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22 Sep 2014 Introduce 4 Angel Candle Holder Party Favors
Angel symbolizes a sense of holiness and chastity in almost everyone’s eyes. Angel Party Favors are perfect favors for Communions, Confirmations, Baptisms, Christenings, baby shower, wedding or even Christmas party. Today we will put more value on the introduction of Angel Candle Holder Party Favors in different designs. We hope they will give you a little inspiration on how to adorn your party events.
Angel Candle Holder Party Favors from hotref.com

Angel Designed Candle Holder

Gathering these three components of a heart, a white rose and a holy angle together with this Angel Designed Candle Holder. This favor fully manifests a sense of love which can be a perfect favor for weddings, anniversaries, bridal shower, baby shower, sweet sixteen, or any special occasion.
Angel Designed Candle Holder from hotref.com

Guardian Angel Photo / Place Card Candle Holder

Decorate your wedding, baby shower or Christening with this Guardian Angel Photo / Place Card Candle Holder. This favor can be divided in two parts: one is a round coiled wire wraps about a glass tea light holder embellished with several guardian angels; the other one is place card holder that can be held significant photos or cards that direct guests to their right tables. Because of its elegant design and practical use, it is appreciated by most guests.
Guardian Angel Photo / Place Card Candle Holder from hotref.com

Angel design champagne flute candle holders

These Angel design champagne flute candle holders can be versatile for many occasions when birthday, sweet sixteen, anniversaries, wedding, bridal shower is going to be held. Each candle holder features a pewter color poly resin stem, accented by an angel charm with inlaid ivory enamel details and dazzling rhinestones. Whatever using it in celebrations or sending it as thank you gift, it is a superb choice for you.
Angel design champagne flute candle holders from hotref.com

“Regal Favor Collection” angel themed candle holders

Your religious faith will be gave out with these “Regal Favor Collection” angel themed candle holders. Each angel votive candle holder is finished in pewter and features an inlaid enamel ivory angel decorated with rhinestones. Within the base sits a frosted white glass votive holder with a poured white candle inside. They are ideal favors for communion, confirmation, wedding, or other events.
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The baby shower refers to the celebration which is done on the birth of a baby. This occasion is very special for a mother because by giving birth to a baby she has turned up to be a mother from women or a wife or from a daughter in law. So, the family member invites their near and dear one’s to celebrate this special moment and be part of this happiness .The guest gives gifts to the parents along with good wishes and blessings. Here the word shower is assumed to be used as if the newly parents are showered with blessings and gifts for the well being of the baby.

This is also celebrated for the expectant mother .Especially the ladies gives valuable tips to the would be mother out of their experience, so that no difficulty is faced by the newly formed mother while taking care of her child. So, the gifts which are presented on this day as baby shower gifts are basically of those types which would be useful for the guests and remind them of the occasion for a long time to come.

Baby shower should be organized in a very stylish manner and an essence of creativity and fun for planning is a way to make your event a sweet and loving memory for everyone. To start with planning one must know its budget then a proper but exciting theme should be planned for the event and related decoration must be chosen to make it a perfect day for the mother and the baby. The decorative stuff could be baby shower bouquet, centerpiece, balloons, chocolates, flowers and soft toys and many more.
The favor baby shower would go hand in hand with this planning. The favors could be lollipop, teddy bear, baby carriage, fortune cookies, cartoon oriented photo stand and many more. These add a glitz to an event and make it a whimsy celebration.