21 May 2015 Introducing New Chalk Accents from KateAspen

Chalkboard themed party may drive you to trace back to those childlike campus life. Teachers are writing on the blackboard in chalk in order to make students have a better understanding of knowledge point. Graduation ceremony is coming soon. Have you made a full plan to hold a chalkboard-inspired graduation ceremony to commemorate your schoolyard? Here we offer you more inspiration on how to adorn the graduation ceremony as chalkboard theme. We have introduced a batch of new Chalkboard Party Favors for your reference.

Chalkboard Party Favors from HotRef.com

Eat, Drink and Be Married Personalized Bottle Opener

Hand these Eat, Drink and Be Married Personalized Bottle Openers out to party guests as memorable reminders of your special day. Personalize the favors with your names and wedding date to create your own style. Guests will think of everything that happened in your wedding every time when they open up the wine bottle. They are perfect personalized favors for your chalkboard wedding and engagement party.

Eat Drink and Be Married Personalized Bottle Opener from HotRef.com

Chalk It Up to Love Personalized Heart Seed Paper Cards

Plant the seeds of love with your beloved one and let them come out to flowers. Chalk It Up to Love Personalized Heart Seed Paper Cards can be given as thank-you gifts for guests so that they can plant these seeds to their garden and blossom to wildflowers.

Chalk It Up to Love Personalized Heart Seed Paper Cards from HotRef.com

Framed Chalkboard Place Cards Stands

Framed Chalkboard Place Cards Stands can be perfectly used as assistant tools that help guests find their seats. Just write guest’s name and table number in chalk. It is a smart way to welcome guests.

Framed Chalkboard Place Card Stands from HotRef.com

Chalkboard Personalized Water Bottle Labels

Make all the details accordance with your chalkboard themed celebrations, even if a plain water bottle. Beautify the water bottle with these Chalkboard Personalized Water Bottle Labels that feature a classic black-and-white design, which are sure to bring you back to those school days.

Chalk Personalized Water Bottle Labels from HotRef.com

Chalkboard Square Black Photo Frame

As practical as this Chalkboard Square Black Photo Frame to be, our photo frame can be used as place card holder in your events or as photo frame at home. They are practical and memorable party favors for any chalkboard themed celebrations.

Chalkboard Square Black Frame from HotRef.com


Chalkboard Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder

Our Chalkboard Frosted Glass Tealight Holder can be DIY by yourself in chalk so that they can perfectly tie in any party like wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, birthday party and other chalk related events.

Chalkboard Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder from HotRef.com

Have you ever recalled for those old campus life today? Let these chalkboard themed party favors bring you to review those old days.

– Amanda