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25 Nov 2013 Holiday Wine Carry Bags
Here comes the lovely wine bags! Load it up with a bottle of you faorite wine and off you go! There are loads of various bags, such as wine tote, wine sleeve, wine valet, wine boxes and wine carry bag, so you are certain to find one that fits your style and taste. Some perfect for an evening on the town, other are nice enough for a holiday party and Christmas gift. There are some cute bags that would be great to take along to a wedding shower… and then the bag could even become the gift! Wine Bag or tote is a perfect gift for someone who loves wine. They are a terrific favor for a Bachelorette Party. Wine party ideas are available at out Pinterest.

Pacific Trail Wine Tote

Here comes the professional-looking wine bag with this Pacific Trail Wine Tote. Each polyester canvas wine tote is promotional wine tote which can be imprinted with company logo and can hold two 750 ml wine or beverage bottles (that’s a standard sized wine bottle, in case you were wondering). The interior divider allows for either two alcohol bottles or one bottle plus accessories. This heavy duty chiller bag is a perfect corporate gift for a fancy cocktail party during this holiday.

Belgio Insulated Double Wine Tote

This smart Belgio Insulated Double Wine Tote is a perfect companion for caring bottles along to parities, picnics and fun outdoor events. This fully insulated tote is promotional wine tote which can be debossed with company logo.  Each tote can keep two bottles cold, and comes with side and front pocket, and a stainless steel waiter corkscrew included.

Two Section Wine Carry Bag

This is so cool! Fashionable and practical, this Two Section Wine Carry Bag comes with flock lined interior ans silber buckle detail make a fantastic for the parents of the bride or groom as well as your wedding party. Add two bottles of their favorite wine to show them how much you appreciate their help and support. The caddy also comes with a luggage tag-style card. This wine carry bag with two bottles of wine is a great Christmas wedding gift.

Customized Cutter & Buck Am. Classic Wine Valet

Perfect for gatherings with a few friends… carry two bottles of wine… and keeps them cool with this promotional Customized Cutter & Buck Am. Classic Wine Valet. Completed with magnetic snap closure secures wine bottles or glasses. This wine valet with your company logo makes a great gift for business clients especially if you add a few bottles of wine!

Mod Wine Sleeve

This Mod Wine Sleeve is a perfect item for dressing up your favorite wine for serving or gift giving. Contemporary sleeve created from felt material, this stylish custom wine sleeve can hold most 750 ml bottles with up to a 3 1/2″ diameter. Perfect promotional items with your custom message or logo imprinted on.

Personalized Wine Box

A unique wedding gift is definitely Wine For A Wedding. This Personalized Wine Box with engraving makes a beautiful keepsake to commemorate your special day. Adding genuine wine crates to your cellar makes it complete. The personalized wine box is ideal gift for Weddings, Birthdays, Company Anniversaries, Holidays, Customer Appreciation situations ,Corporate Awards and Christmas.


Wine is an alcoholic beverage which is made out of fruits especially from grape juices and where grape is fermented and added sugar which is further mixed with various types of yeast and yeast consumes sugar converting it from juice to alcohol. Using wine in any sort of celebration increases the level of enjoyment and excitement. This is a sophiscated gift to be presented to anyone. Wine bottles if given as favor would express your status as they are very expensive. The older the wine is, the costlier it is. But wedding party is once in life time, so to make it remarkable in bride and groom’s memory planning their wedding in a stylish and sophisticated manner would cost a lot but the decorum makes you feel that it’s worth it. Wine wedding favors are a great choice for weddings of any theme.


Champagne is a form of wine because it’s nothing but a sparkling wine. Champagne and wine both when made a part of any occasion or an event turns out the outlook of that event into a more enthusiastic and lively event. Champagne wedding favors are very popular with guests. Whenever your guest’s would use your favor in their celebrations they would surely remember of how you look after of them, how you celebrated your event keeping in mind your guest’s choices. Champagne bucket timer favors or personalizing champagne bottle before presenting it as a favor would just be perfect. Personalising refers to printing bride and groom’s name, their date of wedding on the bottle. The best part of this favor is that it’s taste enhances with due course of time as a result even if it is after few years ,it would be more awesome in taste then it would have been if taken earlier.