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01 Nov 2008 Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Crystal favors are definitely the icing on the cake. They will add a touch of class and romantic innocence to the occasion, and upgrade your party to the next level. Who wouldn’t like Cinderella’s glass shoe for their wedding, or crystal baby carriage for their baby’s shower? It’s the extra something that makes your party shine.

Choice Crystal Baby Pacifier

If you’re planning a baby shower or looking for a special memento to accompany your birth announcements, then this crystal baby pacifier favors are sure to bring a smile to your guests. Each features a shimmering multifaceted crystal pacifier finished with a shiny silver embossed ring handle.

Choice Crystal Oyster Shell and Pearl Favors

Each favor features a radiant half opened crystal oyster shell with a pearl resting inside. Surrounded by satin inside a Choice Crystal signature silver heart design box, tied with an organza and satin bow with a crystal heart on top and an attached matching heart shaped tag, these favors make for a stunning presentation.

Choice Crystal Swan Favors

According to legend, the swan represents the presence of divine inspiration in our world. You’ll definitely inspire your guests with these magnificent swan favors. Each radiant, multifaceted crystal figurine captures the beauty and grace of the swan. Perfect for all romantic events.

28 Oct 2008 Love Actually

Love Actually

I can’t remember which movie once said “it is love that made life bearable”.  I can’t remember the name of the movie but I can’t agree with it more. And I really wish everyone, everywhere, will find their true love eventually. So, today, let’s take a look at a group of love-themed favors.

“Love Letters” Letter Opener in Personality Box

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you can adore

L-O-V-E. These for magical letters are combined into this unique LOVE letter opener. Made of solid silver chrome, these letter openers are romantic, practical, and elegant and make wonderful guest favors that your guests will appreciate for years to come.

LOVE Heart Compact Mirror in Black Velvet Pouch

Classic and sleek, these compact heart mirrors are a great way to “reflect” your appreciation to your guests. Each chrome silver heart compact has LOVE across the front and is packaged in an elegant black velvet pouch.

“Love Notes” Sticky Notes in Nostalgic Dispenser Gift Box with Dainty Heart Charm 

It’s true that action speaks louder than words. So, why don’t combine action with words and actually write your love one a love note? A step above the typical sticky-note pad, this unique note dispenser is a perfectly fitted box that offers one note at a time, each one delicately etched with “Love Notes” in pretty pink-ideal for exchanging words of passion with someone you adore. The perfect favor for Valentine’s Day parties, wedding showers, anniversary parties and more, your guests will love you for it, and they’ll remember your day fondly whenever they “make note” of their emotions.

27 Oct 2008 Green is the New Fashion

Green is the New Fashion

Green stands for nature, harmony, organic, environmental friendly. What can be more “IN” than green when everyone is crying out loud “We Love Green”? So, are you prepared for a breath of fresh air?

Topiary Photo Holder/Place Card Holder

A breathtaking topiary-always the stunning showpiece of an exquisitely arranged garden-is the inspiration for this dramatic design. The Topiary Photo Holder/Place Card Holder will bring the same engaging charm to your wedding reception tables. Nobly rising from a well-crafted, dark-wood planter is the finely manicured, round, rich green foliage-an artisan’s hallmark. Every topiary can hold a cherished photo of the happy couple or a place card.

Butterfly Garden Gift Baskets with Wildflower Seed

The butterfly gift basket was lovingly designed to remind your guests of a springtime garden in bloom, with a dainty butterfly frame and charming mesh lining. Each basket comes with a little paper “grass” filling and a wildflower seed packet. These adorable favors will make your event just a little bit sprightlier!

“New Beginnings” Plantable Petal Cones Kit

Let your wedding day be a breathtaking new beginning – for you, and for the bounty of natural beauty you present to each of your guests. Who else but Kate Aspen could design a favor that’s elegant, eco-friendly, versatile and able to be personalized? She’s done it magnificently with her “New Beginnings” Blooming Petal Cones. They begin their journey as convenient flower-petal holders, so your guests can shower you with Mother Nature’s confetti as you leave for your honeymoon. Next, the petal cones travel near and far to the gardens of your guests, who can plant the favors so they can grow and blossom as a lasting reminder of the love that brought you to your special day. If you’d like to personalize your cones, Kate suggests vellum, and she provides a convenient, downloadable template that enables you to print whatever you wish on the vellum sheets. Simply insert the vellum into the cones for an even more dazzling presentation. To complete the impressive look, a lovely, matching organza ribbon enhances the front of the cone.

26 Oct 2008 Fairytale Themed Weddings

Fairytale Themed Weddings
By Ashley Rader

Most young women grow up with visions of their wedding day already conceived. We dream of that day when all eyes are on us as we walk down the aisle towards our knight in shining.. uh, tuxedo!

So when that special day arrives, you may want to live out your dream of a fairytale themed wedding; princess dress and all. Here are some fairytale wedding ideas to look over before making important planning decisions for your big day.


As the fairytale goes, Cinderella is oppressed by her wicked step family before blossoming into a beautiful princess. Of course, you will want to buy that perfect princess dress, complete with ruffles, lace-up back, and all of the accouterments that make it exquisite.

Cinderella would surely end off this display at her fairytale themed wedding with dazzling diamond accents as well. And we can’t forget glass slippers that will be seen as the bride is walking down the aisle.

Want to go over the top with your fairytale wedding ideas? Instead of the traditional walk-in from the back, put on a little “skit” towards the back of the church or venue involving the Cinderella theme. Have a wicked step mother and sister yelling orders at the bride, who will at first be dressed in raggedy clothes (preferably over her actual dress). Add appropriate music and sound effects over the sound system to complement the scene. Then cover the bride as she goes through her transformation and is revealed in her stunning new wedding dress.

We’re talking about a fairytale themed wedding here-bring out all the sprinkles and glitter necessary to make this an eye-catching production. This is a great idea for a bride who actually went through a struggle in life that people would recognize, and rose above it to glory.

Fairytale wedding favors that would go with this theme are sparklers and silver snowflake ornaments. You might even go so far as to purchase “magic wands” for all of your female guests, and ask them to point it towards you before you go through your “transformation” in the fairytale skit, or at some other point in your fairytale themed wedding. All of this will not come cheap, but it will definitely be memorable for guests. Think outside of the box when brainstorming fairytale wedding ideas.

Marie Antoinette Wedding Theme

Another fairytale themed wedding idea plays on the infamous Marie Antoinette and her life of excess. Again, you will need a very elaborate dress with wide panniers underneath to create the full effect, but this time it will be a little more on the gaudy side. Keep thinking excess when considering this fairytale wedding theme. A thick application of rouge is necessary for the bride and/or bridesmaids.

Marie Antoinette was known for her love of clothing, shoes, and shopping. Pick wedding favors that reflect these items. One example would be a stilletto keychain. What about giving all of your female guests a lacy garter belt as a wedding favor? Sparklers are also a nice touch to this fairytale themed wedding. Fairytale wedding ideas are plentiful. Let your imagination go wild as you piece all of the elements of your fairytale themed wedding together like an intricate puzzle.

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20 Oct 2008 Candle Wedding Favors – Unique and Practical Gifts

Candle Wedding Favors – Unique and Practical Gifts

(By Ashley Rader)

Weddings and candles go hand-in-hand. The unity candle is an age-old symbol associated with weddings. Candle light creates a romantic atmosphere at a daytime or evening wedding.

Candles can really enhance the décor of your wedding because they come in so many shapes and sizes. They also make the perfect wedding favor because they can be used in so many different places. Plus, it’s a gift you can be sure most guests will enjoy.

Here is a guide to choosing candle favors for your wedding.

Use the season as inspiration. Here are some candle inspirations for winter, spring, summer and fall.

Winter Wonders

Snow in Love Tea Lights – These adorable snowmen candles can be a great gift for a chilly wedding. Warm up the reception hall with these blue and white man and woman snow people.

Snowflake Gel Candle – Need something new and blue for your winter wonderland wedding? These candles will set the scene for your guests all winter long.

Spring Fling

Daisy Candle – Nothing speaks spring like daisies. Celebrate in true daisy style with these yellow gingham ribbon and silk daily embellished favors. The soy candle comes with a cotton wick and vanilla scent.

Plumeria Candle – This blush-colored candle will be the talk of your wedding guest tables with its intoxicating floral scent.

Summer Nights

Frosted Glass Tea Light Candles – These elegant sailboat tea light holders with included candles will set the scene for a cruise or destination wedding. Great for nautical themes as well. Set sail with these great favors.

Shell and Sand Tea Light Candles – These beachy candles make great parting gifts for your barefoot guests. Set them out at your beach front reception and watch them glow as the sun sets on your beautiful night.

Autumn Ambiance

Fall in Love Tea Light Sets – These tea lights give guests a decorative item for their home that speaks fall. With an assortment of leaves, these warm colors brighten up any fall wedding.

Petit Merlot Wine Gel Candle – This gel candles delivers a rich harvest grape scent that is sure to please. Wrapped in a pretty box with wine and grape illustrations, this is the perfect favor for a fall wedding.

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19 Oct 2008 Unique Baby Shower Favor Ideas

(Guys, here’re some advice from party planning expert Ashley Radar on how to pick unique baby shower favors. Hope you will find it helpful.


Baby showers are a fun way to welcome a new child to the family. It’s also a big help to the new parents. The gifts they get at the baby shower can take a huge burden off them when they are preparing for their expensive bundle of joy.

Typically, the party host gives shower favors as door prizes or as prizes for games. The mother-to-be or grandmother-to-be may also give favors as a thank you for the gifts.

Baby shower gifts can be gender-specific or neutral depending on the parents’ preference of knowing what the baby is before it comes. Choose your baby shower favors based on this. Don’t forget to note this on the invitation.

Here are some ideas for cute baby shower favors:

Baby Boy

Blue is always a good color for baby boys, but why not be a little different and go for browns and greens or a sports theme. Feel out the mother-to-be before making it a themed shower. She may prefer it be a boy shower over a baseball shower.

Here are some ideas for boy baby shower favors:

· Blue baby bottle cookies – Serve these at the shower for a themed look. The blue bottle cookies could also be a cute way to announce the baby boy to family and friends.

· Blue teddy bear photo frame – This favor can be a great gift for later. It can hold the baby’s first picture.

· Blue baby blocks favor box – Fill these adorable blue boxes with Jordan almonds or another blue candy for an inexpensive baby shower treat.

Baby Girl

· Pink baby bottle candle – This favor is not just for the mother-to-be. The removable pink top reveals a floral-scented candle that they can include in almost any décor. It comes in a clear package with an “It’s a Girl!” bib tag.

· Baby girl photo glass coaster – This coaster is a great way to welcome the new baby girl into the world. Give before she gets here, and guests can put her first picture in the frame when you send out thank you notes.

· Embroidered bag in girly colors – Embroider the new baby girl’s initials on the bag as a great favor for mom. This tote is big enough to double as a small diaper bag.

Baby Surprise

Some families don’t want to know the gender of the baby before it comes. What do you give as favors when this happens? Keep it gender-neutral with these ideas:

· Umbrella tape measure – This handy tool comes in white, so there’s no girl or boy connotations associated with it.

· Bun in the oven candle – This scented candle smells delicious and makes a great gift for a shower where the bun is still a surprise!

· She’ll soon see her feet again pedicure set – When the baby’s a surprise, focus on mom with this cute pedicure set your guests are sure to love.

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18 Oct 2008 Then There is Christmas

Then There is Christmas

After Halloween, then there is Christmas~~~~ The most festive festival all year round! So…. let’s get festive, here are some awesome Christmas ornaments made just for you~~ ^_^


Bells are the perfect Christmas ornaments. You can place it everywhere looking fabulous for the occasion. For details, please check out my other post specifically designated to it. It had all the wonderful bell ornaments for your home decor.

Merry Christmas Personalized Ornaments

Celebrate the season and remember the magic of Christmas with this personalized ceramic ornaments. You can choose the design that captures your own holiday spirit by personalizing the “To” and “Love” lines with up to 20 characters each. Add the desired Year, accommodating 4 characters.

“Snow in Love” Tea Lights

The Snowman Tea Light sports a jaunty silver-banded, blue top hat and matching scarf, with black buttons accenting his “coat”. The Snow Woman, batting enviable eyelashes, is dressed for a day outdoors in a fashionable blue hat with matching scarf. Just above the dainty black buttons on her coat, she’s holding a bouquet of winter flowers. Each is individually presented with a snowflake-design “For You” tag atop a clear-covered, light blue gift-box tied with a sheer organza ribbon and sprinkled with the winter-white snowflakes. Cute ornaments for all winter events.

“Snow Flurry” Flocked Glass Ornament

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

Charming winter’s unique gift provides a lovely motif for gifts of the season. The “Snow Flurry” Holiday Ornament Place Card and Photo Holder is a snow-lover’s delight inside and out, making it the perfect favor for your winter wedding or holiday party.