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15 Apr 2015 Introducing Travel and Destination Wedding Favors

You have arrived in the destination of happiness until you find the most important person of your life. Celebrate a destination wedding to share your sweet love with family and friends. Garnish the wedding ceremony in a travel-inspired style to take guests to anywhere in the world they dream to go. How to reach travel destination? By bike…? or by plane? Today we will introduce you more Travel and Destination Wedding Favors that includes bicycle wedding favors, airplane designed favors, suitcase party favors and more. Help yourselves to pick out the favorite party favors to decorate your event.

travel and destination wedding party favors from HotRef.com

Airplane Party Favors

Never be worried about getting the luggage lost on the way to travel. Here recommend these two Airplane Luggage Tag in Gift Box with Suitcase Tag and “Bon Voyage” Silver-Finish Airplane Luggage Tag used in identifying your travel luggage. Airplane luggage tag is an information card to luggage as to ID card to citizen.

Airplane Luggage Tag from HotRef.com

Your adventure will begin as soon as the airplane takes off. Take party guests to your wedding spot with the “Let the Adventure Begin” Airplane Bottle Opener. These metal airplane bottle openers can be adapted to not only for destination wedding but also for vintage themed events.


Go in for a  honey moon? Don’t leave the luggage far away from you. It’s a great idea to give the Stainless Iron Luggage Tags Set to party guests as thank you gifts in your destination wedding. “Come Fly with Me” Luggage Tag has the similar workmanship with the previous one. Both luggage tags come with the imprinted airplane design.

airplane imprinted luggage tag from HotRef.com

Suitcase Party Favors

Travel will be boring in the absence of edible favor. Our “Miles of Memories” Personalized Suitcase Favor Tins can be used to hold fun-sized edible party favors like sweeties, chocolates, Jordan almonds or other favorite goodies. Miniature Travel Trolley with Wheels and Retractable Handle features a unique wheel design that looks as if it were a vivid suitcase.

suitcase party favors from HotRef.com


Have you ever complained your luggage is too heavy to carry? Our Bon Voyage Vintage Suitcase Favor Box is a light mini container that can accommodate many tiny favors. They will become your intimate friends during the whole trip.

Bon Voyage Vintage Suitcase Favor Box from HotRef.com


Everything is OK! It’s time to pick up the suitcase to start your journey. “Let the Journey Begin” Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag will keep your travel luggage safe until arrive in the travel destination.

suitcase party favors from HotRef.com



Treat each of your attending guests with a thank you gift like this “Love is in the Air” Personalized Suitcase Tin. It is a practical party favor that can be used in travel occasions.

Globe Party Favors

Glass Globe Design Wine Bottle Stoppers are creative favors that tell your guests what’s their location in. They are perfect favor adapted to any events like destination wedding, birthday, anniversary and more travel-inspired celebrations.

Glass globe design wine bottle stopper favors from HotRef.com

Choice Crystal Globe Favor comes with a design of the world and can revolve on a silver axis and base. It’s a stunning idea to put these crystal favors on family gathering, showers and other special events.

Choice Crystal Globe Favor from HotRef.com


Searching some beach-inspired party favors to match your ocean themed party? Our “Seaside” Sand and Shell-Filled Globe Bottle Stopper will never disappoint you.  Each stopper favor is topped with a clear glass globe filled with sand and small seashells.

Bicycle Party Favors

Ride a bicycle to go anywhere you want to go. Your attending guests must be delighted to receive the Bicycle Party Favors you served on guests tables. They can be also adapted to any vintage wedding, bridal shower, birthday and more occasions.

Bicycle Party Favors from HotRef.com


– Amanda

24 Jul 2013 Bridal Shower and Destination Wedding Luggage Tags
Everyone loves a good vacation, and now you can commemorate your bridal shower, engagement party, or wedding with a gift that’ll cater to the frequent flyer. You can find more of our new luggage tags in various styles and themes at our website.

I Love Hearts “Two Hearts” Luggage Tag

I Love Hearts Two Hearts Luggage Tag

I Love Hearts "Two Hearts" Luggage Tag

The heart is a great way to show someone you care deeply for them. These heart theme luggage tags feature the traditional symbol of two hearts becoming one in romantic unity. They’re sure to be a perfect token of your appreciation for the avid traveler, especially in celebration of an engagement announcement, Valentine’s Day, and more.

Glam Girl “High Heel” Luggage Tag

Glam Girl High Heel Luggage Tag

Glam Girl "High Heel" Luggage Tag

Now when you travel, you can do so in style. The zebra print on these high heel shoe luggage tags is a glamorous addition for any girls’ night out, bachelorette party, or bridal shower. Vibrantly colored and trendy from heel to toe, these luggage tags will make the special occasion absolutely unforgettable.
Our site, HotRef.com, is the perfect place to shop for all of your trendy traveling needs with our plethora of endearing luggage tags.
15 Apr 2012 Exciting Destination Favors
Destination Favors

Destination Favors

Destination weddings can be considered to be the most exciting events one can ever experience. It has been termed destination wedding because a destination is decided upon by the bride and groom and the same is generally away from their usual place of residence. Here they celebrate their wedding and the joyous occasion of their being together for coming years. This sounds very adventurous but people do opt for destination weddings because it lets them and their guests enjoy a new location and a change in the climate, ambience and flavor of celebration. It is a tradition which has been followed from ages that guests who attend your weddings must be appreciated by gifting them with favors. And so for a destination wedding the favors must be coordinated. There are plenty of stores dealing in favors but you need to look for the best among them who can offer a good variety in destination favors.

Destination favors can be gifted to your guests and other relatives according to your budget. There are

Destination Themed Favors

Destination Themed Favors

many choices available like luggage tags, paper or wooden fan, favor boxes filled with chocolates and candies and many other destination related favors to match every wedding theme. This way you can make your guests feel pampered and appreciated for participating in your event. These favors are just a token of love given on behalf of the newly married couple to their guests for thanking them. This would be your way of expressing your gratitude to your guests who have traveled so far to be a part of your special day. A beautiful destination wedding becomes all the more beautiful and memorable with these favors.