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08 Apr 2016 Graduation Party Supplies and Favors from EventBlossom

Graduation is a very important milestone in anyone life! Whether it be from high school or finishing up your Masters, it’s an event that you and your family will remember forever. Congratulate your graduate with your friends and family by hosting a memorable graduation party. Here are some graduation party decor and favors you can use at your graduation party:

Graduation Party Decor

Not sure where to start? Get this Graduation Decorations Starter Kit, which includes a pennant banner, party sign, black striped straws, black cupcake wrappers/toppers, menu/place cards and decorative stickers. You have the option to build on this kit to make it personalized.

Graduation Decorations Starter Kit from HotRef.com

Or if you have all the essentials, you can get this personalized graduation pennant banner! You can place this banner right at the entrance, the wall next to all the food and drinks, or on the guest table as decor. You also have the option to personalize the banner with either a name, the year, or a special phrase to capture the ambiance of the party.

Personalized Graduation Pennant Banner from HotRef.com

If the pennant banner isn’t what you are looking for, we also have a personalized 8.5″ x 11″ graduation sign that you can hang in front of your door to let everyone know who’s graduation party it is! You can personalized the sign to include the graduate’s name, the year, or a short message.

Personalized Graduation Sign from HotRef.com

Having a black and gold themed graduation party? Dress up your house with these essential black and gold graduation decor! From napkins to balloons — having these will make you graduation party all the more fun and festive.

Black and Gold Graduation Decor from HotRef.com


Top Left to Right: Gold Graduation Party BalloonsGold & Black Graduation Party Cups

Bottom Left to Right: Gold Glitter Banner – GraduationMetallic Gold & Black Graduation Party Napkins


Graduation Party Favors

To commemorate  the graduate’s big night and to say thank you for everyone that came to the party, these graduation party favors will help family and guests remember the graduate’s accomplishment. From lollipop favors to small candy tins — make sure to personalize your graduation party favors to add the special touch!

Graduation Party Favors from HotRef.com


Top Left to Right: Personalized Graduation Candy Jars, Personalize Graduation Glass Mini Glass Bottles

Bottom Left to Right: Personalized Graduation Lollipop FavorsBlack and White Graduation Sunglasses


For more graduation party decorations and favors ideas, check out our Personalized Graduation Party Favors post & congratulations to the Class of 2016!



03 Feb 2016 New Metallic Gold Party Supplies from Eventblossom

Searching for gold party supplies to adorn your special event? We have newly uploaded some Metallic Gold Party Supplies at HotRef. These gold supplies are sure to become the focal talk of your events and will be shiny all the night in that special day. They are suitably used to any gold themed wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower, sweet 15/16 birthday party and 50th anniversary.

Metallic Gold Party Supplies from HotRef.com

Metallic Gold Napkins

Napkins are generally severed as party supplies in banquet. However, most of them are in blank without pattern or words. The special Metallic Gold Napkins showed you as follows are with printed words or patterns for baby shower, birthday, anniversary wedding, bridal shower and more  gold events.

Metallic Gold Napkins from HotRef.com

Left Top: Metallic Gold BABY Napkins Right Top: Metallic Gold LOVE IS SWEET Napkins

Left Bottom: Metallic Gold BIRTHDAY Napkins Right Bottom: Metallic Gold DOTS Napkins

Metallic Gold Party Cups 

Place our Metallic Gold Party Cups at buffet tables for self-service. The cups are available in various colors and assorts style types for your choice. They can be sure to perfectly match your different themed wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, baby shower, birthday and more grand events. Add these Metallic Foil Straws for a more formal and beautiful look.

Metallic Gold Party Cups from HotRef.com

Left Top: White & Gold Polka Dot Party Cups With Lids Right Top: Gold BABY Shower Party Cups

Left Bottom: Gold HAPPY BIRTHDAY Party Cups Right Bottom: Gold CHEERS Party Cups

Gold Party Balloons 

We can often see the balloons in a lot occasions. They play an important part in creating a cheerful atmosphere in the events. Have you met such kind of balloons that printed with words or patters in gold for your special themed party? They can highlight your event theme no matter it is a love wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party or anniversary.

Metallic Gold Balloons from HotRef.com

Left Top: White & Gold MR & MRS Party Balloons Right Top: Gold BIRTHDAY Party Balloons

Left Bottom: Gold BABY SHOWER Balloons Right Bottom: Gold HEART Party Balloons

Gold Buffet Bags

Make your buffet table full with our gold buffet bags. Fill them with homemade dessert treats, candies, nuts, chocolates and more yummy bites for guests to enjoy themselves. There are stylish and practical buffet bags available in style type and colors for you to choose from. Perfect party supplies for baby shower and birthday party.

  • For Birthday

  • For Baby Shower


Hope these gold party supplies will make your event shiny all the night.

– Amanda




07 Aug 2015 Woodland Owl Party Supplies and Favors for Baby Shower

It is the end of the hot summer day, and autumn is just around the corner! Plan to celebrate a baby shower in fall season style? It is worth giving your little one a fall themed baby shower in order to welcome the arrival of his coming. We have an array of Woodland Owl Baby Shower Party Favors for baby shower, which are adorable for the autumn. They are sure to be the focal talk of your cute baby shower events. And they are also perfect Wonderland Birthday Party Supplies for kid’s birthday party. The woodland owl party supplies and favors are designed by EventBolssom.

Woodland Owl Baby Shower Party Favors from HotRef.com

Woodland Owl Decorations Starter Kit

Accessorize your woodland theme baby shower with this Woodland Owl Mod Party Starter Kit. Each Kit includes 6 key components for dressing up a food or dessert table. After that you can build on this kit for a more personalized look by purchasing some of our other Woodland Owl items such as personalized favors and invitations. Adorable owl designs and tree inspired backgrounds make this kit ideal for a mommy-to-be who enjoys the outdoors.

Woodland Owl Decorations Starter Kit from HotRef.com

Woodland Owl Pennant Banner

Your baby shower guests would love to know “who’s” on the way. These Woodland Owl Pennant Banner would announce this expecting news in such a lovely way. Spell out baby’s name with personalized banner pieces and hang them from walls, doorways, or even tables to put extra spotlight on your newest family member. Banners feature a colorful array of adorable owl designs against stylish backgrounds that match your owl themed event.

Woodland Owl Pennant Banner from HotRef.com

Woodland Owl Invitations

Invite friends and family to celebrate your baby shower with these woodland owl invitations. Invitation comes with adorable owl designs and unique wood inspired background, your guests are sure to be delighted . Personalize your invitation to suit your event and build your baby themed event decor around this stylish theme.

Woodland Owl Invitations from HotRef.com

Woodland Owl Party Sign

These woodland owl party sign makes a stylish way to welcome your little one. Accented with a pair of sweet owls perched on a tree branch against a rustic background, each party sign reflects your love of outdoors and adorable owls in a cute and elegant way. Pale hues of pink, blue, and green highlight these customizable signs that add an extra embellishment to doors, tables, and more! Great to accessorize baby shower and birthday party.

Woodland Owl Party Sign from HotRef.com

Woodland Owl Party Decor Tag or Sticker

Adorn your baby shower favor with woodland owl decorative favor tags. With a precious little owls in varying hues of pink, blue, and green, these favor tags are perfect to accessorize party favor from lollipops to cakepops. Simply punch a hole and add matching ribbon for a little extra cuteness. Embellish your favor boxes for birthday or baby shower, this favor tag will put a finishing touch to your special event.

Woodland Owl Decorative Favor Tags from HotRef.com

Enhance your outdoor themed baby shower with these woodland owl decorative mini stickers. Small round labels in varying pale hues of green, pink, and blue and each feature a sweet wide-eyed owl to match your rustic baby shower theme. Perfect to embellish all of your little baby shower or birthday details.

Woodland Owl Decorative Mini Stickers from HotRef.com

Personalized Label

Dress up your plain water bottles in rustic with these Woodland Owl Personalized Water Bottle Labels. Each label features a rustic, tree inspired background with blue detailing. Add a little bit fancy detail to your woodland themed party with toothpicks or take a sip of sweet iced tea from straws featuring one of these Woodland Owl Personalized Flag LabelsWoodland owl personalized round labels are a perfect way to accessorize your outdoorsy baby shower with a personal touch. Woodland owl personalized square tags will detail your party favor with a finishing touch. Favor tag comes with an adorable baby owl on the background of pale pink and blue dots.

Personalized Label from HotRef.com

Personalized Glassware Favors

These Woodland owl small 4 oz mason jars are sure to “owl” your baby shower guest. Fill these cute mini mason jars with a variety of edible party favors such as candy, chocolate, nuts and jelly beans, and make them the perfect gift for your guest to enjoy after your events. Enhance your outdoor baby shower with a bit of shabby chic with these Woodland Owl Personalized Milk Bottles. Personalized your mason jar with your babies name or short message on the woodland design label. Accent your baby shower with a little bit of antique elegance with these personalized Woodland Owl Mini Mason Jars. Customize your mason jars with a designer label featuring your babies name or short message and a sweet owl design. Share your joys with loved ones by spread a full jar of sweets! These personalized woodland owl candy jars bring a shabby chic touch to your rustic, outdoorsy theme. Each vintage glass jar comes with a metal lid fitting your personalized label perfectly.

Personalized Glassware Favors from HotRef.com

Personalized Food Container

Favor box offers an easy and fancy way to help your guests carry their party favor home. These woodland owl sweet Shoppe candy boxes come in variety of colors to match your outdoor themed color scheme as well as personalized labels with tree-inspired details and adorable owl designs. Add some sweet blings to your baby shower with these personalized woodland jelly bean packs. Each sweet jelly bean looks just like the shiny gems of the sea. Whether you’re filling these Woodland Owl Chevron & Dots Goodie Bags with jewelry, candy, or baked goods, these bags are the perfect embellishment for your stylish baby shower welcoming your family’s newest addition. Personalized woodland owl gum boxes make a brilliant match with your rustic baby shower’s color scheme. Bring a refreshing air from woodland to your baby shower with these woodland owl personalized mint tins.  These personalized woodland Candy Tubes are a versatile item to accessorize your themed party. Durable and completely see through, they can display your choice of colorful treats and goodie vertically and horizontally.

Personalized Food Container from HotRef.com

Woodland Owl Personalized Lollipop Favors

For mommy-to-be with sweet teeth and her guests, these personalized woodland lollipop makes the perfect party favor for everyone at the baby shower. These strawberry flavored lollipops come with labels that are adorned with a cute owl design to match your rustic or outdoor themed baby shower. Leave them on your candy buffet or pack some in favor box as a tasty edible party favor, the lollipops are sure to create some sweet memories.

Woodland Owl Personalized Lollipop Favors from HotRef.com

Personalized Party Favors

For the mom-to-be with a love for outdoorsy baby shower, these Woodland Owl Notebook Favors are just the are just the perfect party favor to match your event. Each personalized notebook features an adorable owl design making a lovely, practical favor to help your guests keeping all their important notes. Enhance your event ambiance with a sweet scent of flowers with these Woodland Owl Square Candle Tins. Each candle tin contains a white, lightly floral scented candle inside and woodland themed personalized label outside. Enhance your event ambiance with a sweet scent of flowers with these Woodland Owl Round Candle Tins. Having a little fun with your baby shower guests with these personalized woodland playing cards. Each deck of cards come in a plastic case accented by woodland themed labels.

Personalized Party Favors from HotRef.com

Personalized Chocolate Bar Label

Your guests would love to enjoy these “kisses” on your baby shower with these Personalized Woodland Owl Hershey’s Kisses Labels Trio! Each set contains 108 labels with a TRIO of designs – one pattern, one icon design and one with personalized text. Get your favorite Hershey’s Miniature Chocolate the perfect personalized wrappers for your baby shower with these personalized woodland owl mini candy bar wrappers. Wrap your favorite candy bar for baby shower with these personalized woodland owl candy wrapper covers. Each envelope style covers fit most candy bar around 1.55 oz. No tape and no gluing, each glossy white cover is self-closing, and can accommodate candy bars that fit in a 2.7″ x 5.8″ space.

Personalized Chocalate Bar Label from HotRef.com

If you want know more information about Woodland Owl Party Favors, welcome to re-pin more images on our Pinterest board.

– Amanda

14 Jul 2015 2015 Summer Activities and Party Supplies

PRNewswire-iReach on July 8th, 2015

HotRef’s Summer Supplies Make Planning a Breeze!

Summer is the time when many activities take place for both children and adults. Whether you’re doing something casual like biking, camping, golfing, going to the beach, having a picnic or barbecue in the park or whether you’re planning something more formal like a beach wedding, a nautical baby shower, a birthday party, or a company event, you’re going to need supplies! Fortunately, HotRef.com has a wide variety available for your summer plans.

Summer Party Supplies from HotRef.com

1. Tote bag – A sturdy tote bag can carry all your accessories for a day outdoors. A great tote bag makes keeping track of your valuables an easy task.
2. Cooler – Protect your food from the hot weather. Make sure to get one of HotRef’s great coolers to keep your food fresh all day long.
3. Water bottle – Keep hydrated with a water bottle next to you as you lie on the beach or as you’re sitting on a blanket in the park. Don’t forget to look into getting a water straw to make drinking enough water even easier.
4. Sunglasses – HotRef’s sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun while you participate in many outdoor activities. They’ll also show everyone how fashion coordinated you are.
5. Sunscreen – If you don’t want to end up with a sunburn, you’ll be glad you took the time to put on sunscreen. Keep your skin healthy when you’re outside.
6. Hand sanitzer – When the great outdoors leaves your hands dirty, HotRef’s hand sanitizers will get rid of the germs for you. Your hands will feel refreshed and you’ll be ready to go again.
7. Hand fan – A colorful way to beat the heat, HotRef’s hand fans are useful accessories to have with you. They’re great to carry in weddings or to the warm beach.
8. Parasol – Mainly used for weddings or bridal showers, parasols make a delicate addition to your special day. They look truly amazing in photographs and make lovely props for poses.
9. Energy bar for your cell – When you’re outdoors, the one thing that can ruin a good day is your cell phone running out of power. Make sure you have one of HotRef’s energy bars that will keep your valuable electronics going.
10. Beach towel – Beach towels are great to carry to the beach or parks to sit on the ground. They’ll keep the dirt off you and your belongings.
11. Lantern or Candle Holder – HotRef’s lanterns or candle holders can make your decor for an evening party quite splendid. With a subtle shade or a bright glow, these lanterns or candle holders will brighten up your night.
12. Flashlight – Although summer days are amazing, summer nights can be frightening without a friendly flashlight by your side. Carry one and you’ll feel prepared for many emergencies.
13. Multi-tool – Multi-tools are HotRef’s answer to having a handy helper for your projects. They’re a great tool for camping too.
14. Picnic basket – There can almost be no proper summer without a proper picnic basket to carry food in for a summertime treat. Make sure your picnic baskets are ready to go for this summer.
15. Blanket – When the night air becomes chilly, a warm blanket will make sure everyone is comfortable. They’ll also make a great seat on any hard ground.
16. Barbecue – If summer time has you itching to fire up the grill, make sure to take a look at HotRef’s barbecue set and apron. These tools will have you barbecuing in no time.
17. Flip flop favors – Summer makes flip flops a fantastic favor for weddings and parties. Their casual appeal makes them a great gift for guests.
18. Umbrella – While most summer days are warm and sunny, don’t take the chance of getting caught out in a surprise shower. Make sure to bring along one of HotRef’s umbrellas to keep dry or just keep the sun off.

That’s not all HotRef has though! If you’re planning a wedding and need some ideas, HotRef has a large number of wedding themes to look through. We also have a lot of different blogs about proper party favors for many different events. And if your business is looking to get items with their logo, HotRef has a whole category dedicated to promotional products for you to browse through. For a fun summer, don’t forget HotRef is here to help!

09 Jan 2015 Personalized Princess Party Supplies and Favors
We have just released new Personalized Princess Party Supplies and Favors in our princess birthday category and princess baby shower category. All components in the party kit comes with little princess accents in pink, helping you create a pink palace ballroom and throw a perfect princess baby shower for your baby girl and princess birthday ball for your little girl and sweet 15/16 birthday.
Princess Party Supplies and Favors

Princess Party Decorations Starter Kit

All in pink! This Princess Party Decorations Starter Kit makes a perfect pink one-piece to dress up your princess themed birthday party. Each kit has six components including 1 pennant banner, 25 hot pink striped straws, 24 hot pink cupcake wrappers/toppers, 12 menu/place cards and 32 decorative stickers. Dress up your party in no time!
Princess Party Decorations Starter Kit

Princess Party Invitations

Get a long list of eager guests coming to celebrate the big day for your little princess? Don’t worry, our Princess Party Invitations will get all the invitations done quickly and neatly. Simply put down your personal message in the text line, and your invitations will be sent to your guests in good time.
Princess Party Invitations

Princess Party Pennant Banner

The pennant banner will never let you down on enhancing your festival atmosphere. This Princess Party Pennant Banner can be personalized with your baby girl’s name or other special messages. Easily hang them in line with your satin ribbon or string, or choose our baker’s twine.
Princess Party Pennant Banner

Princess Party Sign

Guide your guests from the front door right though your little girl’s palace with this Princess Party Sign. These pink signs not only can direct them to various rooms, also can be used to label areas and tables.
Princess Party Sign

Princess Party Return Address Labels

Your guests will be pleased when receive an invitation in an envelope embellished with a little princess. These Princess Party Return Address Labels will facilitate the manual work of writing the address, and spare you the other preparations.
Princess Party Return Address Labels

Princess Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers

While your little princess elegantly dressed up and wear a crown, don’t forget to decorate her favorite cupcakes with matching Princess Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers. The wrappers are dotted on hot pink background and toppers is accented with a noble princess. These wrappers and toppers are perfectly designed for cupcakes, making them cute and even more tasty!
Princess Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers

Princess Party Personalized Labels

Decorate your plain water bottles, favor bags/boxes, and cupcakes with these Princess Party Personalized Labels to fit your party theme perfectly. Mini stickers and labels are accented with lovely little princess, if you are throwing a birthday for your little one, they are great to make sure that your party decoration are detailed.
Princess Party Personalized Labels

Princess Party Favor Container

If you love to DIY your party favor or want to appreciate your guests with your own special treat, you will find our various Princess Party Favor Containers pretty useful. The candy jars, mason jars, and milk bottles are great to hold some candies, jelly beans, and special spices; goodie bags, mini gable boxes and candy boxes are great for home-baked muffin mix, cookies and candies.
Princess Party Favor Container
Here is our princess baby shower ideas blog to inspire you how to held princess party. You can also check our Pinterest board.

– Nyah

10 Dec 2014 New Year Party favors and Supplies from EventBlossom
The bell for New Year of 2015 is about to ring. All the things need to be refreshed and take on a new look. Perhaps most of you are now preparing to purchase some New Year Party Favors to accessorize your special celebration. Here’s recommend some adorable New Year Party Favors that can perfectly tie in the theme of New Year. What’s more, these party favors will help to spice up a little more holiday ambiance to New Year celebration.

New Years Eve Party Decorations Starter Kit

Complete every detail by adorning your house or New Year party with this Starter Kit, which consists of a set of key components of pennant banner, party sign, black stripe straws, black cupcake wrappers / toppers, menu / place cards, and decorative stickers. This starter kit is accentuated with festival colors and a nice look design that will create a glorious New Year party.
New Years Eve Party Decorations Starter Kit from HotRef.com

Gold & Glitter New Years Party Decor Kit

This Decor Kit is also versatile for decorating New Year party or house as the previous mentioned one. However, this gold decor kit is in different colors and design from that one. Mainly includes metallic foil scallop banner, metallic silver table sign, silver striped straws, silver foil cupcake wrappers, gold foil decor stickers, and gold glitter stickers. Both Starter Kit and Decor Kit can perfectly match New Year party theme. Please feel free to make option on the favorable one.
Gold & Glitter New Years Party Decor Kit from HotRef.com

New Year Party Candy Container

Will you become the first person to get your edible treats in these Personalized Mason Jars in New Year party? Fill them with yummy bites from chocolates, jelly beans, candy and nuts to your favorable drinks. These Personalized Milk Bottles are also perfect party favors for New Year theme celebration. Generally use these milk bottles to hold milk, juice, cola and more tasty beverages. These milk bottles can also be served as candy containers for filling with fun-sized sweet tooth to satisfy some party guests who are crazy about sweetmeat. Both favors can be personalized to pick up the matching labels for the special theme of your events.
New Year Party Candy Container from HotRef.com
New Year Party Candy Container from HotRef.com

New Year Party Candy Wrapper

Celebrating New Year with something sweet that means a good beginning of the coming year. These Personalized Candy Wrapper Covers in envelope style will perfectly fit your favorable chocolates that are around 1.55 oz. The other Personalized Mini Candy Bar Wrappers are also ideal favors for wrapping miniature chocolate or candy bars. Customize the candy wrappers with your own text, and send your best wishes with these warm greet for new year. Your friends are sure to be pleased to accept these sweet gifts.
New Year Party Candy Wrapper from HotRef.com
New Year Party Candy Wrapper from HotRef.com

New Year Party Labels

Embellish any detailed party favors with these New Year Party Labels for a more formal look. Dress the plain water bottles up with these Personalized Water Bottle Labels in order to avoid monotone. And water bottle is a must-have to quench guest’s thirst. Stick the Personalized Label Trio to the bottom of the Hershey’s chocolates or other candies to display them in a bowl or pack in a small bag as favors. The rest kind of labels are Personalized Frame Labels, which can be adhered to the your favor bags, boxes and jars. All the labels can be customized to add your own text.
New Year Party Labels from HotRef.com

New Year Party Goodie Bags

Uniquely design in the pattern of chevron and dots make the Goodie Bags popular among our customers. Perfect favor bags with personalized special message. Fill them with delectable candies, chocolates, bakes or just place them on the buffet table as decorative “pack your own” bags. Your guests will feel satisfactory with so many sweet tooth displayed in the party, which are stored in elegant goodie bags.
New Year Party Goodie Bags from HotRef.com
Welcome order more New Year Party Favors from our HotRef.com. Our products are in high quality and with special design that are sure to satisfy you. At last, best wishes for all of you to have a Happy New Year!
10 Sep 2014 Personalized My Little Man MOD Party Supplies
We guess you are now puzzled about how to decorate birthday party as a unique and unforgettable one for your little boy. Don’t worry about that. We HotRef will help solve your problem. My Little Man favors and party supplies are the perfect party themed items that are ideal for baby boy shower, little one’s birthday or other baby events.
My Little Man from hotref.com

My Little Man Invitation

Your family and guests must be glad to join in your little man’s baby shower as soon as they received the Invitation. They are all the witnesses who keep a watchful eye on the growth of your little baby.
My Little Man Invitation from hotref.com

My Little Man Decorations Starter Kit

Nothing can be used to adorn the baby shower more vivid and more cute than with this Little Man Decorations Starter Kit. Each starter kit contains 6 key components of 1 Pennant Banner, 1 Party Sign, 25 Green Striped Straws, 24 Green Cupcake Wrappers/Toppers, 12 Menu / Place Cards, 32 Decorative Stickers. They all perfectly fit the theme of your baby shower or baby birthday.
My Little Man Decorations Starter Kit from hotref.com

My Little Man Party Banner

Holding a baby shower without hanging a banner seems a bit monotonous. This My Little Man Party Banner crafts in mustaches and bowties in green and blue background which adds more colorful elements to your baby event and stops it from monotone. Of course, you can add more personalized touches on the banner triangles that will put more value on the theme of your baby shower or baby birthday. Here is another kind of Personalized Banner-Kate’s “My Little Man” Collection, this is also a perfect favor for “My Little Man” themed baby shower.
My Little Man Party Banner from hotref.com

My Little Man Party Sign

Welcome your family and guests to your little man’s baby shower or birthday party with My Little Man Party Sign. It can also help guests to find their tables and seats. Completed in black mustaches embellished in blue striped background that will make your baby events more elegant and perfect.
My Little Man Party Sign from hotref.com

My Little Man Party Return Address Labels

It may be a best choice for you to send invitation with these My Little Man Party Return Address Labels stick on envelops. Your guests are sure to look forward to joining in the party and will leave a deep impression to them.
My Little Man Party Return Address Labels from hotref.com

My Little Man Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers

How many guests can resist the temptation from sweet tooth? Let alone such delicate sweet tooth decorated with these My Little Man Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers. They are sure to stimulate guests’ appetite and let them love these cupcakes. Versatile for My Little Man themed baby boy shower, birthday party or other baby events.
My Little Man Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers from hotref.com

My Little Man Party Personalized Label

These Little Man Party Personalized Flag Labels can be sticked on the straws as flags, or even on the toothpick and insert it on the cupcake. And these Little Man Party Personalized Water Bottle Labels can be adhered to water bottles. Plus, they can be personalized to create any special touches.
My Little Man Party Personalized Label from hotref.com

My Little Man Party Favor Container

Use different sizes and types to fill with some fun-sized treats. These Little Man Party Personalized Candy Tubes are used to hold candies which can be a thank you gift for due to their attendances. Take these Little Man Party Personalized Milk Bottles for another example, they can not only hold candies, chocolates, cookies, but also can be used as a container for drinking milk. In additional, other containers such as goodie bags and mason jars are also your best choices.
My Little Man Party Favor Container from hotref.com

My Little Man Party Favors

My Little Man Party Favors are perfect items that are completely suitable for baby boy shower, birthday party or other baby events. Your guests will leave a deep impression on these cute favors. Furthermore, your little one will feel your love and enjoy happiness.
My Little Man Party Favors from hotref.com
If you are crazy about those items mentioned above, welcome to search some other products about My Little Man Favors on our HotRef blog and re-pin our images on more little man favors on Pinterest.