomes memorable for years to come. Even your friends and relatives will appreciate your efforts in making them feel so special and they will remember your special event every time they use the sweet rose themed gifts.

You can even personalize the favors and add a touch of your own if you want your guests and other friends to remember that special day of yours. The date of the event can be crafted on the favors to give them a personal touch. Thus no matter what favor we opt for our events, it must be chosen keeping the preference of your guests in mind because they are the ultimate ones who would use them.

16 Aug 2010 Calla Lilly Themed Weddings

Calla Lily is a flower that represents magnificent beauty, purity, rebirth and marriage. The beautiful trumpet shape of this flower gives it a very elegant look that is perfect for weddings. When you plan your calla lily inspired event remember to have the following items.

Guest Book and Pen Set

elegant calla lily guest book elegant Calla Lilly Pen Set

This beautiful guest book and matching pen set is sure to make your guests smile as they sign their well wishes. Add your own photo to this guest book to personalize it even more.

Toasting Glasses

These beautiful toasting glasses keep all the elegance and beauty of the calla lily. These are used during your guests toasts to you and a happy future and for the united drink.

Cake and Knife Set

Cutting the cake is usually a wonderful and playful time for the bride and groom. You might find one of them smashing the cake into the others mouth or tapping them on the nose with frosting. I once even saw a couple throw a piece at each other! Before you can feed each other the cake, you need to take pictures of cutting it together. These wonderful knife and serving set give the tradition of cutting the cake an elegant look.

Calla Lily Favors

There are so many options of what to use as favors now days. When it comes to calla lilies, there is no exception. When you choose a favor, think of your guests and what you think will be used. If you have a group of people who don’t drink wine, it is probably a better idea not to give them wine bottle stoppers. Here are just a few of the calla lily favors out there. Click on each one for more information.

09 Nov 2008 Single Party Gift Ideas

Dear Singles~~

It’s actually interesting that the date Nov. 11th (11/11) has all single digits. So, although it’s not an official holiday or anything, what’s a better day to throw in a single party? If you’ve already got someone to hold your hand, why not invite your single friends over and set them up? Or, if you’re still single and enjoying your freedom, why not use this opportunity to annouce to the whole world out there that you are “single and fabulous!”? Anyway, celebration needs no reason, right?

So, let’s see what we need to upgrade your party to the next level.

Butterfly Candle Holders

Butterfly is the symbol of beauty and fairness, also the constant pursue of love and happiness, which makes it the perfect ornament for your single party. You can also use this butterfly candle holder in so many occasions. Delicate and graceful, the butterfly epitomizes the joy that you want to share with your guests on any special occasion. And this butterfly design candleholder with its frosted glass votive holder resting in a white resin base with a decorative rhinestone-embellished butterfly is a perfect choice as your event favor.

Floating Butterfly Tea Light

One of nature’s most enchanting beings, butterflies have a gift for spreading joy every time they spread their delicate wings. When placed in water and lit, these pretty, pastel, pink tea lights look as if they’ve just breezed in and landed on a glass pond. My god, they’re so pretty! I’m definitely saving a set for myself. ^_^

“Cocktails Anyone?” Martini Glass Gel

Shaken, stirred and a fabulous little favor. This cool candle warms up any occasion – reception, rehearsal, shower, or even a special cocktail party. Clear gel burns brightly in this miniature martini glass made of real glass. One little “olive” bobs delicately in the gel, adding a realistic touch to this tiny cocktail. The only thing more impressive than the candle itself is the gorgeous little chic gift box it arrives in! A transparent window showcases the candle and the black and white olive print shimmies over every inch of the box (even inside!) There’s even a “Thank You” graphic printed right on this showcase box. A sheer black ribbon, tied in a bow with included sweet little olive tag! Cheers, darling~~

Calla Lily Toasting Glasses

A set of 2 calla lily design with crystal stones accents toasting glass set. Beautiful and elegant. Absolutely stylish.

05 Nov 2008 Soap Favors: THE Ideal Gift
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Soap Favors: THE Ideal Gift

A wedding or a party usually has a thousand threads to attend to: occasion, location, guest list, seating arrangement… Then there is the inevitable question you have to ask yourself – what gift have you planned for your guests?

For wedding, business party, or social cocktail, soap favors are always on the top of your “ideal gift” list. They can be classy or cute to suite the occasion. Moreover, soap favors are functional, not something to be tossed over and forgotten in the corner by your guest- definitely a plus for choosing them as a gift. So, let’s have a look at several stylish soap favors.

“For You” Scented Heart Soap in Silver Gift Box

The refreshing fragrance of fresh rose bursts from this tiny beauty bar… a delicate heart-shaped soap that fits in the palm of your hands. Guests will have the promise of many luxurious showers and be blown away to a fragrant rose garden each time they use the soap. The soap is elegantly presented in a nest of white paper thread in the equally beautiful gift box that comes with a silver applique design, with matching “For You” tag attached.

Calla Lily Soap

3 pieces soap calla lily’s with shredded green soap confetti. Lily scented. Comes packaged 3 pieces of a calla lily soaps in a clear gift box wrapped with a ribbon. These unique lily scented soap favors are practical as well as useful.

Lavender Orchid Flower Soap Lavender Heart Soap Confetti

Lavender orchid flower glycerine soap comes with lavender heart shaped soap confetti in a clear PVC box. With a hot bath and these wonderful flower soap, while music is softly playing in the background, it has the magic to turn your ordinary day into something extraordinary. Romantic, huh?

27 Oct 2008 Green is the New Fashion

Green is the New Fashion

Green stands for nature, harmony, organic, environmental friendly. What can be more “IN” than green when everyone is crying out loud “We Love Green”? So, are you prepared for a breath of fresh air?

Topiary Photo Holder/Place Card Holder

A breathtaking topiary-always the stunning showpiece of an exquisitely arranged garden-is the inspiration for this dramatic design. The Topiary Photo Holder/Place Card Holder will bring the same engaging charm to your wedding reception tables. Nobly rising from a well-crafted, dark-wood planter is the finely manicured, round, rich green foliage-an artisan’s hallmark. Every topiary can hold a cherished photo of the happy couple or a place card.

Butterfly Garden Gift Baskets with Wildflower Seed

The butterfly gift basket was lovingly designed to remind your guests of a springtime garden in bloom, with a dainty butterfly frame and charming mesh lining. Each basket comes with a little paper “grass” filling and a wildflower seed packet. These adorable favors will make your event just a little bit sprightlier!

“New Beginnings” Plantable Petal Cones Kit

Let your wedding day be a breathtaking new beginning – for you, and for the bounty of natural beauty you present to each of your guests. Who else but Kate Aspen could design a favor that’s elegant, eco-friendly, versatile and able to be personalized? She’s done it magnificently with her “New Beginnings” Blooming Petal Cones. They begin their journey as convenient flower-petal holders, so your guests can shower you with Mother Nature’s confetti as you leave for your honeymoon. Next, the petal cones travel near and far to the gardens of your guests, who can plant the favors so they can grow and blossom as a lasting reminder of the love that brought you to your special day. If you’d like to personalize your cones, Kate suggests vellum, and she provides a convenient, downloadable template that enables you to print whatever you wish on the vellum sheets. Simply insert the vellum into the cones for an even more dazzling presentation. To complete the impressive look, a lovely, matching organza ribbon enhances the front of the cone.