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09 May 2016 Introducing New Nike Golf Promotional Products

Most companies like to have the occasional golf outing. This is a great way to settle deals, bond with the team, get competitive, and create great memories! At HotRef, we recently got some new Nike Golf products that are perfect for any company outing! Our new Nike golf promotional products have the option of imprinting the company’s logo or name on it. These new promotional products are great for company golf outings or make great gifts for company and business events. Scroll down to see our new Nike golf promotional products:
New Nike Golf Promotional Products from HotRef.com

Golf Putter

Get a more true and consistent putt with our Nike golf putters! Our Nike Method Matter Putter (pictured below) has a RTS “Return to Square” system that aids putters to return to square at impact. Both right-handed and left-handed styles are available for most of your Nike golf putters!Nike Golf Putter from HotRef.comGolf Towel

Our Nike golf towels are perfect to keep you cool through the green or to clean your clubs and golf balls with. The Nike golf towels are made with 100% cotton and are embroidered with the infamous swoosh logo.

Nike Golf Towels from HotRef.com

Golf Bag

Organize your clubs and putters and carry them in style with our Nike golf bags. Our favorite, the Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag, is durable and lightweight! Perfect for those golf lovers who like to carry their golf bags around the green.

Nike Golf Bag from HotRef.com

Golf Balls

Nike golf balls are made top of the line and are molded to perfection depending on your swing. For example, the Nike Crush Extreme 16 Ball pack (pictured below) has a softer and faster core for those who want extreme ball speed paired with longer, straighter distance.

Nike Golf Balls from HotRef.com

Golf Event Packaging

We offer a wide variety of Nike golf event packaging for your next company event or outing! From Nike travel kits to vertical strap golf kits — each kit is the perfect size for traveling, storing your golf balls golf markers and more!

Nike Golf Event Packaging from HotRef.com

Golf Shoes

Nike is known for producing some of the best sporting shoes! Nike’s golf shoes are stylish yet comfortable and come with integrated traction system to enhance your performance on the turf.  The Nike Explorer Golf Shoe (pictured below) are water resistant and features mid-foot webbing for support throughout the swing.

Nike Golf Shoes from HotRef.comGolf Tee Packaging

At HotRef, we provide various Nike golf tee packaging that’s perfect for travel and as business gifts! For example, the Nike Double Wall Party Cup Kit (seen below) includes a printed golf ball, 6 imprinted tees, and 1 double wall party cup!

Nike Golf Tee Packaging from HotRef.com


Our Nike golf promotional products are great to have at your next company outing! Most Nike golf products can be customized to include the company logo or name — which in turn makes perfect gifts at your next business or company event. Check back next week for more promotional products from HotRef.com!

-Nina A.

23 Apr 2012 Sport It With Nike
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Today we all are aware of Nike as the world’s largest sporting shoes and Apparel Company. The company was started in the year 1964 and their main focus was just restricted to sport shoes. But with the passage of time, Nike has moved over to manufacturing of apparel and accessories with the usage of high-performance fabrics as a result varieties are offered for athletes, professionals and other amateur. They are the leading company in the industry which offers practical and comfortable products for their customers to wear. Moreover their fashionable yet performance based products can be availed at an affordable prices. Across the globe, they are meeting the demands of their existing and prospective customers which have lead the promoters of the company to venture into manufacturing apparels and accessories. Some of the categories of Nike apparel are shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, upper training apparels and many other categories exist to explore.

As we know the popularity of the brand, it becomes an obvious fact that people rely on the utility of the product based on the brand image created by the company. But the consistency in the quality and the performance of the products need to be maintained so that the trust of the customer never gets trembled. Usually high quality micro-fiber polyester fabrics are being used in the manufacturing process of training shirts so that the sweat can be soaked out of your body and get evaporated after being transferred to the outer layer of the fabric. Nike ensures that while you live an active life you don’t look tired and exhausted even when your skin sweats and irritates you throughout your active session of life. Thus it is a well known fact that apparels and accessories manufactured by Nike can help you to feel comfortable by providing a cool and dry experience all the time.