17 Aug 2014 Cowboy Boot Western Themed Wedding Party Favors
Have you ever seen some special favors such as magnet, bottle opener, place card holder and mini glass which are made into a shape of cowboy boot? Today, we are pleased to introduce you these cute Western Wedding Favors which are perfectly used in rustic wedding, bridal shower, birthday and any other anniversary. They are sure to bring a great surprise to you.
Cowboy Boot Wedding Favors from hotref.com

Western Cowboy Boots Magnets for Bride & Groom

The Western Cowboy Boots Magnets are attractive and popular, a perfect touch for western wedding and country wedding or bridal shower. It is generally used to hold place card holder to guide guests to their seats, or can be a thank-you gift for guests to take away home for some practical use. Nothing can be more charming than this cute touch to adorn your rustic western wedding or bridal shower.
Western Cowboy Boots Magnets for Bride & Groom from hotref.com

“Just Hitched” Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener

Guests may open a bottle of wine with a surprise mood in this “Just Hitched” Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener. Delicately crafted with antique-brass finished “Just Hitched” in boot shaped which is versatile applied in rustic, barnyard, or cowboy themed wedding or event. Giving away for a gift to guests for practical use at home may another good idea.

Cowboy Boot Place Card/Note Holders

Guests may have some troubles in finding their seats without the place card holders. Cowboy Boot Place Card/Note Holders really help guests more and will be sure to appeal their attention for these cute favors. Each place card holder is completed in hand printed rustic pattern in the material of leather. A magnetized red and white polka dot bandanna on the top. It is sure to be loved by most guests. Another Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder resin in antique gold finish. It is also a perfect favors for rustic themed wedding or bridal shower.
Cowboy Boot Place Card/Note Holders from hotref.com
Cowboy Boot Place Card/Note Holders from hotref.com

Mini Western Boot Shaped Glasses

Mini Western Boot Shaped Glasses are versatile favors for drinking or holders of flowers, candies or chocolates in western rustic wedding. In addition, you are free to add some personalized touches on them. They can be in paired with some place card holders so that your guests will be satisfied with the service provided by such cute a cute favors.
Mini Western Boot Shaped Glasses from hotref.com
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