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18 Sep 2015 Introducing Coffee Cup Set Party Favors

Just one cup of coffee for one afternoon, it’s an ideal way to kill leisure time and relax yourself. Therefore, it must be welcomed if you hand out coffee cup set for family and friends. Every time when they drink coffee, they will think of that this is the gift you give them. We have various kinds of Coffee Cup Set Party Favors that are all perfect for any coffee party, coffee related wedding and more.

Coffee Cup Party Favors

If you are troubled about what gifts can be given to friends. Don’t hesitate any more. Coffee cup set is the best gift for you to choose. Next, we will recommend some kinds of coffee cup party favors. They are Euro Café, Moroccan Flair, High Heeled Diva and Dramatic Damask. Browse more detailed information about these favors below.

Coffee Cup Party Favors from HotRef.com

Put this “Euro Cafe” Espresso Coffee Cup Set at dessert table will sure to amaze your guests. Each favor set contains 2 cups and 2 coaster plates. Made from quality porcelain. Give giving to guests as practical use for their own house. They are sure to love these charms. Have a happy time to enjoy a cup of time at weekends with your family or beloved one.

Express thank you to your guests by giving this “Moroccan Flair” Espresso Coffee Cup Set. Each favor set contains 2 cups and 2 coaster plates. They will sure to become the talk of your events. Made from quality porcelain in romantic design. Gorgeous Moroccan style pattern in chocolate brown will be the flashpoint at the dessert table.

High Heeled Diva Espresso Coffee Cup Favor Set is perfect gift for bridal shower and girls’ night out party. This party favor will make a statement as any real diva would while saying thank you.

High Heeled Diva Espresso Coffee Cup Favor Set from HotRef.com

Black and white damask design is one of the season’s hottest picks. The damask themed espresso cup and saucer set has dramatic effect of contrasting color and shows off your style. Gorgeous detail with black floral accented by white rim make the high quality porcelain damask coffee cup more than a practical favor that is great for damask wedding or more parties.

Coffee Cup Wedding Favors

You must prepare some gifts given out after the wedding is over. Coffee cup wedding favors are sure to be the wedding gifts for guests. These coffee wedding favors are with love design, hearts design and Mr. & Mrs design, which are all fashionable.

Coffee Cup Wedding Favors from HotRef.com


What is the best favor to cater to the theme of the party? This “Mr. and Mrs.” Couples Espresso Cup Favor is the wise pick for you to match any marriage themed party. Each of the two high quality porcelain ceramic coffee cups are painted each new title of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” and the accompanying saucers bring them together.

Love will be expressed to your beloved one in these “Expressions of Love” Espresso White Cup Favor. These high quality porcelain coffee cup sets are sure to be appreciated by your guests for all the components are designed in one of the season’s hottest colors. Elegant heart design and swirls complete the look for a chic style.

Love, Amore, Amour, Amor… are the best descriptions to express affection. This “Language of Love” Espresso Cup Favor Set makes the perfect party gifts for love themed events. The word “Love” painted on these favors can be described in multiple languages of English, Italian, French and Spanish.

The “Two Hearts” Espresso Coffee Cup will make an extraordinary gift to be treasured. Stunning and elegant at once, the premium espresso with upscale design and white porcelain finish will set the highlight of any table setting.

Two Hearts Espresso Coffee Cup Set from HotRef.com

Eiffel Tower Coffee Cup

Paris is a city for lover. This “Paris is for Lovers” Espresso Cup Favor Set. Fantastic design with new heights of style and exquisite details bring lure to party guests. Postmarked Eiffel Tower saucers and cups with detailed rings against pale blue background and polka dot hues as well as flowing script complete the look for a more Paris and French fashion.

– Amanda

29 Oct 2014 Eiffel Tower Candle Holders with Different Designs
Add little French or Parisian themed favors to compliment your special event. Eiffel Tower is the landmark in local Paris in France. There is an old saying that someone has been to France, but haven’t gone to the Eiffel Tower, which means the journey to France is in vain. Today, we at HotRef will bring you to the Eiffel Tower in person and guide you when you enter into this beautiful world with these Eiffel Tower Candle Holders. We hope you will like and enjoy them.
Eiffel Tower Candle Holders from hotref.com

Tres Chic Eiffel Tower Candle Holders

This Tres Chic Eiffel Tower Candle Holder is favored by most of customers for its funky and creative design. The candle holder base is crafted in carved details and features an Eiffel Tower design that is embellished with clear rhinestones. Without doubt, this is a romantic favor that is ideal for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, and more occasions.
Eiffel Tower Candle Holders from hotref.com

Eiffel Tower Design Candle Holder Favors

If you are asked to describe the Eiffel Tower in only one word, what is it? My answer is “romantic”. The Eiffel Tower in this Eiffel Tower Design Candle Holder Favor stands in a frosted glass holder and has sophisticated detailed, which adds more romantic atmosphere when the candle is kindled. It is the perfect favor for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, and more occasions where romantic ambiance is needed.
Eiffel Tower Design Candle Holder Favors from hotref.com

Parisian Themed Eiffel Tower Design Glass Votive Holders

You will keep close to the Eiffel Tower with this Parisian Themed Eiffel Tower Design Glass Votive Holder. The Eiffel Tower is printed on the votive glass so that you can enjoy the scenery of Paris everyday. They are perfect table decoration favors for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, and more special occasions.
Parisian Themed Eiffel Tower Design Glass Votive Holders from hotref.com

Eiffel Tower Gel Candle Holder With White Rose And Leaf Detail

Add more romantic ambiance and French elements to compliment your special event. Encapsulated into each Eiffel Tower Gel Candle Holder is a three dimensional Eiffel tower created in meticulous detail. They are embellished with a white rose and some pieces of green leaves beside the Eiffel Tower design. It is a great way to spice up romantic atmosphere in weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, and more occasions.
Eiffel Tower Gel Candle Holder With White Rose And Leaf Detail from hotref.com
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21 Aug 2014 Personalized MOD Party Supplies: Parisian Party
It is worth celebrating “Joy of Life” as much as possible at your best age. Make a date together with several closet girlfriends to join in the Girl’s Night. Maybe it is unrealistic to start a spontaneous trip to Paris. But you are able to bedeck the Girl’s Night Party to a Parisian Party, just like the real one. They are perfect favors for Paris theme wedding and party like Girl’s Night, bridal shower and birthday. Now, let’s embark on our trip to France!
Parisian Party from hotref.com

Parisian Party Invitation

Your intimate girlfriends are pleased to receive your Parisian Party Invitation to a Parisian themed Girl’s Night Party. Your guests who have received such a fashionable invitation will look forward to the special date coming soon!
Parisian Party Invitations from hotref.com

Parisian Party Decorations Starter Kit

Add more French elements with this Parisian Party Decorations Starter Kit that includes 6 components of 1 Pennant Banner, 1 Party Sign, 25 Pink Striped Straws, 24 Pink Cupcake Wrappers/Toppers, 12 Menu / Place Cards, 32 Decorative Stickers. If you want the party looks more personalized, you are free to purchase our other Parisian party items such as personalized favors and invitations.
Parisian Party Decorations Starter Kit from hotref.com

Parisian Party Pennant Banner

Let your guests feel as if they were hanging out the street in Paris with this Parisian Party Pennant Banner hung on the wall, tables, doorways or anywhere needs to be decorated. This banner is ideal for bridal shower or any other themed party.
Parisian Party Pennant Banner from hotref.com

Parisian Party Sign

Using this Parisian Party Sign is a great way to welcome your guests, and also give them a guidance to locations and label area at your event. You are free to decorate this Parisian party sign with your own ribbon or bow tie to make this look more Parisian themed.
Parisian Party Sign from hotref.com

Parisian Party Return Address Labels

Welcome your friends by sending them invitations with these Parisian Party Return Address Labels. Crafted in the patten of Eiffel Tower that the one who receives the invitation will feel a sense of romance. They will count down the day and hurry up to join in the party.
Parisian Party Return Address Labels from hotref.com

Parisian Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers

Make your cupcake unify with these Parisian Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers in order to keep your table decor the same as Parisian theme. These favors are sure to stimulate guests’ appetite to have dessert.
Parisian Party from hotref.com

Parisian Personalized Label

Don’t neglect any subtle details to beautify your party. Tag, sticker, water label, flag label are main elements. Such small Parisian Party Personalized Round Labels may play an important role in decoration. Parisian Party Personalized Favor Tags are different in shape from previous one which is in the shape of square. Parisian Party Decorative Mini Stickers are used to seal a plain envelope or favor box. The bottles of water seems not so monotonous with Parisian Party Personalized Water Bottle Labels. The straws used for drinking can be adorned to a small flag, it is not only a perfect decor, but also a practical tool for drinking.
Parisian Personalized Label from hotref.com

Parisian Favor Container

Mint tin, Parisian Party Personalized Mini Mason Jars, candy tube, milk bottle, Parisian Party Chevron & Dots Goodie Bags, and candy bag topper are containers that can be held many small treats or party favors such as fun-sized candies, chocolates, and cookies. You are free to choose some label designs to match with your Parisian theme of party.
Parisian Favor Container from hotref.com
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19 Aug 2014 New Wedding Party Favors from Fashioncraft
Choosing some corresponding party favors to match with your wedding or bridal shower plays a very important role in whether your wedding is successful or not. Today, let us introduce you a variety of different New Wedding Party Favors. They are all perfect favors for French, nautical, and beach wedding, bridal shower, birthday, baby shower or any other events.
New Wedding Party Favors from hotref.com

French Themed Wedding Favors

You are able to see Eiffel Tower and feel the romance that France bring you with these Parisian Themed Eiffel Tower Design Glass Votive Holders. You will keep zero distance to this romantic city when you have a candlelit dinner with your other half. How happy you are! The same design of Eiffel Tower Gel Candle Holder With White Rose And Leaf Detail as the previous one. Crafted in a white rose and green leaf with a tea light candle above the silver glitter pebbles. These Eiffel Tower votive candle holders are versatile for French themed wedding, birthday, and other events.
Parisian Themed Eiffel Tower Design Glass Votive Holders from hotref.com
Eiffel Tower Gel Candle Holder With White Rose And Leaf Detail from hotref.com
Nothing can be more suitable than this Baroque Styled Place Card / Photo Holder with Bottle Stopper to decorate your wedding or bridal shower. It can be divided into two parts. The above one is place carder in baroque style that can hold beautiful photos or pictures; the below one is bottle stopper that can stop wine from going bad. Your guests will enjoy the elegant pictures while having dinner.
Baroque Styled Place Card / Photo Holder with Bottle Stopper from hotref.com

Nautical Themed Wedding Favors

Having a bumper meal with this Nautical Themed Gel Candle Holder With Anchor Design From Fashioncraft that can add more joyful atmosphere, just like you are personally on the scene of ocean and many marine creatures are in front of you. Do you want to have a try?
Nautical Themed Gel Candle Holder With Anchor Design From Fashioncraft from hotref.com

Love Themed Wedding Favors

Your guests are sure to be delightful when receive such a favorable Intertwined Heart and Love Themed Key Chain. Two sweet hearts closely interwined with each other to show their everlasting love. It is a good way to share your happiness together with your guests. Give away as a gift for guests so that they will remember your special day forever. Versatile for wedding, engagement party, birthday and other romantic events.
Intertwined Heart and Love Themed Key Chain from hotref.com
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05 Aug 2014 New Paris Theme Party Favors from Fashioncraft
As known to all, French is famous for its Eiffel Tower and Macaroon. Someone who has been to French, but haven’t visited to Eiffel Tower or had Macaroon may not be complete. Thus, it is a ideal place where many dreamy girls are eager to visit. Today, we will bring you guys to the French world. First, let’s introduce you some French Theme Party Favors which can be divided into two parts Eiffel Tower Party Favors and French Macaroon Favors. Versatile for wedding, bridal shower, or any French / Paris themed party.
French Theme Party Favors from hotref.com

Eiffel Tower Party Favors

Eiffel Tower is a landmark for development of this romantic and prosperous city. Have you been there? And have you tried to enjoy ice cream with Eiffel Tower? Here are some special favors of French Themed Eiffel Tower Ice Cream Scoop. Just like that you are standing at the top of Eiffel Tower, and you are able to have a view of the whole French while are enjoying the sweet ice cream. What an exciting experience!
Eiffel Tower Party Favors from hotref.com
Another recommendation is Eiffel Tower Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons. They are special designs for the heart shaped spoons with the handle of Eiffel Tower. Available in four sizes of one set from large to small. They are all perfect favors for your wedding shower, bridal shower, housewarming and anniversary.
Eiffel Tower Measuring Spoons from hotref.com

French Macaroon Party Favors

Macaroon is a type of distinctive cakes in variety of colors. These Macaroon Design Curio Boxes are boxes that can be held necklaces, rings and other cute trinkets. They are popular among customers due to their vivid Macaroon design, just like the real ones.
Macaroon Design Curio Boxes from hotref.com
In addition, Macaroon design can be applied in Macaroon Style Keychain. It is perfect favor used as a table decoration that will stimulate guests’ appetite for Macaroon. They are versatile for wedding, baby shower, birthday, christening and other special events. In addition, it should be mentioned that the keychain must be purchased in multiples of 12.
Macaroon Style Keychain from hotref.com
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29 Aug 2013 Eiffel Tower Wedding Party Favors

Paris always evokes a feeling of romance and charm, that’s why Eiffel tower theme favors make one of the most popular options for wedding and parties. If you are planning to get some fresh ideas about Paris themed parties, our a variety of Eiffel Tower Wedding Favors are sure to bring romance to a new level.

Eiffel Tower Key Chain

No matter you are planning a Paris destination wedding or not, this Eiffel Tower Key Chain definitely makes a sweet addition on your big day. Each little adorable key chain comes in pewter and with shining rhinestones attached on the front. This cute little favor will shine through your whole romantic season.

Eiffel Tower place card holder

Imagine how suprised your guests would be when they see the card with their name is held by such a charming holder! Bring a breeze of Paris romance to your front door with our Eiffel Tower place card holder, perfect for wedding, bridal shower, sweet sixteen, birthday and so much more.

Eiffel tower wine bottle stopper

Show your appreciation for being there with this functional yet beautiful Eiffel tower wine bottle stopper. Such a smart match with a bottle of your favorite wine. Raise up your glasses, just enjoy the toast for true love and friendship.

Eiffel Tower bookmark

You can never miss such a charming partner for your favorite book! Simple yet elegant, this Eiffel Tower bookmark with snow-white tassel is a perfect way to commemmorate a special love story. Whenever you open the book, the bookmark that witnesses your love will sent forth a delicate rommance in the air.

Eiffel Tower chrome bottle opener

Open your love bottle, taste your sweet love till the very last drop! This Eiffel Tower chrome bottle opener is a perfect way to celebrate your bridal shower, wedding and other special occasions. Nicely packaged in a gift box, this bottle opener is ready to pass your love and appreciation to your beloved ones.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, please check our other Eiffel Tower theme party favors at YouTobe of HotRef.com