A¬† union of two different¬† individuals into one relationship based upon different factors such as mutual love, affection, attraction and commitment.To celebrate this special ocassion , guest out of their gratitude appreciate their wedding being part of their happiness.When anyone plan their wedding ,they want it to be perfect.It is done with the help of different but unique and elegant wedding favors.There are many wedding and ceremonies which decides olive oil as their wedding theme.It enhances the fun as well as richness in their relation.It gives unique flavour to wedding atmosphere. Olive oil favors are useful for the guest’s in various ways -cooking , cosmetic and medicinal purposes.One thing which an individual must keep in mind while choosing favor as olive, it is as complicated as choosing fine wine.The variety in olive oil varies, on the basis of different type of soil in which olive is grown.

Olive oil as love wedding favours rejuvinate all the excitement in the couple.These favors are gifted in a bottle or some beautifully decorated container.It gives a personalised touch by wrapping the container with a pretty ribbon and a gift tag is attached stating the name of the couple.Different products are made out of this oil which again gifted as favors such as soap which is natural and pure and it does wonder for skin by giving moist and soft essence.This is a great mean to show romance in your wedding and reception .Everyone experience this special day once in their lifetime so they want it to make different and special so that even their guest get mesmerise by recalling their wedding event.Based on love theme beautiful candles, photo frames and other love favors and decoration highlights the romance and passion between the bride and groom.

Last but not the least a thumb rule which must be taken care of while making selection of wedding decoration especially the type and shape of candles, which depends how long does an event continues.A big question arises when to gift favors to the guest’s?It can be at the end of the ceremony as thanking gift or at the time guest’s pass through the entrance of the venue of the event.