28 Nov 2010 Sweaters With Impeccable Style
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Sweaters are such an integral part of winter wear. The Intriguing thing about a great sweater is that it enhances and brings out your true personality. The sweater has become much more than just an article of clothing. Sweaters are worn in many circles as status symbols, much like other pieces of outerwear.

The cardigan sweater is a popular fashion item today and can be paired with jeans or khakis for a stylish look. These were first made popular way back in the 17th century by the French and in the British Isles with the fisherman of the times. There are different variants of the sweater which became popular over the years including the cardigan, crew neck sweaters, turtleneck sweaters and pullovers.

Cardigans are a good choice for both women and men and can be made out of nearly any kind of material, though if you’re using the sweater for added warmth, you will want to choose the more traditional materials – wool and fleece. Sweaters are worn to show your mood, your intentions, and even your level of confidence. You can find a distinct style for almost any occasion!