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16 Aug 2016 Popular Bella Women’s Summer Fashion

As the Number One brand of ladies clothing in the sportswear apparel industry, nothing says beautiful like Bella’s Ladies’ tops. They look beautiful and they feel beautiful with the softness of every 100% combed ring-spun style custom contoured to pamper the feminine figure. From t-shirts, to tanks, to dresses and forth on, Bella makes fashion a purely beautiful experience for every woman. You are sure to be cool and fashion to wear throughout this hot summer with Bella women’s summer fashions!

Popular Bella Women's Summer Fashion from NYFifth

Popular Bella T-Shirt

T-shirt is a must-have in summer! In hot weather, it is convenient and comfortable to put it on for any outdoor activity. You may find it looks a little casual, but no doubt you can wear it no matter it is a game time or a get-together with old friends.

Popular Bella T Shirt from NYFifth

From top left to bottom right:

Popular Bella Tank

Bella has a wide variety of popular tanks, from camisoles, to tank tops, to tank dress and more that are sure to make you attractive in summer days. Cool, sexy, sporty and elegant, there is always a style suitable for you!

Popular Bella Tank from NYFifth

From top left to bottom right:

Popular Bella Dress

Dress is every girl’s dream clothing. A first in the Bella collection, our dress is a stand-out piece worn alone or layered over jeans or leggings. From t-shirt dress to sweater dress, you can add one to your wardrobe.

Popular Bella Dress from NYFifth

Popular Bella Underwear

Bella boyfriend brief and sports bra are great for sports or the gym in summer. You will be active and comfortable while doing sports. This great style comes with color options, and is ready for screen printing and embroidery.

Popular Bella Underwear from NYFifth

Check out NYFifth to see more popular summer apparel!


03 Apr 2012 Making Your Style Statement With Tanks
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tank tops

tank tops

Usually our outfit and the way we dress is considered as our style statement. So the right choice of garments can only make a wardrobe that would be at the same time be stylish and comfortable. It has been observed that the upper part of our body gets more attention than the rest of the body and so we need to do our best by choosing the right tanks, T-shirts and Tops. Tanks have got no discrimination in gender which means men, women, kids can look casual yet stunning with these on them. You would be able to find a whole range of printed tank tees which depict the latest trend with its flattering cuts and lines. These tank tops help you to accentuate your curves with their right fit. You can avail these vibrant and eye-catching outfits in a variety of color options based on the type of occasion you want to attend. So get yourself a casual looking printed tank and match it up with a pair of jeans and shorts to get the trendiest look in town.

Tanks are available with different neck shape and sizes depending upon

Women's Tanks

Women's Tanks

the preference of the customers because some want practical outfits whereas others look for cute and interesting clothing. So a combination of both, style and comfort can make a garment a must have element for any wardrobe. These cool yet stylish tops work well with tights, jeans, shorts, pants and skirts. Usually we emphasize on developing a dressing sense to match the style statement of the society but we forget the reality that comfort is more important than just blindly following a trend. We need to be comfortable with what we wear and only then can we look happy and confident. Therefore, tank tops can be considered to be the best and most comfortable choice for your wardrobe.

20 Dec 2010 Tips on Being a Savvy Shopper
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In these times of recession everyone wants to stick to a budget without compromising on the way they look and dress up. You can follow some basic tips to be timelessly fashionable and save money while doing it

Develop the habit of mixing and matching pieces from your wardrobe and making them look like a whole new ensemble. This is not only a fun exercise but you would really be amazed to discover how versatile your wardrobe can truly be.

Make sure to have a list of things you feel are missing in your closet. Whether it’s a simple T-shirt or a strappy tank top, you need to double check on whether they are versatile enough so that you can get at least three looks out of it when combining with clothing you already own. This would help you pick the right clothes and avoid instinctive buys.

Always make sure you are paying for quality. Paying for quality will allow you to make the items in your wardrobe last forever. Low–cost clothing isn’t always qualitatively inferior but you should be able to make the right choice when it comes to deciding between price and quality.

27 Oct 2010 Summer Fashion Trends
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A fresh look is inevitable for summer and most women love to wear clothes which keep them cool and comfortable. Flared skirts look great and fabrics like washed linen, rayon or cotton. Solids and prints are both in vogue but the fashion gurus say that a skirt should never be wider than it is long.

When it comes to patterns and prints, florals are an evergreen favorite. It is better to keep prints in proportion to your shape like larger frames look best in bigger blooms. Even for accessories, you can pick up a floral print handbag.

Tank tops are another eternal favorite though they might appear to be skimpy to some. One way to get rid of the skimpiness is to layer tank tops. Two complementary colored tanks can be combined for a great layered look. Lightweight cotton jersey is also perfect for layering.

Apart from these basic pieces of outerwear, a two piece swimsuit with an optional short skirt and shorts are a few other things that help to beat the summer heat. A walking short that is a couple of inches above the knee is just about perfect though the ideal length would depend on the wearer’s figure.