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18 Jan 2016 Introducing Valentine’s Day Party Favors

Here comes the Valentine’s Day soon! It’s a sweet day for two beloved one, of course, for both married and unmarried. Lovers will make a date that day and exchange their Valentine’s Day gifts with each other. Have you got any ideas on what gifts for her or what gifts for him? HotRef will think more ideas and provide our top seller Valentine’s Day gifts for you. Hope you can find what favorite gifts for him and for her. Today we introduce Valentine’s Day party favors for company party, kids’ party, or any celebration parties with love.  We have love, rose and heart designs and they are special for Valentine’s Day party.

Introducing Valentine's Day Party Favors from HotRef.com

Heart Party Favors

Speak loudly that you will love him or her forever with these Heart Party Favors. Heart related favor is the most direct way to show your love and they are the most popular favors during these days. Today, we will put more value on following items and we have more heart shaped favors. Welcome to pay attention to our HotRef for more information.

Heart Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: “Love Beyond Measure” Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons Right Top: Chrome Key Chain with Crystal Heart

Left Bottom: Exquisite Heart Shaped Curio Box Right Bottom: “Tea Time” Heart Tea Infuser

Rose Party Favors

Rose Party Favors symbolize for true love. Girls who receives a bunch of flowers will be surprised and moved. She may promise you to be your girlfriend since you create a big surprise for her. Rose Party Favors are designed in rose and they are sure to make a good impression if you send these as gifts.

Rose Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: “Love in Bloom” Heart Rose Jewelry & Trinket Box  Right Top: Choice Crystal Long Stem Rose

Left Bottom: Realistic rose design compact mirror Right Bottom: Angel Designed Candle Holder

Love Party Favors

Share your sweet love with guests and let know you are fall in love with each other with Love Party Favors. They are designed in the letter of “L, O,V,E”, that’s the English word “LOVE”. How romantic these love party favors are if you hand them out as party gifts, and can also be Valentine’s Day gifts. Next, let’s show you gold love favors and silver love party favors.

Love Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Gold Love Wedding Cake Topper  Right Top: Gold Love Glass Coasters

Left Bottom: LOVE Gold Place Card Holder Right Bottom: Love Antique Gold Bottle Opener

We also have silver love party favors, they are widely used in any love themed wedding, bridal shower, engagement party. It’s also a good idea to give them as party gifts for guests to take home or Valentine’s Day gifts for her and for him.

Love Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Love Design Chrome Bottle Stopper Right Top: LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards

Left Bottom: LOVE Chrome Pourer/Bottle Stopper  Right Bottom: Love Chrome Silver Bottle Opener

Hope you to have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

– Amanda

15 Jan 2016 New Wedding and Party Favors From KateAspen

We have recently updated a lot of new favors from KateAspen. They are tropical wedding favors and love & heart party favors. Tropical wedding favors include pineapple and palm tree favors that are perfect for any tropical wedding and bridal shower in summer time; love & heart party favors are elegantly designed in heart shape that is great for any love themed wedding, bridal shower, engagement party and more romantic events.

Tropical Wedding

Pineapple and palm tree are planted in hot summer day. Thus, these pineapple and palm tree party favors are perfect for any beach inspired events, like beach themed wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower and more tropical events in summer.

Tropical Wedding Party Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener Right Top: “Palm Breeze” Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener

Left Bottom: Pineapple Textured Gold Candle Votive Holder Right Bottom: Gold Pineapple Place Card Holder

  • Pineapple

Pineapple is our favorite fruit in summer. Satisfy your customer’s needs with our new updated pineapple party favors. Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener can be used to celebrate tropical themed wedding, anniversary, 50th birthday or class reunion.

Gold Pineapple Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Gold Pineapple Place Card Holder has a pineapple shape and makes your guests easily find their seats. It’s a polite way to welcome your guests with this place card holder. Perfect for any fruit themed wedding and more gold events.

Gold Pineapple Place Card Holder from HotRef.com

  • Palm Tree

Palm is generally planted in spring and summer. It is supposed that palm tree favors are welcomed for spring and summer events. Palm Tree Breeze Gold Bottle Opener can make your event really memorable for a tropical, beach, or destination wedding or anniversary. We also have silver matching palm tree with “Palm Breeze” Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener.

Palm Tree Breeze Gold Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Adorn your tropical events with this Pineapple Textured Gold Candle Votive Holder placed on tables as centerpiece to make your party look shiny. Perfect as party favors for tropical themed wedding, anniversary, birthday, conference and more events.

Pineapple Textured Gold Candle Votive Holder from HotRef.com

Love and Heart Favors

Speak loudly how much you love your beloved one with our Love & Heart Party Favors. They are designed with fashionable heart shape style and can highlight any of your love themed wedding. These heart related party favors are great for love themed wedding, bridal shower, engagement party and more romantic occasions.

Love and Heart Favors from HotRef.com

Left Top: Copper Love Bottle Opener  Right Top: Cheers to a Great Combination Gold Wine Set

Left Bottom: Love Gold Place Card Holder  Right Bottom: Copper Heart Bottle Stopper

  • Love Party Favors

Show your forever love with your other half to all the coming guests with Copper LOVE Bottle Opener. This love opener can extend the theme of your industrial or minimalist wedding or wedding shower to your recipients. They are on backorder until 2016/1/26.

Copper LOVE Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Set your guest’s table with this LOVE Gold Place Card Holder. The place card holder is made of resin with gold finish and classic “LOVE” letter design features a heart in place of the “O”. Ideal for love wedding and engagement party.

LOVE Gold Place Card Holder from HotRef.com

We also have another matching LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards. They can be both used in any love themed wedding and engagement party.

LOVE Silver Place Card Holder / Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards from HotRef.com

  • Heart Party Favors

Using Heart shape related favors to decorate your party is the most direct way to share your love with your guests. Copper Heart Bottle Stopper is a great give-away gift or thank you gift for guests as a perfect reminder to keep your love wedding stay in memory.

Copper Heart Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com

Looking for a heart favors to match your love themed events? This Cheers to a Great Combination Gold Wine Set will never disappoint you. Each wine set comes equipped with an open-heart design bottle stopper and matching corkscrew in a shiny gold finish. We also have another “Cheers to a Great Combination” Wine Set to match the gold one. Both of them are on backorder until 2016/1/26.

Cheers to a Great Combination Gold Wine Set from HotRef.com

More new favors are coming soon. Welcome to keep an eye on our latest information at HotRef.com.

– Amanda

14 Oct 2015 Introducing Interlocking Hearts Party Favors

Interlocking hearts favors are often used in love themed wedding or engagement party. Their hearts interlock which symbols whether they are healthy, rich or not, they will always help with each other until they get older. Today, we will introduce you interlocking hearts party favors from FashionCraft and hope that will give you more ideas on planning your events. We also have other interlocking hearts party favors from other vendors.

Interlocking Hearts Party Favors from HotRef.com


Interlocking Hearts Wedding Accessory Set

Complete your love and heart themed wedding with our elegant Interlocking Hearts Wedding Accessory Set. Accented with intricate shiny clear stones. This set is sure to become the focal talk of your special wedding or engagement party.

Interlocking Heart Themed Wedding Accessory Set from HotRef.com

Interlocking Hearts Cake Topper

This elegant Interlocking Hearts Cake Topper can be used as both cake topper and centerpiece. Place the favors in the center of guests’ table that is sure to speak highly of your events.

Interlocking Hearts Centerpiece / Cake Topper from HotRef.com

Interlocking Heart Candle Favors

Rekindle the flames of love in your guests’ hearts with these Double Heart Designed Champagne Flute Candle Holders! Poured white wax beautifully contained within this champagne glass designed base makes for an elegant example of the otherwise boring candle.

Double Heart Design Champagne Flute Candle Holders from HotRef.com

Add some elegance into your wedding or anniversary with these Interlocking Hearts Design Favor Saver Candles. These charming interlocking heart candle favors are perfect for wedding, bridal shower, birthday, baby shower and sweet 15/16 birthday party.

Interlocking Hearts Design Favor Saver Candles from HotRef.com

Warm the hearts of your guests with these elegant Interlocking Silver Heart Designed Candle Holders! Each resin base comes in a white and silver with interlocking hearts design and two smaller hearts accents. They are ideal favors for wedding, engagement party and more love themed celebrations!

Interlocking Silver Heart Design Candle Holders from HotRef.com

Interlocking Hearts Keychains

Put the Interlocking Heart Design Favor Saver Key Chains on weddings, showers, birthday, communion, sweet sixteen and all other special events requiring a sense of love. Every interlocking hearts key rings comes complete with an interlocking heart designed charm that’s adorable and eye-catching.

Interlocking Heart Design Favor Saver Key Chains from HotRef.com

Share your joy of love to your guests with the intertwined heart and love themed key chain. Silver metal hearts feature a swirl design at the top interconnect to form a romantically linked pair, while stunning rhinestone accents hearts in the corner.

Intertwined Heart and Love Themed Key Chain from HotRef.com

Interlocking Hearts Bottle Stopper

Send hearts aflutter with an interlocking hearts bottle stopper perfect for capturing the tender essence of the special upcoming occasion. The Glistening double heart design bottle stopper will be a perfect accent for romantic events of all seasons like wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversaries and housewarming.

Glistening Heart Design Bottle Stopper from HotRef.com

Wish you to have a happy planning on your wedding!

– Amanda

26 Aug 2015 Heart Wedding Favors from Artisano Designs

Heart theme is the most direct way to show your true love to beloved half. What a romantic wedding theme when guests coming to your wedding and see everything is decorated by Heart Wedding Party Favors. Most newly married couples decide to use this theme because they are longing for a romantic wedding. Today, we’d like to show you an array of heart shaped wedding favors from Artisano Designs. They are elegant love inspired favors for wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, tea party or birthday party like sweet 15 or 16. Also delicate gifts given on Valentine’s Day for him or her.

Heart Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

Heart Coaster

It must arouse your guests’ attention when place these heart shaped coasters on table reception. There are different colors coasters for you to choose. “True in Blue” Heart Glass Photo Coasters“Pretty in Pink” Heart Glass Photo Coasters“Heartfelt Memories” Frosted Heart Photo Coasters and “Live Love Laugh … Forever” Heart Glass Coasters. They are perfect wedding favors for love and heart themed wedding or engagement party. They are also elegant gifts for Valentine’s Day gift for boyfriend or girlfriend.

Heart Coaster from HotRef.com

Heart Metal Favors

Share these special party favors named “A Perfect Fit” Heart Puzzle Cookie Cutters with your beloved one. Enjoy tea time with your family and friends with our Love is Brewing Heart Tea Infuser. With these “The Measure of Love” Heart Measuring Spoon Sets and Measure of Love Heart Measuring Spoon Set! It includes 4 sizes spoons: quarter teaspoon, half teaspoon, teaspoon, and tablespoon. Show your great happiness to your friends and guests with this “Hearts Entwined” Spreader.

Metal Heart Favors from HotRef.com

Heart Ceramic Favors

Two hearts beats in one for love. The “Hearts Entwined” Salt and Pepper Shakers is wonderfully displayed as a heartwarming gift set. Perfect for the newly wed, the “Two Hearts” Espresso Coffee Cup will make an extraordinary gift to be treasured. “Love Infused” Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate for all the finer things in life you shared with your loved ones like breaking bread with the one you love. Sweetheart White Porcelain Sugar Bowl, simply sweet, your guests will adore the heart design when they open this beautifully rounded sugar bowl.

Ceramic Heart Favors from HotRef.com

Heart Trinket box

“Love in Bloom” Heart Rose Jewelry & Trinket Box is sure to be a bridal shower and wedding party favorite! Heart shape and rose trinket box is also a perfect keepsake favor for Valentine’s Day, sweet 15/16 birthday, or any special event with heart or love theme. This fabulous jewelry trinket box features white rose flora expression on the top of lid and side of the heart shaped box, which evokes a sense of love and romance like a simple heart shape or the bloom of roses.

Trinket Box from HotRef.com

Heart Bottle Stopper

Our “Brilliant Heart” Bottle Stopper will be a simple and elegant addition to an array of special occasions such as weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, and more. The chrome bottle stopper is topped by an open heart decoration that will be an appreciated symbolism by all who receive it. Packaged in a gift box, these bottle stoppers are more than ready to make their way into the hands of your friends and family for the special day.

Heart Scented Soap

Love can certainly go to distance and is a stark reminder that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Our Stamped with Love Scented Soaps are just such an example of how love is something to remember and cherished, even when far away from your special someone. The box contains 2 soap favors with a subtle sweet fragrance, fashioned in the shape of a postage stamp with an endearing heart in the center. Complete with a designer gift box, these are ready to be given as mementos to the guests at the next wedding, bridal shower, or other romantic celebration.

Stamped with Love Scented Soaps from HotRef.com


– Amanda