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29 Jan 2015 New Keychain Party Favors from Fashioncraft
As we all know, we all needs something to hold our keys, and often more than one sets. Keychains and key rings are practical and popular party favors to give. Why not bring some fun and whimsical elements with our New Keychain Party Favors to your party? These four keychains vary in shape and design, they are sure to surprise and please your guests.
key chain party favors

Vintage Heart Photo Key Chain

Fond memories deserve to be cherished in heart. This Vintage Heart Photo Key Chain is an elegant addition to your vintage wedding and set a nostalgic mood for your event. Insert your favorite photo, and here you go, with the key to your home and loved one’s heart.
Vintage Heart Photo KeyChain

Hamsa Design Metal Hand Key Chain

Hamsa, also known as khamsa. Historically and traditionally, the Hand is a symbol of protection that represents blessing, power and strength as well, and is seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye. As a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa. This Hamsa Design Metal Hand Key Chain is a great choice for favor giving. And it will be cool to add a exotic touch to your party.
Hamsa Design Metal Hand KeyChain

Mardi Gras Mask Silver Metal Key Chain

Borrow some passion from carnival to your sweet sixteen or fifteen party with this Mardi Gras Mask Silver Metal Key Chain. Whether you are planning a Mardi Gtas party, this keychain favor makes a little yet cool addition to detail your party with style.
Mardi Gras Mask Silver MetalKey Chain

Beaded Design Metal Cross Key Chain

Uplift your religious event with the Glory of the Lord in the form of this stunning Beaded Design Metal Cross Key Chain. Modern yet classic favor to celebrate your christening, baptism, first communion or other religious event with your guests.
Beaded Design Metal Cross Key Chain
For more key chain favor ideas, please visit our Keychain Favors board on Pinterest, there are a great selection of key chain and key ring favors out there to coordinate your event. Enjoy party planning!
– Nyah
02 Jan 2014 Crystal Stem Rose
Your wedding should be absolutely perfect, and the night will surely be “crystal” clear when you give away these crystal gifts. These Crystal Stem Rose favors at HotRef are elegant, simple, yet undeniably chic, which is exactly why brides love them. Whether you are having a crystal theme, these favors will fit the mood of your event perfectly.

6″ Crystal Stem Rose

Crystal symbolizes purity and simplicity, like rose represents love, beauty and strength. Capture the essence of rose and crystal with this 6″ Crystal Stem Rose. Crystal rose wedding favors have been a popular choice through the years, this crystal rose is as functional as they are beautiful, and is sure to be a welcomed addition to your guests homes. Whatever the occasion, this elegant crystal rose will thrill your guests and shine through the whole romantic season. Also great for sweet sixteen or Quinceanera. This item is available in five appealing colors including Lavender, Clear, Pink, Red, and Yellow. For more rose themed favor ideas, take a look at our Rose Themed Party Favors at Pinterest.

3″ Crystal Stem Rose

Lavender has become a new standard for wedding flowers in recent years. For it’s fabulous scent, traditionally symbolic of devotion, people prefer to decorate their wedding and reception with Lavender or Purple decorations. This 3″ Crystal Stem Rose create a perfect combination of love to capture this very beautiful moment in your life. Elegant and timeless, guests at your wedding will be in for a special treat when you use this lavender rose show your appreciation. Also great for sweet sixteen or Quinceanera. This item is available in five appealing colors including Lavender, Clear,Pink,Red, and Yellow. For more decorative ideas, take a look at our Purple Wedding Ideas at Pinterest.

Choice Crystal Long Stem Rose

“Rose” the very beautifu moment with this Choice Crystal Long Stem Rose. A symbol of love, the rose is a perennial favorite as a decrotive addition to any occasion. Surrounded by satin inside a Choice Crystal signature silver heart design box, tied with an organza and satin bow with a crystal heart on top and an attached matching heart shaped tag, these favors make for a stunning presentation.

“Choice Crystal Collection” red rose favors

Love is in blossom! Roses of all colors are known for their beauty and strength. But the red rose stands alone as the true symbol of true love. This “Choice Crystal Collection” red rose favors features a glistening, multifaceted red crystal glass rose bloom atop a chrome finish silver metal stem with outstretched leaves. A red letter choice for weddings, showers and more, each crystal red rose favor makes for a stunning presentation nestled in a silver box with a heart design.

03 Dec 2013 FairyTale Pumpkin Coach Favors
From the first moment we start imaging our weddings as little girls, it oftern seems lik a fairytale. Bring those hopes and dreams to life by having a Fairytale themed wedding or birthday party. Find lovely FairyTale Pumpkin Coach Favors you need right here to create your Happily Ever After.

“Choice Crystal Collection” pumpkin coach

This tale is straight out of a story book, so enhance your fairy tale themed wedding, Sweet Sixteen or other festive event with the crystal pumpkin coach favors. Beautifully crafted, this “Choice Crystal Collection” pumpkin coach have a multifaceted clear crystal pumpkin coach with silver metal wheels and carriage. These coaches are a lovely reminder of your special day

Choice Crystal Collection pumpkin coach design wine bottle stoppers

Glistening-pumpkincoach-design wine bottle stoppers. The pumpkin coach design wine bottle stoppers comes in the shape of a Cinderella style pumpkin coach, with silver metal details for the wheels and decorative topper. This gift will be loved by all and help them remember this amazing day when they use it long after your special day! Perfect for holiday weddings, showers, and other formal events!

Coach Design Candle Favors

Light up a day that will shine through the whole season with these Coach Deisgn Candle Favors. Loaded with elegance and brightness, these lovely pumpkin candles are sure to bring a smail to the faces of all your guests as you celebrate this special day. Absolutely perfect favors for holiday events including weddings, parties, showers, birthday and sweet sixteen.

Magical Bookmark Favors

Simply beautiful and charming, these Magical Bookmark Favors are sure to capture the magic of your special day. Comes with chrome-finished silver metal, this bookmark has a stamped out design of beautiful pumpkin coach with such cut out details as spoke wheels and a heart-shaped door. While the pumpkin coach marks the page, the lovely, attached white tassel hangs outside the book for easy visibility.

Cinderella Themed Curio Box

Flip the lids over with a touch of elegance with this Cinderella Themed Curio Box. This fairytale style curio box is one Cinderella themed favor that your guests would love to keep all of their precious jewelries and curios in. Each is intricately crafted of durable white resin embellished with brilliant rhinestones, carved flowers and silver painted accents. Perfect carriage design jewelry box for bridal shower, sweet sixteen and more.

Fairy Tale Carriage frame

Precisely designed for your fantastic occasion, this simple yet eloquent Fairy Tale Carriage frame is sure to be adored by your guests. Totally appropriate for a wide variety of functions, this favor is a little different than most other frame. The silver accents make for a more dynamic presentation and it’s neutral coloring is appropriate for any decor.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, please check our more FairyTale Wedding Favors at Pinterest of HotRef.com