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17 Sep 2014 Crystal Baby Shower Favors
Celebrate your little one’s big event with these Crystal Baby Shower Favors may make your party look more luxury. These clear and sparkling crystals just represent your little one’s pure heart. Next, let us introduce detailed information about various crystal favors for you. They are perfect party favors and delicate gifts for baby shower, baby birthday, or any other baby events.
Crystal Baby Shower Favors from hotref.com

Crystal Baby Shoe

Celebrate baby shower or birthday for your little baby with this Crystal Baby Shoe. Your guests will find this favor is perfectly suitable for crystal themed party. This favor can be used as key chain as well in daily life. It is perfect party favor and practical gift for baby events, birthday, baptism and christening.
Crystal Baby Shoe from hotref.com

Crystal Baby Carriage

What a cute and elegant carriage that is made of crystal. Celebrate baby shower with this Choice Crystal Baby Carriage may be your best choice. Each crystal carriage is silver embossed handle and wheel which looks like a real one. This is a perfect ornament or delicate gift for baby shower, birthday or any other baby events.
Crystal Baby Carriage from hotref.com

Crystal Baby Pacifier

Greet your new born baby with this Pacifier is a perfect idea. Because almost every baby can’t be happy without pacifier. There are two different colors in pink and blue, pink is perfect for girls and blue is perfect for boys. Your guests will be sure to feel your happiness for the new arrival baby coming to your big family. They are optimum favors for baby shower, birthday and any other baby themed party.
Crystal Baby Pacifier from hotref.com

Crystal Baby Bottle Keychain Favors

“Choice Crystal Collection” baby bottle design key chain favors are cute party favors for baby shower, christening, baby shower, birth announcement and other baby themed events. It is welcomed by most guests due to its fashionable design in silver top and nipple. Your guests must love it at the first sight.
Crystal Baby Bottle Keychain Favors from hotref.com

Crystal Train

Your little new born baby must be crazy about Crystal Choice Choo Choo Train Favors. And they will be sure to make your little one laugh and happy. These crystal choo choo train favors are perfect for your wedding, sweet sixteen, bridal shower, baby shower, or any fairytale themed event.
Crystal Choice Choo Choo Train Favors from hotref.com

Crystal Teddy Bear

When you were a child, you must love anything about teddy bear. So does your baby. Crystal Teddy Bear Figurines complete with a multifaceted crystal bear with a pair of black eyes and a nose holding a blue heart. These favors are packed in blue boxes, and these Teddy Bear Figurines are packed in the pink box. You are free to make a choice by your individual taste.
Crystal Teddy Bear from hotref.com
Crystal Teddy Bear from hotref.com

Crystal Carousel

Take your guests back to his childhood with these “Choice Crystal Collection” carousel favors. Almost every likes to spin on the carousel when he or she was young. These are elegant party favors for baby showers, Christenings, and weddings! Trace back your sweet dream in childhood now.
Crystal Carousel from hotref.com
12 Sep 2010 Crystal Baby Shower Favors

Baby showers have come a long way from being modest events to that took place on a kindly friend’s couch to the grand celebrations they are today. The decorations, theme, menu and everything else need to be planned out carefully as with any other party. The baby shower favors are also are sweet little keepsakes that thank guests for being a part of the party.

Just like everything else in design and entertainment, baby shower favors go through trends and style changes. But there are still some classic items that are elegant and timeless. Crystal baby shower favors are one of them. These favors just keep reigning at the top of the list. Weighty and dazzling, these favors really rise to the level of keepsakes, despite their inexpensiveness. The best way to shop for your party is to browse your favorite online store to find some other great ideas for favors, shower decorations, gift baskets, or baby diaper cakes for the party.

If you are expecting the pitter patter of little feet, then celebrate it with Choice Crystal Baby Shoe. A brilliant selection as favors for a baby shower, these crystal baby booties are perfect keepsakes that can also be used as adorable accompaniments to your baby announcements. Each favor features a radiant crystal baby bootie, accented with a shiny silver metal bow.

Prepare for your baby to ride in style with Choice Crystal Baby Carriage. Whether it’s for baby shower favors, christening favors, or a unique way to distinctively announce your baby’s arrival, these crystal baby carriages really rock! Each brilliant favor is approximately and features a skillfully faceted crystal carriage with accenting silver embossed metal handle and wheels.

The Choice Crystal Blue Pacifier Favors make exceptional mementos of your baby boy’s arrival. Bringing comfort and smiles to newborns, the pacifier, or binky, is sure to be one of your new baby boy’s favorite things. Each crystal pacifier favor has a white frosted white ring and multifaceted, sparkling clear center and blue crystal nipple.