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20 Dec 2010 Fun Baby Shower Themes

Baby showers are always exciting and fun to plan on. Once you know what type of shower you want to host, it is time to decide on the theme. There are some common ones that are used but if you want to think out of the box, try some unique themes and ideas. A baby shower theme will set the tone for party and help you organize the baby shower.

You can take your pick from holiday theme, an eco-friendly theme or an animal theme. A green baby shower is the perfect celebration of life. Natural greenery will add a nice feel to your shower venue. You can add potted plants and flowers for decorations. For an animal theme you can do up the place with stuffed animals and give out decorated bags of animal cookies as baby shower favors to your guests.

To add some thrill and fun to your baby shower, plan on a Mad Hatter theme. You are sure to get some laughs at how the baby shower guests come in some funny hats. Remember to have some fun games for the party where you and the guests can take part in and enjoy. Whether you recreate the Noah’s Ark or choose a nursery rhyme theme, have your guests dress up accordingly to add more zing to your event. The idea of dressing up just ads a little more fun and vivid memories of the baby shower as well as gets everyone excited about.

20 Dec 2010 Tips on Being a Savvy Shopper
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In these times of recession everyone wants to stick to a budget without compromising on the way they look and dress up. You can follow some basic tips to be timelessly fashionable and save money while doing it

Develop the habit of mixing and matching pieces from your wardrobe and making them look like a whole new ensemble. This is not only a fun exercise but you would really be amazed to discover how versatile your wardrobe can truly be.

Make sure to have a list of things you feel are missing in your closet. Whether it’s a simple T-shirt or a strappy tank top, you need to double check on whether they are versatile enough so that you can get at least three looks out of it when combining with clothing you already own. This would help you pick the right clothes and avoid instinctive buys.

Always make sure you are paying for quality. Paying for quality will allow you to make the items in your wardrobe last forever. Low–cost clothing isn’t always qualitatively inferior but you should be able to make the right choice when it comes to deciding between price and quality.

20 Dec 2010 Personalizing Favors – Order Early To Be on Time

Personalizing favors for your wedding or any event is a popular practice today. With a little creativity, some rubber stamps and ribbons or personalized tag favors, you can easily turn plain boxes and tins into custom-made containers for favors like sugared almonds, petit fours, or a piece of groom’s cake.

Apart from personalizing favor boxes, you can also use custom messages or favor tags to show your appreciation to your guests. But while you order these from your local or an online retailer, you need to remember that it takes some time to personalize the favors. If the normal order processing time of an online gift store is 3 days, then personalized favor orders would at least take 5 days. If you are ordering personalization on crystal and glass favors, then the process might take up to 3 weeks.

So it is very important to decide on the right favors for your event and order them early so that you get them on time. The last thing that you would want is to keep waiting till the lat minute for the favors to arrive. There are several ways to add a personal touch to party favors and turn them into a one-of-a-kind memento. Planning ahead, ordering on time and choosing the right gift for your occasion are the keys to have a successful party.

20 Dec 2010 Inexpensive Outfits for a Trendy Look
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Looking trendy does not always have to come for a hefty price tag. The first step would be buy some basic pieces of outerwear in neutral colors. Some basic things that you would always need are white t-shirts, skinny jeans, tank top, cardigans and skirts. Select some items that are timeless.

While buying classic items like a t-shirt or tank top, go with the highest quality the budget can afford. If your budget permits, add one or two turtlenecks—one in a neutral and one in a jewel tone color and a denim jacket. Once you have shopped for the basics, you can choose the current season’s trends to spice up your wardrobe. Don’t worry about where you shop – the important thing is whether the item fits, is flattering and a good color.

Keep an eye out for low-cost clothing and stores offering a clearance sale. Know ahead of time how much you intend to spend on something and try to stick with it. To complete your look, top up your shopping with some accessories that are currently in vogue. If you have a keen eye for high quality basics, you would just need to add a fashion piece each season to be in style.

11 Dec 2010 Wedding Favors- Eternal Favorites
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The tradition of wedding favors date back to the early Roman dynasty and started off as a memento presented to wedding guests from the wedding couple. This is more of a keepsake and a way of showing appreciation to those people who make the special day a big success. Conventionally almonds, chocolates, cookies, as well as a host of sweets were mostly given out as favors. But over the years these have evolved and taken the form of innovative and functional gifts which are chosen with care and are in tune with the theme of the wedding.

Amongst the various available options, there are some unique and thoughtful wedding favors that are eternally popular and loved by guests. Here are the top few:

Olive/Vinegar bottles: “Olive You!” handpainted glass oil bottle! Inspired by the hills of Tuscany, this olive themed oil bottle will bring style to your guests’ kitchens while serving as a practical “thank you” gift.

Calla Lilly Favors: These favors would always be popular with guests like the Pearl white calla lily design cake servers in elegant black gift box with velvet lining finished with an organza bow.

Ice Cream Accessories: Be it ice cream dishes, scoops or cone mugs your guests would simply love these favors as much as they love gorging on ice cream. Eating ice cream is fun all on its own and adding some whimsical dishes and mugs in the mix can just double up the fun.

Rose Favors: Add a touch of Italy’s finest to your wedding or other special event with exquisite rose favors. a single long stem rose in full bloom is always a treasured favor. A multi-petal layered design pink and white ceramic rose atop a green cloth stem and leaves gives a natural look to these favors.

11 Dec 2010 Personalizing Winter Favors

Parties at any time of the year are so exciting and a pleasure to plan. Favors are an integral part of any celebration as they are the keepsakes that remind your guests of the occasion for a long time. There is in fact nothing better than to have personalized favors for your friends and family and show them your appreciation and how much you care for them.

If you are hosting a winter wedding or a holiday event, you can easily find winter favors that are exotic, affordable and graceful. You can also add a personal touch to them rather than just giving a generic gift. A personalized hot beverage mix is just perfect for your guests. With a variety of winter holiday themed designs to choose from, saying thanks has never been warmer than these personalized gifts.

Consider sharing your “love story” with friends and family with personalized notebooks, designed to coordinate with your winter holiday themed wedding. There are more options like personalized winter holiday seed packet favors. For the lovers of rolling green hills and the fresh scent of honeysuckle in your family, offer them a touch of the months to come with packets. They come in festive designs like ornaments and snowmen, but what they contain is the possibility for a lush green garden once the snow melts. A customized message would add the final touch and make the perfect personalized favor for your winter event.

11 Dec 2010 Organic Clothing – The Next Biggest Trend
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You can actually build a fashionable wardrobe on a budget. You would just need to know where to shop and where not to shop. Low cost clothing need not be of an inferior quality just because its cheap. There are many online clothing stores that specialize in selling low-cost garments that can be used and discarded without a second thought. Consumers, especially teenagers, love the concept.

You can find rainbow piles of sweaters, T-shirts and other pieces of outerwear which even cost less than a sandwich. But while shopping for these products, keep an eye out for the quality and always choose sustainable or organic clothing. This trend of using eco-friendly clothing is catching up real quick all over the world.

Consumers spend more than $1 trillion a year on clothing and textiles, an estimated one-third of that in Western Europe, another third in North America. A study reveals that in certain places, cheap and readily disposable clothes have displaced hand-me-downs as the mainstay of dressing in one or two generations. A behavioral change in consumer patterns is needed and this would in turn force even the most staid retailers to alter the way they do business.

11 Dec 2010 Low Cost Baby Clothes
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We all love to dress up our kids in trendy and fashionable clothes. Additionally if you can find them for a deal or at a pocket friendly price, you would surely love it. Low cost baby clothes are not too difficult to find if you know where and how to look. But in your quest for ones that are cheap, you should never compromise on quality. Your newborn needs utmost care and the best fabrics as their skin is tender and prone to infections.

The internet can be the best source for finding infant and toddler clothing that is cheap and cute. You’ll be able to locate a wide array of low-cost baby clothes there, from jammies to trendy little dresses for kids. You should also compare prices and keep a watch out for garage sales in your area. Discount sale or garage sales are the best way of getting excellent deals on baby clothing.

Infant clothing if chosen properly can make your little ones look pretty and smart. Don’t hesitate to purchase utilized clothes as they are the cheapest. Most often you might find a never-been-used, used-once, or perhaps brand-new-without-tag if you’re lucky. Go all out to find a good deal and dress your kids up in outerwear that are chic but do not break the bank.

05 Dec 2010 Christmas Party Planning

Hosting a Christmas or a holiday party and short on ideas on how to make it a truly enjoyable affair? There are hosts of ideas and supplies that you can use for the purpose. Hosting a grand party may makes your holiday merrier and brighter than you could imagine. Winter is actually a wonderful time of the year of getting together with family and friends to make the holidays cheerful and gay.

To organize a successful event, theme selection, guest list, date, location, menu, and activities must be chosen. You can have formal dinners, black tie cocktail affairs, romping snowball fights off the back porch, cookie decorating or tree trimming parties, or something unique and creative.

You can also add a festive feel to your celebrations by picking some elegant holiday favors. Choose from fancy Christmas ornaments, winter holiday mugs, personalized roman holiday tote and more. Celebrate the season and remember the magic of Christmas with your near and dear ones by hosting a fabulous and dazzling party.

05 Dec 2010 Top 5 Winter Wedding Favors

Winter can be a great time for a wedding and offer many options for elegant decor. But apart from the décor and menu that contribute to the theme, the winter wedding favors are something that can add charm and grace to your grand event. But what are the top picks when it comes to holiday favors? You need to give something to your guests that are functional, beautiful and yet reflect the warmth and spice of a traditional yuletide affair.

Personalized Hot Cocoa Mix

A heartfelt thanks with a cup of cocoa, what could be sweeter? Guests can cozy up to a cup of exquisite hot cocoa this winter with these Personalized Winter holiday themed hot cocoa Favors. For a couple with a sweet tooth this decadent chocolate favor is sure to please.

Snowflake Favor Box

Remember those glorious snow showers on a chilly winter’s day when you were young, and you’d catch those gently falling snowflakes on the tip of your tongue? Bring that heartwarming ambience to your beautiful winter wedding reception, Christmas dinner table or holiday party buffet table with “Embossed Elegance” snowflake favor Boxes!

Snowman Candle Favors

Your guests surely won’t give a chilly reception to these cheerful mementoes with a round, snowflake-decorated base made of snow white poly resin with a detailed snowman complete with painted blue features and glistening clear rhinestone accents and a frosted glass candle holder with poured white candle.

Snowflake Bottle Stopper

Chrome snowflake bottle stoppers bring the essence of the season to any occasion. Imagine the winter wonderland created for your guests at every table when they see these beautiful and practical favors just waiting to be taken home.

Snow Themed Place Card Holder

Charming winter’s unique gift provides a lovely motif for gifts of the season. The “Snow Flurry” Holiday Ornament place card and photo holder is a snow-lover’s delight inside and out, making it the perfect favor for your winter wedding or holiday party.