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01 Aug 2016 Popular Promotional Products 2016

Today we’ve rounded up some of our most popular and best-selling promotional products! From stationary products to electronics, these products are perfect giveaways and/or gifts to give at your next corporate event or trade show! Each item mentioned can be customized to include your company name, logo, or business slogan!

Popular Promotional Products 2016 from HotRef


A great promotional product that’s perfect to hand out at your next trade show or corporate event are pens! They come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes and can be customized to include a company name or logo! They’re very inexpensive and everyone always needs a pen (or two)! If you want to take ti a step further, you can get a pen that is also a stylus for mobile phones like our Scripto® Sketch Ballpoint Stylus (pictured below).

Scripto® Sketch Ballpoint Stylus from HotRefJournals are also great promotional products to hand out to employees and business clients! Our customer favorite Hardcover journalbook (pictured below), comes in a variety of colors! Also, add a touch of style to your journals by imprinting your company name or logo on the cover!

Hardcover Journalbook from HotRefPhone Chargers

Phone chargers, or external batteries or power banks for smartphones, are in very high demand! They’re very convenient for when you’re traveling on-the-go and can’t find a place to charge your phone. Plus, they’re small enough to fit in your pocket or throw in your purse. The techies will surely love our Black Jolt Charger with Digital Power Display (pictured below) that has a LED digital power indicator that shows exactly how much charge remains within the power bank.Black Jolt Charger with Digital Power Display from HotRef

Fitness Tracker

A lot of people now want to keep track of their fitness progress! Gift your hard working employees and business clients a fitness tracker, like our Active Health Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor! Clients will definitely be impressed with such an amazing promotional product.

Fitness Tracker from HotRef


Stay hydrated throughout the day with a nice tumbler! At HotRef, we offer a wide range of tumblers — from copper insulated to double-wall insulation. Our customer favorite Hot & Cold Skinny Tumbler 15 oz (pictured below), can both be used to keep your drink cold or warm for a long period of time.Hot & Cold Skinny Tumbler 15 oz from HotRefTote Bags

Tote bags are becoming more of a necessity now that plastic bags are banned from most stores. Employees and potential business partners will greatly appreciate a nice business tote, like our Excel Sport Meeting Tote!Promotional Tote Bags from HotRefSunglasses

Last, but not least, if you’re looking for a fun promotional product to giveaway — sunglasses are popular outdoor promotional product!  Like our Good Value® Two-tone White Frame Sunglasses (pictured below), they come in a variety of fashionable colors and stylish frames. They’re great to hand out at an athletic/sporting event and outdoor company picnics! Promotional Sunglasses from HotRefWhich promotional product will you be handing out at your next corporate event or trade show? Let us know by commenting below!

-Nina A.

25 Jan 2016 Introducing Power Promotional Products

Cell phone, iPad, and laptop need power!   Power is practical electronic product used in our daily life when you are at home, working and travelling.  Power bank, travel adapter, car charger and travel outlet are perfect and functional promotional products and corporate gifts for employees as business gifts in any business events.

Power Promotional Products at HotRef.com

Power Bank

Power bank can also be called energy bar, they are applied to cell phone, computer and ipad. It is good partner and companion when you are on the way to work and travel. Amp Charger and Joule Slim Power Bank are two popular power banks for business events. We are not only available for these two energy bars, but also have more power bank available.

Amp Charger from HotRef.com

Joule Slim Power Bank from HotRef.com

Travel Adapter

Travel adapter is a must-have that should be prepared before journey begins. ETL Certified USB AC Adapter is close friend along with you in the journey. Here we have more travel adapters for your choice.

ETL Certified USB AC Adapter from HotRef.com

Car Charger

You may be troubled with where can charger for the cell phone when you are in the car. Thunderbolt Dual USB Car Charger will help you get rid of the issue and provide you with convenience whenever and wherever you drive the car. More car chargers for you.

Thunderbolt Dual USB Car Charger from HotRef.com

Travel Outlet

Powertech Travel Outlet makes a perfect item for regular travelers to take with. This item can be purchased blank or custom imprinted with company logo as advertisement for personalization.

Powertech Travel Outlet from HotRef.com

Welcome to view more business products at our HotRef.com.

– Amanda