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26 Nov 2008 Money Clip – Engraved Business Gift

Money Clip – Engraved Business Gift

Generally, a money clip is a tool used to store cash or credit cards in a stylish way for those people that don’t want to carry a wallet. It securely wedges the bills and credit cards in between the two pieces of metal, eliminating. The money clip, although functional, is also one of the accessories of business men and women, or commonly used by the upper echelon of society. It is a great option for business people to carry around their cash without trouble of pulling out their wallet.

There are different types of money clip and materials that they were made from, such as Metal, Magnetic and Rubber Variant. Metal made clips are typically the most luxurious clips compared from the rest. It is luxurious because it is made from stainless steel, gold, silver and titanium metals. However, due to inflexibility of metal, it can only enable you to hold a small amount of cash. Magnetic made clips are typically made from two flat rectangular or maybe circular magnets covered in leather. It is separated with another small piece of leather allowing them to swivel open and close.

Unlike metal clip, magnetic clips allow you to hold larger amounts of cash, but it is not advisable to hold credit cards because the magnet can cause distortion and it can even erase magnetic stripes. Another type is the rubber variant that enables you to group credit cards together while folding bills into thirds, and combining them with the rubber band around. Because this is not really a money clip, a rubber band variant can also serve the same purpose like money clips. Hybrid money clip is the most functional of all the clips. It is typically designed to hold cash, credit cards and ATM cards. They come in different designs with solid plastic or magnetic clip.

Other modern money clips have evolved to include additional functional features. Such item is a hybrid money clip. It allows you to attach cash, credit cards and ATM cards. You may find items that look like a small leather wallet that allows for additional carrying space to house credit cards, ATM cards or business cards. However, this type of money clip is much larger compared with traditional clips.

Another popular design for these items are those that comes with a personalized touch. To make it even more special, you’ll be able to have your initials engraved on it. Personalized money clips come in different designs and styles that can match different personalities.

If you are a sport minded person, you might want to consider NFL Emblem Money Clip. And for a more elegant look you might want to consider a Throttle Stainless Steel Money Clip. This can also make an ideal distinguished gift item to congratulate the success of your colleague. Make it more special be engraving his name on it.

These items can come in handy for anyone when wearing formal dress on special occasions or events such as weddings, black tie or red carpet celebrations. Many professionals opt for money clips when they are in a business setting. To find personalized money clip, you can try browsing the Internet for online stores that offer these items. This is a very easy and more comfortable way of locating good stores that offer a variety of selections to choose from. They also sell other engravable gifts that are perfect for your special professionals such as leather desk sets.
 (Author:  Janet Verra )

25 Nov 2008 Business Gift Idea 101

Business Gift Idea 101: Simple is Better~~

Simplicity is the best strategy. This saying can be applied everywhere, including when choosing business gifts for your clients or employers. Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy to deliver your appreciation or sincerity. While faced with too many possibilities, sometimes the simple choice is the best there is. So, if you’re still unsure what business gifts to pick, go for the simple tradition: stationary.

Evolution Jr. Journal

Brand this full size spiral-bound journal and add it to the office supply room. 100 sheets of lined, formatted journal paper gives space for subject, date, and notes in the margin. Built-in elastic pen loop. Elastic closure to keep notes secure.

Manhattan Leather Presentation Portfolio

Zippered closure. Multiple gusseted pockets for electronic organizer, phone or calculator. Removable three-ring binder. Includes a writing pad and a 1-piece gift box.

Day-timer Bristol Zippered Portable Planner

The two-page-per-week format of this planner helps professionals quickly see how the entire week is shaping up. Each day’s space includes areas for a to-do list, appointments, and diary. Weekday hours run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with less space for Saturdays and Sundays. Includes a year’s supply of loose-leaf pages. Monthly tabbed calendar/dividers. Loose-leaf address and phone directory. Monthly planning pages. Monthly auto mileage/expense forms. Set of useful reference sheets. Page locator. Large enough to hold all 12 months of planning pages sheets. Extremely useful gift.

22 Nov 2008 How to Pick Holiday Business Gifts THIS Year?

(As economy has been hit quite badly this year, picking a presentable yet affordable business gift during the holiday season would definitely make some of us scratching their head in despair. Then this following article that I found absolutely will become their life-savor. Enjoy.)

Holiday Business Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank
By Michael Lerner

There is no doubt about it. The Christmas holiday season this year could be the worst one ever when it comes to giving and receiving gifts (and selling them for that matter). For most companies and organizations, the big bonus will be a lot smaller than before. There may not be any bonus at all. And if the company holiday party was not booked and paid for more than 6 months ago, there’s a good chance that there may only be a small lunch or maybe breakfast this year.

It all sounds pretty grim, but there is a way to let your customers and employees know they are appreciated without having to leverage your company. And, unless you are strapped for cash, it is vital to continue the tradition of celebrating the holidays for business. Why? Because when there is a recovery, everyone who is vital to your organization will remember that you did what you could in hard times. That loyalty will pay dividends in the coming months or years.

Let’s start with corporate customer gifts. In the past you may have given out a fancy gift certificate to a store or restaurant if it was permitted. Maybe a nice piece of crystal or a bottle of wine or box of cheese. You can be excused this year as expectations are obviously lowered. A beautiful wall or desk calendar is appreciated just as much, and best of all, also advertises your services every day of the year if you choose to print your logo and contact information.

There are plenty of other holiday gifts and giveaways for under $5.00 that customers will appreciate. Laser engraved pens become a thoughtful gift when presented in a nice box.

And then there is candy. Customized chocolate bars, truffle assortments and other fine candies are reasonably priced and are enjoyed by every recipient. Although food gifts are consumed and the printed containers discarded, they leave a lasting impression and give you a good excuse to make sales calls in December.

For employees, gifts this year are more important than ever. People with jobs may feel lucky to be employed at this point, but at the end of the day we all want to feel appreciated and know that better times are ahead. Most employees may be losing bonuses and raises this year. And the big holiday party is bigger than you would think. It is a chance for them to let their hair down and spend some social time with people they spend a good part of their life with.

A small gift of recognition is vital in this economy. It lets every staff member know that you care about them and recognize that they too have made sacrifices for your continued survival and success. Embroidered apparel, fun games and gifts for the barbeque or kitchen will help fill a void and lets everyone know they have not wasted their time at their jobs.

The bottom line is not if you can afford to give a holiday business gift this year, but can you afford not to.

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22 Nov 2008 Holiday Business Gifts Ideas

(Hey guys, as the holiday is approaching, I found the following article with unique holiday business gifts ideas really helpful – at least to me. Hope you’ll find it the same way. Most of all, happy holidays! ^_^)

Holiday Business Gift Idea
By Celia Namart  

The holiday season is close and there is no doubt that soon everyone will be back to the usually holiday occupation, finding gifts for friends and family, and in many cases, work colleagues. It is not uncommon for people who work together to give each other gifts for the holidays, it is actually a very nice gesture, since most of us spend so much time with other people in the office, it actually makes a nicer working environment to treat each other like we would with our family and close friends.

During the holiday season, many businesses like to give their employees, associates, and partner’s gifts to show their appreciation. This is a great idea, during the course of the year, some employees or partners can begin to feel unappreciated, overworked, and resentment can build which is something no business needs or wants in their dealings.

Therefore, taking a few minutes to show your appreciation and shop for a business holiday gift is a great idea.

When it comes to shopping for the gifts, you might to take into consideration a few of these holiday business gift ideas.

The first holiday business gift idea is to consider wireless internet as a great business holiday gift. Wireless is great, gives freedom of movement, and enables your partners, associates, or employees to get their work done at home wherever they feel like working. This allows them to enjoy their family or events without having to feel shutout from the rest of the world.

You might also want to consider a cordless mouse and keyboard. This is a great holiday business gift idea. Many people are tired of the messy cords and cluttered desks. What is great about this holiday business gift is that it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg; you can get them together for less than $100.

If you know someone who is new to the business, consider giving them a gift certificate with a person who can help them really get moving forward such as a QuickBooks trainer, marketing consultant, account consultant, attorney, or even a management consultant. This can be a holiday business gift that really helps them in their career and much appreciated.

You might also want to consider giving them new business cards. You could visit the local printer or graphic artist and design them a brand new business card. If you do not have the time to visit them consider an online business card source.

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17 Nov 2008 Holiday Decor

Holiday Decor – Deck the Floor!

The holiday season is approaching. Have your prepared yourself and your home for celebration of a year’s hardwork and achievements? I think the following holiday favors definitely will help.

Holiday Themed Candle Favors

The room will be overflowing with holiday spirit when your guests arrive and find these holiday hotties on their tables! In three assorted styles, each Holiday Party Favors Collection candle features a durable round poly resin, snowflake-decorated base with either a snowman, candy cane or Christmas tree shape with colorfully painted details and shimmering rhinestone accents. Resting in each base is a frosted glass holder with a poured white candle inside.

Holiday Themed Bottle Stopper Favors

Give your guests a cheery reminder of your event that they’re sure to use throughout their holiday seasons for years to come. In three assorted styles, each Holiday Party Favors Collection bottle stopper features a durable poly resin top in a snowman, candy cane or Christmas tree shape, with colorfully painted details and shimmering rhinestone accents, perched on a conical silver metal stopper wrapped in a white rubber gasket for a snug fit.

Holiday Themed Place Card Holders

Your guests will surely feel the holiday cheer when they arrive at your event and find their seating assignments festively displayed in these Holiday Party Favors Collection place card holders. In three assorted styles, each Holiday Party Favors Collection place card holder features a durable poly resin round base connected by a wire to a snowman, candy cane or Christmas tree shaped topper with colorfully painted details and shimmering rhinestone accents and place card clip. The seasonal place card holders come bulk packed in individual poly bags with winter themed place cards included.

16 Nov 2008 Musical Themed Favors

Music to Thy Ears~~

To add taste and class to your event, all you need is these simple yet sophisticfated musical themed favors. With their help, your party will definitely flow! Make the special occasion not only like music to your guests’s ears, but also a memorable  happening that will touch their heartstring. 

“Ain’t Love Grand?” Piano Place Card Holders with Cards

Love is the music of the soul, bring the music of love to your reception tables with “Ain’t Love Grand?” Piano Place Card Holders. Your guests can take these adorable, diminutive replicas of a grand piano home and use them as photo holders.

Musical Note Place Card Holders

There’ll be music in the air as your guests find their seating assignments whimsically displayed in these cute musical note place card holders. Perfect for any number of event themes, the resin and wire place card holders come in three assorted musical note designs and feature a round silver base with a wire extension with a black and silver rhinestone-embellished note at the top.

Musical Note Key Chain Favors

Your guests are sure to be singing a happy tune when they receive these whimsical musical note keychain favors at your event. In perfect key for any music filled occasion, the key chains come in three assorted notes. Each with a rhinestone-embellished black resin note charm connected at its top to a sturdy chrome chain and ring.

13 Nov 2008 Star Favors

Wish Upon a Star~~

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true!

Star shaped favors are so versatile. They can be used in almost any occasion. Make a wish upon a star, and your wish is sure to come true. (Just be careful what you wish for. ^_^)

Silver Star Placecard Holder with Candle Holder

Well, here’s a shining example of a useful and fun favor! It’s a perfect choice as a memento for any day that’s sure to make you and your guests feel like stars. So elegant and absolutely CUTE!

“A Star is Born” Star-Shaped-Glass Votives

They are gorgeous baby shower favors which will make your guests’ table shine. The filled votives are in a tanslucent glass holder that gives the star candle its shape. Each votive is exquisitely presented in a shimmering organza bag (pink for girls or blue for boys) secured by a shiny, satin drawstring and a tag which features a stork delivering a tiny “star” and the words “A Star is Born”.

Vineyard Collection Star Design Wine Stoppers

Great as favors for any fun-filled occasion, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you chose these delightful star design wine stoppers for your special event. Each wine stopper features a stylish star chrome star outline perched on a sturdy chrome stem.

13 Nov 2008 Pair Up~~

Pair Up~~~

It’s believed that we’re all incomplete until we’ve found true love. Only when paired up with the other half – your soul mate, can we truely accomplish a complete circle and be fully fulfilled. If you’re the lucky ones who’ve already got someone to hold your hand, then congratulations! If not, just keep looking~~ Meanwhile, allow me to entertain you guys with these lovely paired-up favors. ^_^

“Two Peas in a Pod” Candle in Ivy Print Gift Box

“Two Peas in a Pod” candles set off the perfect spring or summer reception, engagement party, garden party or bridal shower. Sweet little pea motif evokes the charm of a spring fling… or a perfect romantic pairing. Each pea is a separate little removable pea, nestled in a matching waxen pod. Precious illustrated peas and floral greenery wind around the included gift box.

For more choices, “Two Peas in a Pod” Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers and “Two Peas in a Pod” Placecard Holders are available too.

“The Perfect Pair” Cookie Cutters in Wooden Gift Box

The deliciously sweet favor – “The Perfect Pair” cookie cutters will remind your guests that you were made for each other each time they pop a tasty, pear-shaped, home-baked cookie in their mouth. Nestled closely together in a decorative wood gift box with a straw bed and a clear top, the two stainless-steel cookie cutters surround decorative pear background. Brightening the gift box is a pear-green, satin ribbon with a “For You” tag in leaf design and a sticker that declares you’re “The Perfect Pair”.

For more choices, “The Perfect Pair” Pear Timer and “The Perfect Pair” Pear Candles are also available.

Adorable Gingerbread Bride & Groom Candle Favors

It’s a storybook day so why not add some fairy tale charm to your tables with these two cute characters! Each gingerbread-inspired candle favor depicts either a blushing gingerbread bride or a gingerbread groom – delightfully decorated with icing and candy style decorations and details.

09 Nov 2008 Single Party Gift Ideas

Dear Singles~~

It’s actually interesting that the date Nov. 11th (11/11) has all single digits. So, although it’s not an official holiday or anything, what’s a better day to throw in a single party? If you’ve already got someone to hold your hand, why not invite your single friends over and set them up? Or, if you’re still single and enjoying your freedom, why not use this opportunity to annouce to the whole world out there that you are “single and fabulous!”? Anyway, celebration needs no reason, right?

So, let’s see what we need to upgrade your party to the next level.

Butterfly Candle Holders

Butterfly is the symbol of beauty and fairness, also the constant pursue of love and happiness, which makes it the perfect ornament for your single party. You can also use this butterfly candle holder in so many occasions. Delicate and graceful, the butterfly epitomizes the joy that you want to share with your guests on any special occasion. And this butterfly design candleholder with its frosted glass votive holder resting in a white resin base with a decorative rhinestone-embellished butterfly is a perfect choice as your event favor.

Floating Butterfly Tea Light

One of nature’s most enchanting beings, butterflies have a gift for spreading joy every time they spread their delicate wings. When placed in water and lit, these pretty, pastel, pink tea lights look as if they’ve just breezed in and landed on a glass pond. My god, they’re so pretty! I’m definitely saving a set for myself. ^_^

“Cocktails Anyone?” Martini Glass Gel

Shaken, stirred and a fabulous little favor. This cool candle warms up any occasion – reception, rehearsal, shower, or even a special cocktail party. Clear gel burns brightly in this miniature martini glass made of real glass. One little “olive” bobs delicately in the gel, adding a realistic touch to this tiny cocktail. The only thing more impressive than the candle itself is the gorgeous little chic gift box it arrives in! A transparent window showcases the candle and the black and white olive print shimmies over every inch of the box (even inside!) There’s even a “Thank You” graphic printed right on this showcase box. A sheer black ribbon, tied in a bow with included sweet little olive tag! Cheers, darling~~

Calla Lily Toasting Glasses

A set of 2 calla lily design with crystal stones accents toasting glass set. Beautiful and elegant. Absolutely stylish.

08 Nov 2008 Las Vegas Theme Favors

Live Happily Ever After in Las Vegas~~

Life is a rollercoaster where there’re ups and downs. Thank God you’re LUCKY enough to find your significant other. So, grab your dice, and never let go the hand of your loved one. Period. Looking forward to adding a bit of spice and favor for your big day? Here’re a bunch of bridal favors perfect for a Las Vegas themed wedding.

“Lucky in Love” Translucent Playing Card Bottle Stoppers

You’ve been lucky in love, and you want a wedding favor that “suits” your style and your Las Vegas- or casino-themed wedding. Stunning in design and color, always useful and cleverly presented in a playing-card gift box, the translucent acrylic bottle stoppers will make your guests feel like they’ve hit the jackpot! The ingenious, black-and-white playing-card gift box has a clear showcase window, four aces on the back, and the words “Lucky in Love” with four more aces appear on the front. Smartly accented with a sheer, white organza ribbon and bow and a matching, playing-card “For You” tag, the set of four includes one stopper of each suit-two red and two black. What a deal!

“Perfectly Suited!” Las Vegas-Themed Glass Photo Coasters

You win the hand when love starts! Every guest will know you took a gamble and hit the jackpot when they receive the “Perfectly Suited!” Las Vegas-Themed Glass Photo Coasters. A 2″ x 2″ space for a favorite photo or place card is surrounded by the red and black playing-card icons, and there are four tiny “feet” on the back for surface protection.

Horseshoe Key Chain Favors

The horseshoe is one of the world’s most relied upon symbols of luck. So give your guests some “good fortune to go” with these dazzling horseshoe key chain favors. Your guests are sure to feel lucky to receive these “lucky charm” horseshoe key chains as their event favors. Perfect for casino nights, retirement parties and almost any occasion where Lady Luck is on the guest list.

Las Vegas themed Chrome Keychain with Crystal Dice

With Las Vegas-style weddings and showers on a hot streak, it’s a sure bet that this chrome keychain with crystal dice makes a fabulous favor.