27 Aug 2010 Fashion on a Budget

You don’t always need a lot of pieces to look fashionable. You should rather place quality over quantity when it comes to looking chic and trendy at a budget. You can find trendy and classic clothes on a budget by shopping at online branded apparel stores like NYFifth.com. You can easily put together a a fashionable outfit for under a $100 by mixing and matching certain pieces of outerwear with stylish accessories.

Before you begin shopping and budgeting you need to erase any thoughts that say that having a budget means you can’t have all the gorgeous in style clothes that you want. You should have loads of fun with your clothes and fashion shopping.

If you prefer the casual and trendy look, then you can go with Port & Company LSP11 Ladies Short Sleeve Value Denim Shirt. With sturdy construction, a generous cut and soft garment washing, this Value Denim shirt won’t stretch your budget. It has a traditional and relaxed look.

The District Threads DT202 Junior Ladies Spaghetti Strap Tank is great for summer which can be worn on its own or layered. This stylish tank is a favorite. You can pair these with a denim skirt or trouser for great effects.

To keep within your budget and still exude style and grace, carry a Anvil 301 14 oz. 100% Cotton Canvas Boater Tote with contrast color straps and bottom.

You can thus create a fashionable ensemble at a very affordable price if you know the right places to look for stuff.