19 Aug 2015 What’s Hot in Promotional Products for Upcoming Events?

Popular promotional products are a perfect pick for your clients! Upcoming events will be made spectacular with your logo on the right item!

PRLogAugust 18, 2015FREMONT, Calif. — As the summer weather finally beings to cool down, events are just beginning to heat up! Fall and winter are a very popular time to have corporate events. Making sure your company picks the right products for your event is an important task and one HotRef is here to help with. We have a large selection of business items, as well as a business blog to help you choose just the right item for your event.

Back To School Promotional Products from HotRef.com


Conference Promotional Gifts

Many conferences are held during September and October. Getting a logo imprinted on an item is a great way to impress clients or reward your staff!

1. Eco-Friendly items have recycled material in them. If you’re a company that cares about the environment, these should definitely be on your list.

2. Who doesn’t love a nice tote bag? Everyone will love the ease of carrying things around with your tote bag with logo on it.

3. Jot down great ideas in a padfolio. This item will look very classy with your logo imprinted on the cover.

4. A pen with a company logo is a must-have item. Whether you use it as a corporate give away or as a reward for employees, make sure that getting a logo imprinted on a pen is part of your to-do list.

5. After a conference, give your clients a useful umbrella. With this unique gift, travelers will be happy to stay out of wet weather.

6. If you have to go far away, get a travel item. Whether you’re getting a logo on a travel wallet, luggage tag, or travel mug, these items will make everyone’s traveling a little easier.

7. Another great option for your business is drinkware. There are many cups and mugs available at HotRef, so you’re certain to find something just right for your company.

Back to School

It might feel like summer just began, but the time to go back to school is just around the corner. There are plenty of items you can put logos on or you can personalize for your favorite students. Make sure to see all our backpacks at HotRef!

1. For students bringing lunch, a lunch cooler is a necessity. These keep lunches fresh for the students throughout the day and many can be personalized with names. California Innovations® and Arctic Zone® popular brands are also available.

2. Students will also need backpacks when they begin going to school again. HotRef has an amazing variety of backpacks, everything from lightweight cinches to heavy duty rolling backpacks,  brands like High Sierra®, elleven™, Wenger® and more. One of them is sure to suit you.

3. For today’s student, mobile tech is the new way of doing things. Our chargers provide great solutions to keeping electronics charged on the go.

4. A bound journal is always a great thing to have for students. Taking notes on these will help their hard studying pay off.

5.  Pens are mostly used in daily study life. No matter you keep notes, write letters, or have an examination, pens are always needed. There are array of pens at HotRef, help yourself to have a look at these practical pens.

Golf Events

Fall is also a great time for golf events. And HotRef has a wide range of items you can put your logo on for your next golf tournament or event.

1. A golf towel will help keep you dry or clean up any messes on the green. Get one with your logo on it for a great giveaway.

2. If the weather looks stormy, a golf umbrella will keep everyone dry. These make popular gifts for golfers during rainy weather.

3. For golfers, golf bags are necessary to carry the golf clubs around the course. Make sure your golf bag is sturdy and decorated with a logo!

4. In golfing tournaments, a golf putter is almost always needed to finish well. Get your next putter from HotRef!

5. For the many other items a golfer needs, golf accessories are an important category. Whether you’re looking for a golf pouch or golf balls to put a logo on, HotRef has got your golfing covered.

For other items that would make great business gifts, HotRef is a great place to see items that would be perfect for your clients! Get started now to make sure your items will arrive on time for all your business meetings.