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28 Mar 2016 New Customized Products – Housewares, Notebook and Pen

New Customized Products coming again! We will introduce housewares, notebook and pen this time. All of them can be customized with company logo or slogan for personalization. Great corporate gifts for any business events.

Home Housewares

When you cook a mail, you need wear apron; when you have wine, you need to open the wine bottle using bottle opener; when you have fruit salad, you need a set of cheese board and tools. They are daily housewares we commonly use. We have these home housewares offered for you.

Home Housewares from HotRef.com

Left Top: Provence Cheese Kit Right Top: Just Grillin’ Apron

Left Bottom: Napa Wine Kit Right Bottom: Sonoma Automatic Wine Opener with Foil Cutter

Travis & Wells

  • Accessories

Travis & Wells is a famous brand that is well known for many customers. Here we introduce you the most popular accessories, such as wheeled ballistic computer brief, computer bag, writing pad and leather tablet stand. Next, let’s see more detailed product information.

Travis & Wells from HotRef.com

Left Top: Travis & Wells™ ballistic computer bag Right Top: Travis & Wells™ 7″ Leather Tablet Stand

Left Bottom: Travis & Wells™ wheeled ballistic computer brief Right Bottom: Travis & Wells™ Leather Writing Pad

  • Pen

Travis & Wells™ pen is also famous for its durability for writing. This Travis & Wells™ Federal Roller Ball has brass cap and barrel with smooth, elegant chrome finish. It can be used at daily work or study. We have more than one Travis & Wells Pens at our shop.

Travis & Wells™ Federal Roller Ball from HotRef.com

Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine is a new brand. First, let’s look at its notebook with various kinds. Moleskine® Hard Cover Plain Pocket Notebook  is protected by hard surfing cover and is with pocket size, which is easily carried in the handbag or into the pocket.

Moleskine® Hard Cover Plain Pocket Notebook from HotRef.com

Moleskine® Hard Cover Plain Pocket Notebook from HotRef.com

Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Pocket Reporter Notebook is perfect for quick notes on the spot. It can be generally used at the occasions when in the meeting or participating in the negotiation.

Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Pocket Reporter Notebook from HotRef.com

Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Pocket Reporter Notebook from HotRef.com

Moleskine® Cahier Ruled Pocket Notebook is available in black, pebble grey, kraft and navy blue colors and is perfect for day-to-day use with cardboard cover and visible stitching.

Moleskine® Cahier Ruled Pocket Notebook from HotRef.com

Moleskine® Cahier Ruled Pocket Notebook from HotRef.com

Moleskine® Hard Cover Squared Large Notebook is a reliable companion when you are on the way to travel. It is stunning  for taking notes, sketches and thoughts.

Moleskine® Hard Cover Squared Large Notebook from HotRef.com

Moleskine® Hard Cover Squared Large Notebook from HotRef.com

Welcome to keep continuous attention on our HotRef.com. We will provide you with the latest product information at the first time.

– Amanda

21 Mar 2016 More New Customized Items – Awards, Stylus, Tote, Padfolio

Nice to meet you everyone at sumaipiano blog site. Today we are here introduce you more new customized promotion products, they are awards, stylus, tote bag and padfolio. They can be customized with company logo or slogan as corporate gifts handed out in any business events.

New Customized Items - Padfolio, Tote, Award and Stylus from HotRef.com


Give awards to those who make contribution to enterprise. The staffs will feel encouraged when they received these awards. These gold and silver awards can be customized with company logo.

Customized Awards from HotRef.com

Left Top: Society Awards™ SA Star 1 Right Top: Society Awards™ Standing Cube Crystal Award

Left Bottom: Society Awards™ Slant Crystal  Right Bottom: Society Awards™ Society Star


Stylus is widely used in our daily life for work and study. We have a lot of famous branded pens for your reference, for example, Cutter & Buck, Lynktec Styluse and more. Let’s see more product details.

  • Lynktec Stylus

Lynktec is a famous brand well know for all. These branded stylus has chic design and durable for writing. They can be used to take notes in the class or record important points in the meeting for work.

Lynktec Customized Stylus from HotRef.com

Left Top: Lynktec™ TruGlide Stylus with Clip  Right Top: Lynktec™ TruGlide DUO Stylus Pen with Laser & Flashlight

Left Bottom: Lynktec™ Rechargeable Apex Fine Point Active Stylus II Right Bottom: Lynktec™ TruGlide DUO Stylus Pen

  • Pens

There are available in lots of different designed pens. Here we put more value on these 4 kinds. They are office essentials that can be used for both work and daily study.

Customized Pens from HotRef.com

Left Top: Zebra F301/M301 Pen Set Right Top: Zebra Z Grip Max Retractable Ballpoint White Barrel

Left Bottom: Travis & Wells™ Federal Stylus / Roller Ball Right Bottom: Fusion Stylus Pen with Magnetic Cap

Recycled Tote

Recycled Tote can be used for shopping, travel and more occasions. You can use them for more than once so that is good for environment protection.

Recycled Customized Tote from HotRef.com

Left Top: Recycled Cotton Market Tote Bag Right Top: Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper

Left Bottom: Laminated 100% recycled shopper Right Bottom: Vita Laminated Recycled Shopper


Padfolio is functional product that can hold pad on the left and note taking on the right. They are must-haves under any business occasions when in the meeting or take party in the negotiation.

Customized Padfolio from HotRef.com

Left Top: Partner Leather Tablet Stand E-Padfolio Right Top: Noble Leather Tablet Stand E-Padfolio

Left Bottom: Partner Tablet Stand E-Padfolio Right Bottom: Prelude Tablet Stand E-Padfolio

We are keeping updating the latest promotional products for you on every Monday. Hope you can pay more attention on our HotRef.com.

– Amanda

01 Feb 2016 Introducing New Promotional Products

It’s time to share our latest promotional products with all of you. These new promotional products uploaded on our site are energy bars, computer backpack, lunch cooler and pen. They are all practical necessities closing to our life that can be handed out as business gifts. They also can be customized with company logo for personalization.

New Promotional Products from HotRef.com


Power can also be called energy bar. It’s a must-have for cellphone and computer when you are on the way to travel or business. They are functional corporate gifts and promotional products for employees that can be customized with company logo for personalization. Some of new powers is made of natural bamboo material.

Power from HotRef.com

Left Top: Bamboo Cherokee Power Bank  Right Top:Circuit Charger

Left Bottom: UL Certified Amp Charger  Right Bottom: Escape Tool 4000mAh Powerbank

Computer Backpack

Gather odds and ends together and put them into computer backpack. Elleven, Field & Co. and other famous brand backpack are popular among customers. These useful backpacks can be used for work, study and business. They will stay with you wherever you are travelling, working or having meeting. New year trend is light weight computer backpack from elleven brand.

Computer Backpack from HotRef.com

Left Top: Field & Co.™ Ranger Compu-Backpack  Right Top: Cascade Black Compu-Backpack

Left Bottom: elleven™ Lunar Lightweight Compu-Backpack  Right Bottom: Executive 1680d 15.6″ Computer Backpack

Arctic Zone Lunch Cooler

We’ve received a large numbers of orders from customers placing lunch cooler with us. Why they become so popular? They can keep food fresh and will not easily go bad. Cook delicious food and put yummy bites in when you are going to have a trip or BBQ party.

Lunch Cooler from HotRef.com

Left Top: Arctic Zone® Ice Wall Black Lunch Cooler Right Top: Arctic Zone® Zipperless Lunch Pack with Tray

Left Bottom: Arctic Zone® Exapndable Lunch Set With Containers  Right Bottom: Arctic Zone® Expandable Mega Munchsak

Ballpoint Pen

Pen is widely used in our life for daily work, office essentials, meeting record and more. Ballpoint pen set can be given as business gift or corporate gift for others. Guests who received the pens are sure to take full use of them when at work or on study. Cross, case logic and elleven are perfect pens in famous brand.

Pen from HotRef.com

Left Top: Cross® Tech 3+ Satin Black Multi Function Stylus Right Top: elleven™ Triple Grip Stylus Pen Set

Left Bottom: Colonnade Pro Ballpoint Stylus Right Bottom: Case Logic® Fiber Roller Ball Stylus

More new promotional products will be updated on our HotRef.com. Welcome to keep eye on our latest information!

– Amanda