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20 Jul 2014 Promotional Products for Business Events
HotRef.com carries more than just favors for weddings and parties, we also carry corporate or business gifts as well. If you need to celebrate company event or trade show, let us give you a few tips on what items are sure to be a hit for your event. All of our promotional products can be customized, in no particular order here are some of the top products we recommend.

Best Sale Corporate Gifts for Business Events

Companies often hold some parties and give several business gifts for staffs in order to let them keep a positive and optimistic attitude towards daily work. We are now making a recommendation on several best sale products for your reference. The items such as bottle opener credit card opener, padfolio, bottle, pens, tote bag cooler are the best sellers. You may select some as you like according to your special taste.
Best Sale Corporate Gifts for Business Events from hotref.com

Credit Card Size Bottle Opener

Credit Card Size Bottle Opener is our top selling corporate gift. With its sleek look and convenient size, this bottle opener will be a popular gift and a hit for your staff. It is the most popular item form Leed’s and can be imprinted with company logo and name. This gift would be great for any company, it can be a small token of appreciation to your staff.
Credit Card Size Bottle Opener from hotref.com

Stationery: Padfolio and Journalbook

Stratford Zippered Padfolio is the most popular promotional product for corporate gifts because of its convenience and versatility. Employee can use them to take notes during meetings or just scribbling down ideas for a conference. The convenient elastic loop makes it easy to jot down notes without having to dig for a pen.. There are many choices for stationery at HotRef, like padfolio, portfolio, journalbook and writing pad. Leather padfolio or recycle jounalbook can be deboss with company logo and name.
Stratford Zippered Padfolio from hotref.com

Promotioal Products: Drinkware

Hydracoach BPA Free Sport Bottle important to get those 8 cups of water a day. It features double wall construction as well as an easy push button to lock and unlock the cap. This gift is great for active companies or companies that promote healthy living. Your staff members will thank you on those hot days for a water bottle. Interested in a different style or design? With our huge selection of drinkware, such as sport bottle, insulated bottle, tumbler, mug and more, you can be sure to find one that’s right for your company with your logo and company name on it.
Hydracoach BPA Free Sport Bottle from hotref.com

Promotional Products: Pens

Twists or SoHo Roller Balls, are a great corporate gift because of their size. They’re small and light weight making them easy to carry around, thus helping to promote your company. Besides, everyone is always looking for a pen since they misplaced theirs. There are two types of materials for pen: plastic pen and metal pen, which can be imprinted with different colors. Scripto and Balmain we carry are great brands for pens.
SoHo Roller Ball from hotref.com

Customized Tote Bag

Tote bags have been around since the 1940s and was made popular by L.L. Bean’s Boat Bag in 1944. Now in days you can find them anywhere and everywhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s hard not to like them, they’re so versatile and useful. Recently on our website, we added more tote bags to our already huge selection of tote bags. If you want a quick glance of what tote bags we carry visit our Pinterest board of Tote bags. For an explanation of the types of totes bags we carry, go to hotref.com/blog and read tote bag blog. For detailed information you can always visit our website and search for Tote Bag.
Customized Tote Bag from hotref.com

Most Popular Cooler for 2014 Summer

With the arrival of hot summer, foods are easy to go bad, thus in order to freshly and perfectly protect foods from spoiled, cooler becomes more and more popular in the market. Now here we recommend you various kinds of different coolers at Hotref.com. These coolers can be available or regarded as the corporate gifts which are commonly used at school, the office, picnics and the beach. There are many different types available, cooler chair, music cooler, rolling cooler and lunch cooler.
coolers from hotref.com

Business Cases: Computer Backpack and Duffel

We know that when some jobs call for extensive traveling and other jobs require you to carry around your whole work life. For these situations, we carry plenty of business cases such as computer backpacks, briefs, duffels, and wheeled business cases. The Zoom™ Power2Go Backpack And Zoom™ Energy Bar Pro is a great for traveling employees. The backpack is ideal for carrying around large laptops or padfolios. While the Zoom Energy Bar Pro will keep your laptop powered and ready to go.
business cases from hotref.com

Housewares: Wine and Cheese Collection

Houseware products are a great way to promote your business, while allowing the recipient to get the most use from these products. A helpful tip is choosing promotional items that are functional and practical since they will be used over and over again. Our Housewares include wine and cheese collection, cutlery, food storage and utensils. The wine collection is wide enough to allow for multiple types of wine opener or wine tote to be showcased.
Housewares from hotref.com

Health & Wellness Products for You and Your Family

Do you want health and wellness for you and your family? Whatever the combination of people in your family, you no doubt share the goal that all families have in common. To promote health and wellness for all the member of your family, hear is our chosen collection of Health & Wellness Products for You and Your Family for everyone from the young and the elderly members of your busy family.
Health & Wellness from hotref.com

Promotional Travel Gifts

Feed the wanderlust of your favourite travellers with these affordable Promotional Travel Gifts sure to inspire and improve that next trip. Travel in style and save space, from luggage tag to book light, here is a collection of gifts they will appreciate and find interesting as well as practical during travelling.
luggage tag from hotref.com

Promotional Tradeshow Giveaway Ideas

In any industry, tradeshow is a great way to network and promote your business. Promotional giveaways are the easiest way to gain potential customers as well as get your business noticed. At HotRef.com, we have so many different options for promotional giveaways.
At HotRef.com, we offer durable and affordable promotional products that won’t lack in the quality. Popular promotional tradeshow giveaway items are ones that potential customers can use over and over again. Offering more than just a onetime use feature, giveaway items are ones that clients continually use long after the trade show has ended. With the start of the tradeshow season approaching, these are some of our more popular trade show giveaways products.
tradeshow giveaway from hotref.com
24 Jul 2013 Bridal Shower and Destination Wedding Luggage Tags
Everyone loves a good vacation, and now you can commemorate your bridal shower, engagement party, or wedding with a gift that’ll cater to the frequent flyer. You can find more of our new luggage tags in various styles and themes at our website.

I Love Hearts “Two Hearts” Luggage Tag

I Love Hearts Two Hearts Luggage Tag

I Love Hearts "Two Hearts" Luggage Tag

The heart is a great way to show someone you care deeply for them. These heart theme luggage tags feature the traditional symbol of two hearts becoming one in romantic unity. They’re sure to be a perfect token of your appreciation for the avid traveler, especially in celebration of an engagement announcement, Valentine’s Day, and more.

Glam Girl “High Heel” Luggage Tag

Glam Girl High Heel Luggage Tag

Glam Girl "High Heel" Luggage Tag

Now when you travel, you can do so in style. The zebra print on these high heel shoe luggage tags is a glamorous addition for any girls’ night out, bachelorette party, or bridal shower. Vibrantly colored and trendy from heel to toe, these luggage tags will make the special occasion absolutely unforgettable.
Our site, HotRef.com, is the perfect place to shop for all of your trendy traveling needs with our plethora of endearing luggage tags.
24 May 2011 Luggage Tag Favors- Perfect for Destination Events
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Now a days destination weddings are gaining a lot of popularity. There are many reasons for celebrating your special occasion far away from the city you reside in. You want your family and friends to get an opportunity to go on vacation or celebrate your special day in a secluded place away from the known setting.

Luggage tag favors are just perfect for these types of events where your guests have to travel a long way to get to your event. It is a great way to thank your guests for making the journey. While going back home they can remember your wedding and the fun they had out there. These favors are practical and can be used by your guests whenever they plan to travel anywhere. And actually whenever they see the luggage tags, they would reminisce about your special day and the way they enjoyed it. These are made up of leather straps which can be attached to your luggage which holds your name and has a thank you card attached to it which lets your guests know that you are happy and obliged that they attended your event.

These tags are available in various shapes like cruise ship and air plane. They are affordable and are capable of delighting your guests which is of utmost importance to you. These are taken as tokens of appreciation towards your guests so there is no need to go ahead to buy an expensive and unique favors for your guests. It is a bitter truth that many of the guests after sometime forget about your occasion, but favors are something which remind them about your event whenever they use it.


Wedding is a day when guests are invited to attend this special event from very far and wide countries and cities. So it becomes mandatory on the part of the host of the wedding to plan their event in such a manner that it shall be remembered throughout their life stating it was a unique wedding of which they were special visitors. To make it memorable not only for the wedding couple but for everyone, favors that would be given to the visitors must be selected appropriately keeping in mind all the requirements of the host and what they want to achieve out of giving that particular favor. There is a luggage tags wedding favors which sound whimsical but yet practical because those attainders who would come across the countries so whenever they would fly, they would definitely recall your wedding even for a moment. It helps to mark a statement in planning an event with such type of practical and unique sort of favors. If it’s of airplane shaped its more appropriate because it states the cause of gifting this sort of favors. Luggage tad wedding favors help the guest’s to cherish your wedding.

Another type of favor which can be chosen to gift your guest would be cake server favors. Cake server is a thing which is very general equipment in any kitchen. This is needed basically for occasions like birthday party, anniversaries etc. But it might happen that even though it is needed few people might not have it in their kitchen. So giving cake server as a favor to your guest’s could be an elegant way to join emotions of yours with others. Giving cake server favor would make others remember yours wedding whenever they would celebrate any biggest event of their life while using this cake server. It is affordable and so it can be given to your friends, relatives and other near and dear ones who increase your happiness by being part of it.