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09 Jul 2014 Tea Party Favors From KateAspen
With the arrival of hot summer, it is a great time to have a tea party for bridal shower or friends getting together. Of course, a series of tea tools are needed and indispensable in the party. Here we introduce some tea party favors from KateAspen.
Tea, Coffee & Chocolate Wedding from hotref.com

“Swee-Tea” Ceramic Tea-Bag Caddy

Friends get together to have a tea party with “Swee-Tea” Ceramic Tea-Bag Caddy in white with the words “Swee-Tea” imprinted in black. Along with the black tray gift box for holding, which can be sent as a considerate gift for both family and friends.

Tea Infuser

Tea party provides a platform for chatting and making new friends with each other. “Tea Time” Heart Tea Infuser in Tea-Time Gift Box adds more romantic elements into the design which becomes the best gift for wedding, bridal shower, birthday and any other anniversaries. The reason why it enjoys a popularity is for its heart-shaped theme, not only for the body of spoon, but the heart-shaped handle. “Tea for Two” Teapot Tea Infuser is another kind of delicate gift, which will bring your warmth and gratitude to guests. It is made of stainless-steel and has a chain-pull scalloped tray. And if you want to hold a baby shower party, “Welcome Home, Baby” House Shaped Stainless-Steel Tea Infuser is your best choice. The house-shaped appearance represents “Welcome home” for the arrival of the new-born baby.
Tea, Coffee & Chocolate Wedding from hotref.com

It’s About Time- Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Gifts

This It’s About Time- Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Gifts are favored by most people for its cute little kettle and a time device counting from one to six. It is packed with a clear box so that you can see it from every angle.
It's About Time- Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Gifts from hotref.com

Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders

Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders are sure to be loved by guests. They can be used to hold a candle as a table decoration in wedding, bridal shower, birthday or anniversaries and celebration. The silver design alongside the holder makes it more high-end and beautiful.
Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders from hotref.com


After having a delicious meal, we all prefer to have mouth freshener which refreshes our mouth and complete the meal in whole. So we can also try out this idea in giving favors to our guest’s because these are something which is very general in everyone’s life. Wedding favors mint tins, if given shall be appreciated by the entire guest. It comes in varieties like mint tin with photo holder, tins matching with the dress code of the bride and groom, personalized mint tin favors etc. Personalizing the favor is an interesting way to make your wedding memorable for others.


Tea and coffee wedding favors are perfect for winter themed wedding. In our day to day life we intake coffee or tea every morning or else our morning doesn’t starts. Similarly if we keep this traditional habit of ours as a theme while planning for favors could be one of the best options which would pleasure your guest’s even. These favors would act as a energizer in the party and would rejuvenate their excitement every time the guest’s lose their energy even for a single moment. Receiving coffee as favor would make everyone’s morning as the best part of the entire day with its aromatic smell and rich taste.


A tea infuser is a utensil in which you place tea leaves for steeping in a cup; it is known as tea ball or tea maker or a tea egg. This is something which is basically used in every kitchen be it of Queen Victoria or of a common people’s kitchen. It is a device without which we cannot enjoy our tea and neither we could be able to start our day. It comes in different shape like spherical, conical etc. Giving tea infuser favors won’t go waste from the guest’s point of view .They would use it daily and shall rejoice your wedding memory till they would have your favor.