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26 Dec 2014 Artisano Design Angel Party Favors
Let these holy angels witness your sweet love in wedding ceremony, purify your mental space in religious church, bring you best wishes in birthday party and share the happiness for newborn baby in baby shower. Place these Angel Party Favors as decorative centerpieces on guests’ table in your special event for guests’ appreciation. They are ideal party favors for wedding, bridal shower, baptism, baby shower, christening and more occasions. It is also a great idea to serve as party gifts to friends and guests.
Angel Party Favors from HotRef.com

Angel Kisses Cherub Snow Globe Favor

Add a little elegance and festive atmosphere to your special event with this Angel Kisses Cherub Snow Globe Favor, which makes a perfect favor for baptism, first holy communion, confirmation or any party event. Perfect party favors that can completely tie in your event theme. An ideal give-away gift for guests as a reminder for your special event.
Angel Kisses Cherub Snow Globe Favor from HotRef.com

“Guardian Angel” Laser Etched Crystal Favor

Bring religious belief with this “Guardian Angel” Laser Etched Crystal Favor as a beautiful addition to your friends and guests. Place it on the desk at home or in the office in order to create a good environment. It can be applied whether for baptisms, Christenings, first communions, wedding, or bridal shower. Perfect party favors for guests collect as memorable keepsakes as well as elegant table decorations displayed in your big event.

“Little Angel” Cherub Figurine Favors

Inspired by these “Little Angel” Cherub Figurine Favors, your true love will be witnessed by these cute and adorable little angels. Stunning party favors that can be displayed in the center of table as decorative centerpieces which is sure to be a big hit in your special occasion. An elegant memorable keepsake for guests as a reminder for this precious experience.

“Blessed Prayer” Laser Etched Crystal Favor

Make your pursue and dream come true by prayer with this “Blessed Prayer” Laser Etched Crystal Favor. Accented with a Cross design. Perfect for celebrating baptisms, Christenings, or first communions and more religious party events. It is a great way to place it on guests’ table as a centerpiece or give it as memorable keepsake for guests.
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22 Dec 2014 Introducing Spreader Wedding and Party Favors
Wedding and party favors features spreaders. As elegant as the appearance it is, the design for the spreaders integrate more today’s contemporary taste that will completely cater to various themes of your special event. Here’s show you assorted Spreader Party Favors in different themes and patterns for your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, holiday party and other more occasions.
Spreader Wedding and Party Favors from HotRef.com

Artisano Design Spreader Party Favors

Holiday Wishes Snowflake Spreader in snowflake shaped design can perfectly match your winter themed occasions. Snowflake is the traditional motif in winter that will be sure to be loved by guests. Two hearts combined in one means sweet love. Share your love with your guests with this Hearts Entwined Spreader so that they can feel your happiness. “Spread the love” to all your guests and friends with this “Spread the Love” Victorian Spreader. It is sure to be appreciated by guests and become a big hit in your big day.
Artisano Design Spreader Party Favors from HotRef.com

KateAspen Spreader Party Favors

There are also other assorted kinds of Spreaders in different designs and patterns from KateAspe. You can feel free to select the design to match your wedding or party theme. This stainless steel “Vintage Reserve” Spreader with wine cork handle will be your best choice for vintage themed wedding, bridal shower and other more events. Adorable flip flop design, chrome spreader with heart shaped handle, vino spreader and olive spreader are the stunning spreader party favors as well.
KateAspen Spreader Party Favors from HotRef.com

Spreader Baby Shower Favors

Your little one has gradually grown up from the moment when he starts to identify the alphabet “A…B…C…”. This Alphabet Block Spreader will fit in your baby shower very much so that will leave a great impression to friends and guests. A special reminder of your big event as well.
Spreader Baby Shower Favors from HotRef.com

Cheese Board with Spreader Set

Who can resist the temptation from delectable cheese placed in this Cheese Board with Spreader Set? Displaying these sets on buffet table for guests pack their favorite flavor cheese. It’s a great way to enjoy themselves. This Heart-Shaped Cheese Board is popular for its special design, which is a perfect party favor for wedding, bridal shower, and more occasions in terms of love theme.
La Fromagerie Cheese Board & Spreader from HotRef.com
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