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28 Oct 2015 New Cross Party Favors from FashionCraft

The pious who comes with belief may go to church every Sunday to show their devotion, or sometimes, they will organize more believers to hold a religious themed party. We have many new cross party favors to help you adorn your religious events. These religious favors are cross party favors that are perfect for wedding, baptism, communion, baby shower, christening, confirmation and more cross themed occasions.

Antique Cross

Recently, we’ve introduced certain antique cross favors. They are designed in the same color of antique brass, these Vintage Design Cross Themed Key ChainAntique Ivory Cross Statue with Matte Gold Detailing and Vintage Design Cross Trinket and Jewelry Box are designed with vintage style that are perfect for vintage cross themed wedding, baptism, christening, communion and other religious occasions.

Antique Cross Party Favors from HotRef.com

Cross Ornament

Thrill your distinguished guests when they find these Gold Glitter Design Cross Ornament and Silver Glitter Design Cross Ornament at their tables. The cross offers a lovely gold and silver metallic bow attached by a metal ring, allowing guests to hang up the ornament in a special place. Great for any communions, baptisms, christenings and any other religious event.

Cross Ornament from HotRef.com

We hope you will get an idea about decorating your religious events after reading our blog site. Hope you to have a happy planning!

– Amanda

03 Nov 2014 Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Favors
We will try our best to provide you with latest information about our products. Today we will introduce you some of our Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Favors. We hope you will like them and place an order with us.
Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Favors from hotref.com

Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Trinket Box

Your guests will be a little surprised when they find these Cross Trinket Boxes on your tables. These delicate boxes are ideal for holding jewelry, small gadgets, and tiny trinkets. Perfect for weddings, showers, communions, christenings, and more religious themed occasions.
Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Trinket Box from hotref.com

Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Photo Frame

Compliment your special event with this Cross Photo Frame that will deliver love and peace to your family and guests. These frames can not just hold your significant photos, but they can also serve as place card holders for helping guests find their tables. These frames are stunning religious favors for weddings, communions, christenings, baptisms, showers, and more religious events.
Cross Photo Frame from hotref.com

Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Ornament

We can get love, joy, and peace from this Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Ornament like the kind you get from God. This favor can be used as a give away gift for guests to place it in an evident spot as a reminder of your special event. These favors are perfect and ideal for weddings, showers, baptisms, communions, christenings, and more religious themed events.
Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Ornament from hotref.com
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27 Nov 2013 Christmas Angel and Cross Ornaments
Spread the joy as you celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with these inspiring Angel ornaments and Cross Ornaments you can hang on your tree or give to friends. Made of intricate resin material, loaded with blessings, hope, gratitud, and inpiration, these cross and angle shaped ornaments are ideal for holiday decorations and Christmas tree decorations. Celebrate the Christmas in 2013 and Shop cross and angle ornaments now, because it’s never too early or too late to start planning for Christmas!

Shimmering Blue and Pewter Color Angel Ornament

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to put up your Christmas Tree! Angles don’t have to be saved for just the top of the tree, if you love angles, then fill the whole tree with angle ornaments. Each lovely Shimmering Blue and Pewter Color Angel Ornament is made of a silver pewter colored poly resin with a detailed blue inlaid enamal design. Pink angle ornaments and silver angle ornaments are also availble. Glitering and charming, these cute angles are sure to dazzle eyes! And you never need to think too hard about what to buy for Christmas – an angel ornament is the perfect gift.

Decorative Pink Cross Ornaments

How do you make your Christmas tree stand out? How do you make it different and personalized? There’s a classic yet festive way to give your Christmas tree a touch of faith with this beautiful Decorative Pink Cross Ornaments. Each cross ornaments is enhanced with pink inlaid enamel, beaded border and clear rhinestons. Blue Cross ornaments and Ivory cross ornaments are also available. For creating a personal touch gift, personlized tag is also available. “Keep ‘Christ’ in Christmas, spread the word far and near!