28 Aug 2010 Graduation Favors

Graduation is a big day and is a time for celebration and jubilation that calls for a big party. The graduation party favors must be selected very carefully so that it doesn’t end up as a trash in your friend’s drawer but rather is of some use to them. Some cool ideas for graduation party favors graduation personalized frosted glass candles, champagne flutes, graduation cap key chains, bookmarks and more.

Graduation parties are a milestone and a special day of remembrance in a young person’s life. It is a celebration of academic accomplishments and so it is very necessary to make it a party worth remembering. That is where graduation favors come in to play.

Try the Hats Off to You” Graduation Lemonade + Optional Heart Whisk. Nothing is Sweeter than Success, but these appropriately themed Graduation Lemonade Mixes come respectably close. Wake up your guests taste buds with this sweet and refreshing lemonade mix, personalized to perfection. These stylish favors will make a perfect complement to your graduation or commencement event.

The Graduation Personalized Mini Glass Bottles are ideal for filling with your beloved bite size sweets. Get creative by color coordinating your candies to match your school colors as well as adding our personalized labels including graduation designs and sites for your name, date, class year, and school. Spread the news of your success with these refillable favors that will last long after your graduation party.

The Hats Off to You Graduation Notebooks can be used even after the grad party has ended. Each white notebook opens up to reveal a blank white notepad inside, and the white pen conveniently holds everything together in one place.