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31 Oct 2013 Sports Frame
Here show you a great way to display photos of your family members and friends engaged in their favorite sports–pick a sport photo frame suited to that sport to add to the fun. These frames carry the sport theme beyond the photo itself to showcase the budding star … Your kids will be impressed that you show off their exploits this way. Or, keep a special memory of your favorite team close by.

Soccer Themed Sports Frames

Just right for your soccer superstar, this Soccer Themed Sports Frames is the most attractive team sport frame we have found, by far. Each photo frame is printed with word SOCCER in red on frame’s right side, including a screened soccer ball green background with another soccer ball in front.

Football Themed Sports Frames

Wondering how to celebrate your football superstar? Here’s a wonderful way to showcase your little star’s latest sports picture with this Football Themed Sports Frames. Each photo frame features football design including including a screened football blue background with another football and helmet in front. These sprots themed frames are perfect for his or her room, as a gift for grandma and grandpa and for a proud parent’s office.

Basketball Themed Sports Frames

Give you kid a perfect gift to glorify the game he or she loves with this Basketball Themed Sports Frames. Frame is great for photographs sized 4” x 6”, with sprot themed design of the word BASKETBALL printed on right side from top to bottom. The complementary color make it rich and complements any decor!

Baseball Themed Sports Frames

What bettery way to celebrate your kid’s love for baseball than to frame a teammate, a team photograph, or a special moment in a game! This Baseball Themed Sports Frames can stand or hang in any place of precedence. Frame comes with Black velvet easel back and baseball design with word BASEBALL printed in complementary colors.

29 Oct 2013 Corporate Gift Idea: Wine Accessories
Seeking effective promotional ideas for your corporate gifts? Our Wine Accessories gifts can truly set your firm apart from competition by offering classy yet inexpensive items of high perceived-value.

Personalized Wine Box

Get handy and reuse old wine boxes to create rustic, vintage-inspired party atmosphere. These Personalized Wine Box are a great item for company events or packaged as unique corporate gifts. Our outstanding selection of unlabelled wine accessories can be personalised and custom-labelled for corporate gifts or special functions

Napa Wine Case

This Napa Wine Case is an excellent alternative to gift baskets or hampers. Each Napa Wine case includes a stainless steel stopper and corkscrew / bottle opener with foil seal cutter located in lid. These serve as a fantastic way to provide incentive and improve morale in and out of the work place.

Vineyard Twin Bottle Stoppers

These Vineyard Twin Bottle Stoppers make for a distinctive corporate gift. The stoppers have sturdy stainless steel construction with a corked middle to keep the stopper secure in the bottle. Includes two stoppers that fit any size wine bottle in a polished cherry wood case and 1-piece gift box. These Wine Stoppers can be custom engraved with your company logo or personal imprint.

Aerating Wine Globe

These aerating wine globes are a carefree way to pour a perfect glass of wine! Liquids have the tendency to adhere to surfaces, and the globe shape effectively exposes much of the wine while pouring. Scientifically proven to improve flavor and practical to use too, the Wine Globe Bottle makes a great gift for wine-lovers, party hosts and housewarmings!

Executive Wine Collections Set

Show your next employee of the month your appreciation for their hard work and dedication with these executive wine collectors sets. Each nine-piece set comes with an ergonomic bottle opener, foil seal cutter, drip ring, thermometer, pourer, two wine stoppers, and two replacement corkscrew bits, all within a polished wooden case. These serve as a fantastic way to provide incentive and improve morale in and out of the work place.

Pacific Trail Wine Tote

Showing up to a fancy cocktail party without a professional-looking wine bag can be a bit embarrassing. Your guests are bound to be impressed with this Pacific Trail Wine Tote. Each tote comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, front open pocket for opener and accessories, an interior divider for two bottles or one bottle and accessories, holds 2 750 ml wine or beverage bottles, and is leak-proof. Also perfect as Giveaways and Ad Specialties.

28 Oct 2013 Corporate Gift Idea: Lunch Cooler
Companies like Nike and Google know how to motivate their employees. The secret for high employee engagement is focusing on improving what we like to call the big five: Wellness, Productivity, Social, Environment and Generosity. Corporate wellness is about finding fun initiatives that will whip your office up into shape, leaving you fit for business.

Discovery lunch cooler

Ideal for office, school, leisure and sports, this kid-friendly Discovery lunch cooler fold away after lunch and features a soft comfortable handle. With your company imprint on, make it a perfect item employees and corporate events!

Retro lunch cooler

This Retro lunch cooler boasts a hip, modern spinoff on the retro airline-style bag. Dual zippered opening gives way to the 8-can capacity interior compartment and PEVA lining help trap cold air inside for fresher meals.

California innovations lunch cooler

Small, light and lovely, this California innovations lunch cooler is perfect for work or to take on a long drive. And the zipperless lid means all you have to do is open, grap what you need and close. It’s that conveinent. Another surprise is its convertible design allows to fit either 6 or 9 cans.

Whirl PolyPro Non-Woven Lunch Cooler

This Whirl PolyPro Non-Woven Lunch Cooler is a reusable lunch cooler with a clear ID window and a “reuse me” lable which is woven in to make the eco-friendly nature of the cooler known. Perfect to hold drinks or food with Velcro flap closure and grommet detailing.

Delight lunch cooler

Compact design and versatile function, this kid-friendly Delight lunch cooler has a zippered top closure a side Mesh Pocket and an ID window on back. With your lunch in, you can just grab and go to office or school.

Blue Personalized Lunch Cooler

This Blue Personalized Lunch Cooler has an internal mesh pocket, exterior drink holder, cell phone pouch, and an ID compartment. Various colors for embroidery and large capacity is ideal for your company outdoor events.

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24 Oct 2013 Corporate Cutlery Gift Ideas: Laguiole Knife
When you give a gift of Laguiole Cutlery, you are giving more than just a knife. You are giving them high quality excellence. Here, traditional Laguiole products like the steak knife and waiter’s knife are lovingly forged. A gift of Laguiole Cutlery shows your employees, or business partners, how important they are to you!

Laguiole 6-piece Steak Knife Set

Here you see an exquisite Laguiole 6-piece Steak Knife Set. This edition of premium quality Laguiole knives are made of high quality stainless steel and exquisite exotic woods. Their superb cutting edge and durablity round off these perfect knives!

Laguiole 2-piece Carving Cutlery Set

A masterpiece of perfection and style with this Laguiole 2-piece Carving Cutlery Set. This edition of premium quality Laguiole Cultery set is nicely packaged in a wood grain case for an elegant display. For a unique and exceptional Laquiole product, think to ask the engraving of your name or company’s logo.

Laguiole Cheese Board with Knives set

This lovely Laguiole Cheese Board with Knives set makes such a perfect corporate gift idea for showing that you really care about the recipient’s life. Gift set includes a wooden cutting board with a through around the edges and three assorted cheese knives. Also, you can make it the gift one of a type with the personal imprint on.

Laguiole Cutting Board Set

One of the most classic corporate gift idea with this Laguiole Cutting Board Set. This This edition of premium quality Laguiole comes with a cutting board, a chef knife and utility knife. With an imprint of the renowned Laguiole bee, send your cordial greeting to the special one in your life.

Laguiole 5-Piece Knife Block Set

Every premium quality Laguiole knife is unique, a piece of art manufactured to perfection. This Laguiole 5-Piece Knife Block Set makes no exception. Every set features a meat knife, meat fork, vegetable knife, bread knife and sharpener, all in a wooden knife holder. You won’t find a better gift for the chef.

Belgio Cutlery Set

This Belgio Cutlery Set is not from Laquiole family, but as excellent as the above mentioned knives. The look of this knife set is breathtaking thanks for its compact beautiful body and sleek, sharp blade. Also nicely packaged in a wooden, elegant, dark grey storage box, perfect as corporate gifts for employees, clients alike.

22 Oct 2013 Halloween Party Favors
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The sky is blue, the grass is green, may we have our Halloween! We all love Halloween, for its scary and cute costume and pumpkin, the candies, and all the crazy ideas… so let’s save all the speech and see how far we can go for the party!

Halloween Cocoa

Sip ghostly cocoa with this Halloween Cocoa. Great to treat Halloween guests or put in Halloween Goodie bags to give all the kids after Micaela’s Halloween Costume party. It’s sure to spark smiles everywhere.

Halloween Hershey’s Kisses

A bite-sized treat for your Halloween guests with these hauntingly delicious Halloween-themed Halloween Hershey’s Kisses. Scatter some of them around the table, the guests can pop one anytime they like and they make great table decor as well.

Halloween YORK Peppermint Patties

Trick or treat? Spread the soothing sensation of cool, refreshing peppermint drenched in decadent dark chocolate with the Halloween YORK Peppermint Patties. Each irresistible individually wrapped Peppermint Patties can be personalized to suit you Hallowenn event.

Halloween Hershey’s Reese’s

Even though we’re adults, we still indulge in a little (fine, a lot of) of Halloween sweeties. Everyone would like to pop one of these Halloween Hershey’s Reese’s. These gourmet are sure to satisfy the trick-or-treaters’ sweet tooth.

Halloween Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures

Delight everyone on your Halloween party with the Halloween Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures. The bars come in an assortment of Milk Chocolate, Krackel, Special Dark, and Mr. Goodbar. For making a sweet ending to the night, that’s exactly what you need.

Halloween Mini Gift Tote Favor

Add a bit of mystery with your treats for your guests with the Halloween Mini Gift Tote Favor. Each mini tote features white rope handles, transparent compartment and insert card. Whatever you put in, they will make it look better!

Halloween Maple Syrup

It’s the spookiest time of the year, so send your favorite trick or treater a Halloween surprise with this Halloween Maple Syrup. Make sure you get enough for your sweet tooth, o one will get tired of sweets at Halloween party!

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