15 Sep 2013 Chalkboard Wedding favors

Fall in Love with Creative Chalkboard Wedding Ideas? Or Entertain your guests before while they sit and wait for the ceremony to begin? We get this inspirational Chalkboard Theme Favors to make your creation sparkle.

Chalkboard Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder

Try a fun chalkboard party for your next birthday and give your guests this unique Chalkboard Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder. The unique chalkboard band along the side of the tealight holder can be used to host a plethora of messages, giving these holders a limitless amount of possibilities.

Chalkboard Square Black Frame

A rustic bridal shower or anniversary celebration! We can’t get enough of Chalkboard love theme with this Chalkboard Square Black Frame. Each square black frame features a chalkboard surface, a black back and stand, and a white insert with a pink and black heart graphic. Have fun with your Chalkboard!/tr>

Chalkboard Glass and Cork Favor Jars

It’s no doubt that love is sweet, so why not get a candy theme party with this Chalkboard Glass and Cork Favor Jars to honor true love and friendship. You can use them to direct loved ones to their seats, or fill them with small candies, mints, chocolate, or other tiny trinkets, and they’ll be a memorable little gift for the guests to take home.

“Sip and Scribble” Chalkboard Coasters

Chalk up this trendly “Sip and Scribble” Chalkboard Coasters wedding favor to fabulous design! Each coaster features a real chalkboard surface that your guests can write and draw on when they’re not occupied by drinks. A scroll highlight decorates the outside border of each coaster.

Blackboard Design Coaster Sets

Youll be amazed at the this lovely Blackboard Design Coaster Sets created at your tables by simply scatter. Each coaster features a white border with a curly cue in each corner and the center of the coaster can be used as a chalkboard for seating assignments or special messages.

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